#B90X - DAY 46 - Show Up for Work



The real question is, who’s gone through all 46 days and is still (really) here?

Creating a Mission and Vision for your Life
#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?

How are you loosing interest when we are going to the moon guys :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:I am determined to retire and not have to eat cat food! I dont waste money anymore and since June I now have 3 tickets to the moon; I am so determined even though my husband thinks this is all rubbish. I have had to cut back on everything to buy BITCOIN; I watch everything I can and I have a full time (big) job where I work long hours! I AM SO DETERMINED; NEVER BEEN SO DETERMINED ABOUT ANYTHING IN MY LIFE - I am 5 years away from retirement; I dont have long so Im making every post a winner. I have got 15 more people into Crypto and they have got people into it. I keep tabs on those people as well to make sure they remain focused!!! MY HUSBAND STILL DOESNT KNOW SSSSHHHHH I have also got my 3 kids putting 50 bucks a week into Crypto for their future!!


I have been showing up…
I watch the videos every morning on the way to work :slight_smile:
I know I missed a few days - I will go back and review.
Thanks for organising this program as it covers pretty much everything we need to know.
I don’t think it is just about crypto or BTC but it is to know ourselves.
Things that we learn from this can be applied to other skills…


Still following the B90X!! Observing and taking notes!


Im here man … Love B90X…


Been watching almost everyday! Haven’t been on the pub but i guess i should start! I appreciate all you do!


still here but havent been responding!!


You still have the doge bread avatar.
It was one of the days in B90X.
Please change that :slight_smile:


To be totally transparent, this is my first post and I have been watching through out. But yes, I do agree with you that we can all be distracted. I personally feel that way for the past few weeks taking paper losses which has messed with my mindset and that feeling of failure. This video inspired me to put in the work and not be lazy. My entire strategy has caused me to go down a negative spiral in which I need to pull my self out of. I will probably go through the previous videos once again and out in the work.


I am here…i love your videos it helped me alot in so many ways bro…hope you remember me


I’m here, Captain!!!
Thanks for your effort!!!
To the moon!!!


Good morning to you Peter, you got up just about the same time I went to bed last night, but I did get 8 hours sleep in today, sometimes only 3, but do catch up when I need to. I always show up here and visit the pub to check if there is something of interest for me and occasionally post something there that some may find interesting or I send a link on their youtube channel If I think they will enjoy the content. I put a huge amount of hours in daily on youtube in the areas that interest me most and I’m passionate about, and that is a whole lot of work and I can’t always lose sleep wanting to do more.Thanks for your videos and take care…gus


Good for you jenlewis, stick at it and I hope it will all pay off for you and all.
Cheers from an Australian (Melbourne ), that is living in the Netherlands for the past 45 odd years.


I’m here and working on the spaceship. I’ve shown up.


Like this post if you’re as crazy as @peter :doge:


I’m suffering from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impostor_syndrome
:frowning: help me good people :frowning:
Hours are there, money is there, why do i feel so fake :frowning:


I can help you; send all your money to be and you can be broke for real! Im a hellava nice guy!


Still here too, just a little busy for chatting… Got to make that ticket to the moon…


Will be here as long as the community is here. So in other words, for years.


behind schedule but i am here! still cranking out that mission statement! Keep up the good work Peter, I am in the middle of closing/ending my startup and being able to try to find foothold through your B90X program helps a lot!