#B90X - DAY 46 - Show Up for Work



I heard the call and here I am! Registered here just now, following your work everyday!

I’m new to bitcoin, 1 year buying and holding. Not much but enough to achieve my dream to go live in a better place (Australia, I’m brazilian btw)

See ya at the moon


Peter you move as fast as your Lambo :slight_smile: Your hard work is inspirational!! You work hard as a Lambo’s engine.

Dam, I missed the train “lambo” from the Technical Analysis and after, Anyways, I didn’t give up, but I got lazy or distracted and I need to recup the time and do my work because nobody will do that for me. :wink:


I think i’m doing okay with showing up to my personal goals.

What do yall think about investing 20% in highly speculative but otherwise solid cryptos like bitquence? I think everyone needs some amount of moonshots


Man I know that if I don’t comment you will never know if I am showing up, but I am.
I am watching each one of those videos. Some talk about things that I know already or are already part of my crypto life.
Others are very interesting and I am integrating them on my life with a lot of care. Being a consultant that is available for his clients any time of the day including weekends, a father of two young boys, a caring husband and a crypto investor addict leaves not much time on ones day :sweat_smile:

I am learning everyday how to invest in crypto and how to add it into my lifestyle and my vision, and B90x is part of it. Thanks for what you are putting up and I will continue to watch and be present on every milestone.

On my own way and slowly I will become more present.



The last two videos have really hit home with me here mentally.

I’ve had lows & highs crypto wise since joining the pub, the amount of knowledge i’ve learnt from you & the rest of the crypto nation has been insane + now learning/ listening from other youtubers that you have been in contact with - this has all been great.

Personally struggling with life events the last week, I get bogged down in my own emotions. These two videos have hit home hard. “show up for work” fits in with i’m currently reading “elon musk how the billionare ceo of spacex & tesla is shaping the future” - His work ethic & grind is inspirational.
Just gots to keep getting it.

Cheers for the kick on. :v:t5:


Your advises are really precious to me. I am trying to reshape my life and make things work for me. I’m really excited to learn about these new technologies. So many new things, the more I learn the more I find I need to know.

I talked to my mom about bitcoins this morning, and she was happy to see me invest in it, even if she is not willing to for the moment. I only have half of my moon ticket paid for, so I’m I bit nervous about the recent increase.


I look forward to B90x every day! Thanks for all your efforts @peter, they are most appreciated! I haven’t made the time to post here much, but I’m often lurking and reading. I’ve been telling my bitcoin peeps to check out the pub, B90x, and your streams - hope they join the CryptoNation and us as we drive our Lambos TO THE MOON! (Love the bitcoin lambo btw :slight_smile:)

Keep up the great work! :muscle::facepunch::+1:


I’ve been on the Pub and b90x since it’s inception but haven’t really done much in the way of posting, this video encouraged me to get involved.

The energy you consistently bring is so motivational, and just by watching how you don’t just talk the talk but walk the fuckin’ walk too. Too strong bro, TOO STRONG!

I’m about to dive head first into doing something completely new. Leaving my full time job as a flight instructor to pursue photography with the long term goal of creating a one stop shop for advertising and branding. Being on the precipices of leaving a place of security to build something is going to be such a challenge yet so exciting at the same time. I draw so much from the teachings of b90x, both in the crypto space as well as the spirit of kaizen. SO MUCH AMAZE.

(no plug intended) www.thefinerdetail.zenfolio.com - Portfolio

TL;DR: This shit is amazing Peter, keep doing what you’re doing. You are making the world a better place.


Thank you sir. I want the best for everyone. I first, must live the best version of me I can. To the moon! :rocket:


Got my tickets and then some. We going to the moon Peter!


Erghh that was a hard punch!.. need it man, Thanks


Whattup crypto nation!!! Thanks @peter for the kick up the ass. Been forced to ration my phones internet due to major internet problems til last week (all the aussies struggling with nbn raise their hands -_- ) meaning ive been quite behind on the vids. Seriously been craving to hang out on the live stream and cannot wait for the next one!!! But now that im back online consistently im smashing through the videos as fast as i can!!! Thank you for continuing to smash out this epic content!!!


Hi Peter, if Bitcoin goes in mainstream, then do you think will the price be stable ? or continue going up?


It will only go up. :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Checking your videos every time you post them.


All good my man! Let’s get to it.


Thanks for the Hard Work Really appreciated. :bowing_man:t3:


I’ve been here, just have not had time to respond to each one! I’ve watched every episode! We going long term here!


Still here of course, and even if I was totally busy on last couple weeks, I want to finish the pdf with summary of Technical Analysis that I promised I would do :wink:

Great job Peter, see you soon!


Peter, you’re a mentor to follow. I am here to stay.
Other activities for now may not allow me to respond
often but please do count me as one of your ‘disciples’!