#B90X - DAY 45 - Guarantee Your Success in Your Mission - POWERFUL MINDS!



At any given time I have thoughts about way too many things all at once. It can easily cause me to lose focus of what I am doing at the moment. I can be learning a new word in Japanese and in the middle of trying to memorize it I start thinking about a historical event, a philosophical problem, a conversation I had 10 years ago, what I should make for dinner, the current state of society, what cryptocurrency I should look into, or any other type of unrelated thought.
I hope that now having written down and printed out my daily missions, and looking at them throughout the day will help me focus on what’s important right at this moment, not about everything else in the world.


Well… At this point I’m thinking about how much time I put into music production… I guess I technically became a music producer a while ago, but I was never specific enough about what exactly it was that I wanted to accomplish. I just need to pick a goal, and reverse engineer my way towards it.


Reassuring knowing that you as a millionaire also do heavy personal devolpment which was obvious from your discipline and mentality anyways but glad to know engraving millionaire habits.


RIGHT NOW I’m thinking about 3 things.

  1. Get through tax season, push myself harder to earn more income on the side by doing other personal clients’ returns as best as I can, as I would for my clients at work.
  2. Dating. At that age…
  3. Crypto - I think about crypto, I talk about crypto, I share my passion about crypto with anyone I know. I preach DCA, I preach research, and I preach the revolutionary technology of blockchain and how I believe this may be something worth checking out to others.


Lol I’m a mechanic. can you guess what i think about all day. Now I’m starting a restoration shop. I’ve been obsessed over this since i was 12. It took longer than I thought to focus my self. Now that I’ve gotten started down my own path finally lol. I found bitcoin. It happened.

classic cars and hot rods with Dream Maker Customs
fixing or making cars better
helping others with there cars as much as I can
Learning about crypto
seeing how I can help the crypto eco system.
And telling everyone I know about crypto

this is my focus and my daily drive.


I think about building houses, selling houses.
I think about how much I hate the rental business and should I sell our rental properties.
I think about crypto a lot.
Moving to Devon.
A better school for my daughter.
It’s all basically my mission plan, all day everyday.


This goes in line with my personal development activities right now. My favorite audio book now… The strangeiest secret… speaks inline with this… the power of imagination, thought and auto suggestion. Blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is top of my priority list today and every day as I craft my crypto lifestyle. I love it. Amazing…@Peter Great job… thanks to you man. Today I educated 2 guys on cryptocurrency…


I hope you dumped her?! Just kidding. My girlfriend was the same, but she the true potential and value now.

Anyhow, I too am building and teach all around my area (SoCal, Cali).

My next set of events are too go network at conferences and expos to engage and learn even further.

We will succeed and blast off to the moon very soon!


That’s so true, and this is way beyond of whole “you gotta just thinking positive and everything will be fine”

As I said in my previous B90X comments, that’s is my goals and I’m thinking about them all the time, but sometimes it looks that way https://youtu.be/DBgeEa3t-uA

Anyway life is a journey and sometimes we need to fight with ourselves what to believe in.
All good. Have a great day Sir, see you tomorrow.


All day I think about personal development. Entrepreneurship, leadership, relationship management. As the Tao says… following the Way Of The Open Mind. Becoming the type of person that can contribute to improving the state of the world, helping others and becoming self-sovereign. If I don’t help myself achieve financial freedom and Self-Mastery first… I am not much help to others yet. I’m trying to build my foundations as strong as I can


For the pat 45 days all I think about is crypto and and also self-mastery just as @Nynjah described.


If I’m going to be honest I think about

  • what it will be like when we are in the moon lol
  • getting a GMC truck
  • how can I get more crypto
  • cryptonation
  • B90X
  • best skill set to advance my career
    Yep I’m all over the place but know now how to renegade my focus by asking myself does this move me closer to my mission! :wink:


Very true.

Also I would like to share with the community the stuff on Michael Beckwith


This past couple of weeks and for few months I have been thinking a lot about how to integrate crypto with what I want to do in the future. Right now I have a small import/export business of clothing and accessories but this is not what I want to do for the rest of my life.
I want to incorporate crypto + fitness somehow but I am not quite sure how just yet so I am studying and reading about different projects like Lympo and new upcoming projects to maybe get some new ideas that can compliment my project or guide it in the right direction at least, baby steps!

Lastly, I wanted to compliment what Peter said with; “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ” —Aristotle.
We are not just what we think about but we are our habits as well. You can think all you want for as long as you want about something but if you don’t put it into action and don’t turn it into a habit, it becomes a task or tedious activity. Ultimately, making it hard to integrate it in your life and sometimes giving it up completely because we couldn’t find the balance between thinking about it and putting it into action for the long run.


You are what you think about…
This is truth to its core. I have been focusing on crypto since late 2017. The more I study and learn, the more my vision takes shape. Still so much to learn but I know my mind is in the right place. I just need to finish developing my mission statement and goals. Won’t be long now. :memo::muscle:t3:


I am consumed by this subject matter, and after the last few videos I am now laser-focused on my Vision and milestone-missions! Fantastic program you’ve built and it’s so applicable to anyone’s life in general.


•Currently I am obsessing about personal development for wealth and not riches. To become an ideal future husband and father.
•Also I think about the future of gains everyday of what I’m gonna do with it investments and how to spend it. There is no doubt in the gains.
•I monitor my emotions to feel good everyday and do not focus on lack of or doubt.
•Meta crypto news to see how bitcoin and blockchain is expanding everyday.


past 8 months all i have been thinking about is crypto and the possibilities how i can change my life
for the last 2 months and since starting the B90X iv been thinking hard how to eliminate some of the waste as well to get myself into a better financial situation

i also think about work i want to keep progressing so i can get my dream position on the bigger boats


I just changed the title of my block-folio to: Moon Goals, $100,000. -I can’t believe I’m almost half way there. This is my first moon goal from the start of the b90x series. My main moon-goal is $2m by 2025. I may need to recalculate my year end target, or change it from net worth, to net profit :sunglasses:


Cryptos moving up today, Bitcoin over $7k after a long down trend.
Personally I see many positive signs for cryptos that makes me feel optimistic.

Every time I redo my mission statement I feel it gets easier, more streamlined and flexible. It is such a pleasant feeling to focus and complete goal tasks and to have the willpower to stay on track, saying no to the time-waster activities. It is a confidence booster.

Every action is preceded by a thought. What’s that saying, “As a man thinketh, so he is.” Beginning to see why mindset is such an essential element.

From this day forward, I am publicly declaring to the world my cryptonaut status. I ordered and received some T-shirts today and I am wearing them in public.:smile: There will be conversations. There is no going back now lads, for I have burned the boats . :fire::fire:

DAY 45 – Driving on…….to the moon and beyond. :bitrocket::first_quarter_moon_with_face::new_moon::sunny: