#B90X - DAY 45 - Guarantee Your Success in Your Mission - POWERFUL MINDS!



We talked about your personal VISION and MISSION and how to begin setting goals for your current mission in life.

Now what?

We begin. We start now.
Don’t wait. Begin today… but let me give you the most important tip you’ll need to succeed in this goal:

You are what you think about.

Marcus Aurelius, the great roman emperor said: “Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the great author said: “A man is what he thinks about all day long.”

Why is our personal vision and mission so important? It’s part of mastering your mind.

Your are what you think about.

Having the vision and mission and mission goals in your mind all day long give you not only the desire to complete it, but it gives you the perseverance to grind on it.

Let me give you my best example:

I wake up every day. You know what I think about?

  • The cryptonation
  • TheBitcoin.Pub
  • Creating valuable content for the community
  • Building the iOS and android apps
  • Building my own coin
  • Spreading the good news about bitcoin to everyone I know

This is what I think about. All. Day. Long.

Why? v

Why? Because I am what I think about. This clarity, this focus, drives all of my behaviors, actions, and emotions. If I begin an activity that doesn’t align well with my personal vision and mission for my life, it becomes easy to say NO.

I have trained my brain. I have mastered my mind. And you can too.

In today’s B90X, I’d love for you to share with us about what you’re currently thinking about. RIGHT NOW. Or… what you’ve been thinking about for the last couple hours or even days. Are these thoughts aligned with your vision and mission for your life? Let us know so we can encourage and help you grow! Let’s do this together!

Creating a Mission and Vision for your Life

What I obsess over is what I build. What I build becomes how I create value, for myself and for others. The value that I create provides me the freedom and flexibility that I want. And the freedom and flexibility affords me the ability to choose what I want to obsess over.

Rinse and repeat.

These things ultimately make me into who I am.


This video has not really hit me crypto wise…
The last week I’ve been having a hard week personally. A lot of doubters I speak to around me - crypto wise. It all coming a tilt last night dramas with a current GF.
Self doubt , self motivation has started to weigh in… Lying in bed at the minute feeling sorry for myself but after watching this B90x day 45 video has triggers my brain to snap out of this.
Not entirely crypto related just life related remembering/ reinforcing what the goal is & how to think. It truely is you are what you think. Thank you.


I mostly think about moving to California, being around creative people, and being able to focus on creating music. My plan for exiting the rat race is by buying crypto and building semi-automatable businesses. Then buying crypto with the profits.

I recently sold my first web business to focus on the others. In time I will have the funds to build personal and creative success


Your girlfriend doubts crypto?


Be true to yourself brother, women are a bad investment. Much time, money and energy wasted for little or nothing in return. Add to that the fact that she may take you for half (if not all) of your belongings one day then I would just focus on yourself for the time being my friend. Who needs drama? :wink:


Yes, our thoughts become our words, become our actions. Our thoughts are heavily influenced by our moods (brain chemistry) and external/social factors. This can become a repetitive cycle as habits form and the brain’s ‘wiring’ is reinforced or changed over time.

I’ve spent the last three years reflecting and doing some very deep introspection; long story short, my days are full of positive pursuits. Work, studying for a psychology degree, investing and learning more about investing.

These things I do for myself and my daughter so we can both have a good life and a good future. I try to avoid negative/toxic people as they can take up valuable thinking time and emotional energy, in turn they will negatively affect your mood, your thoughts, your words and your actions.

Trying to remain positive takes discipline and it’s hard work but it pays dividends (unlike most of the altcoins at the moment) :grinning:


Yes she does, she says it has gambling ponzi schemes, not educated in it all. @Long


Cheers :slight_smile:️… She can’t take what’s in crypto if she can’t understand it.


I think your cryptos are safe then brother :wink: and you know when you make the big money she’ll be your best friend again (so she can spend it). Be careful my man.


Cheers for the kind words bro much appreciated :call_me_hand:t4:


I am what I think about. It has been a rough three months in the investing space and all I think about it how I am screwing this up for potential failure and going on what was said in he video, I seriously hope I am not playing this out in reality. I guess I haven’t set up goals in which I should have done instead of winging it. What I think about is execution in which it has led to plenty of downside that leads to regrets and other negative crap mentally. Thank you for the video and I will definitely think about more positive things to see that reality play out better


I think about coding NEO smart contracts - it’s just cool.


I used to think about crypto all day. But I got tired of it because I thought about it too much.So I had vacation. Now I have energy to think about Crypto.


@Anthony, like you I tend to feel bad when things go wrong because it is easy to do. It also feels healthy to allow those feelings to come out and then they are gone. I like to give 10-30 minutes to the bad feeling so that I can feel better that I have allowed them some stage time and then I spend the next 30 minutes thinking about my next move. Roll over and stop? Hell NO! Get up and get moving! Hell YES! When I develop a plan, I feel great and I can move forward with enthusiasm and with priority! Great job pulling yourself out of it!

Today I think about dance class with my wife, really a good time, and crypto most of the time. If momma stays happy, then I get to do what I want, if not…bad news :frowning: I have yet to figure out my Exact Crypto Plan but are experimenting with a few trying to see which fits best to my personality. No matter what happens, I am learning and challenging myself to do something more than watch TV :slight_smile:
To Da Moon People!! :rocket::rocket:


I’m always thinking about Bitcoin, hopefully I’ll become one…

Joking aside, I’m thinking about building a website, trading and investing mainly.
I’m also thinking about going back to work to save and build the website up more before I quit my job… Not looking forward to sideways energy though.

Also not sure I agree “you are what you think about”… I do agree that the more you think about your goals, the more likely you are to achieve them. However, thoughts are often transient, they come and go, you don’t need to hold onto them and you can change them whenever you want. :thinking: hmm ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Maybe she’s had to foot the bill too many times :joy:


I am thinking about my goals right now. This is my crypto time. The time I set aside today for my daily crypto goals and to check my progress on my weekly goals. This is my B90x time! Got to stay disciplined and keep my mind on crypto, family, and tech :slight_smile:


I’m thinking about minimalism & how I can even more integrate it into my life.
I’m also thinking about the ACT matrix & how I can use it more at work with the residents.
And finally, I’m thinking about my crypto & how it will give me the finances to move back to Thailand.


Learning about crypto, about investments, about trading. Seeing videos and reading books about crypto and trading.

Looking for ideas to generate more money to buy my ticket to the moon.