#B90X - DAY 46 - Show Up for Work



Still here Peter!
With a young daughter (9 months) and full time job + in my spare time building a shed as well, i only have the energy to just watch your B90X video’s just before i fall a sleep. I appreciate everything you do for the community and Bitcoin, but i think you understand that family is important too. And just because we don’t comment, doesn’t mean we’re not there! Please don’t be discouraged! Trust me, i’ll be there when the space ship leaves!!! :slight_smile:


I’m not discouraged in any of you. I just want to encourage you guys to stick in.

This wasn’t a post meant to “shame” any of you. I just want the BEST for everyone I meet. Sometimes, that requires a swift kick in the ass.


Hello Peter…still in it. I don’t comment on every video but I I use “likes” to help me manage videos I have/haven’t seen. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!!!


is it possible to have the b90x show up near the top of the bitcoin pub page?
alot of the time i turn up but end up looking at all the latest-topics.


always thrashing b90x on the way to work :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I don’t want to pressure people. I like people to volunteer. There are times for it. But B90X is all about self discipline!


yoooooooo peter respect for what you do man, the b90x program really helped me understand this crypto life style.
i was able to make 10,000% gains within the past 30 days using TA.
now i put all my funds into btc and neo.
unfortunately i have to serve some time for somethings i did in the past, im looking at 3-4 years.
but now i can rest easy knowing that when i get out, i can start a brand new life for the better.

thanks peter!


I shall see you on the flip side my friend. Keep those private keys safe while you’re gone!


I’m still here! “You have no right to believe you’re going to succeed if you don’t show up for work”, I really like this quote, although the part of me that doesn’t want to work hates it, ha! You’re the man Peter, thanks for keeping it real. I need to remember to comment more often because that is part of showing up, it’s called PARTICIPATION (and it lets you know that you’re making the impact that you are, because you’re making a HUGE impact on everybody with B90X). I intend to participate in going to the moon, so I better plan on participating in my preparation to get there!


Let’s go. All the way. We must show up. That’s part 1!


Great encouragement! I love how active this community has become due to your energy and discipline. Thanks a lot Peter for all the effort. Let’s rock the mooooooooon!!


I’m so totally in to this B90X! Watching the videos over and over again and I’m doing my homework with all the great assignments you give us every day. Vision. Mission. etc. but I write it down in Swedish since it takes less time and less sideway-energy from me :wink:

I took the 24 first lessons in a row to catch up since I didn’t know about the B90X before that, but now I’m on this ship and I’m here to stay!

I am soooo grateful and feel so fortunate that I found this program at this exakt moment - so that I get the chance to follow B90X in real time. The series will be such a great learningopportunity for other people in the future as well, even a long time after the last episode, but I feel really lucky to follow it in real time, day by day.

Thank you for your energy, for your shared knowledge, your big heart and your true inspiration @peter!! You are already a person that I know I will remember and send my internal sincere gratitude - for the rest of my life! :pray::heart:


Thank you for being here! I hope you’ll be here for the long haul. Many will fall away. It’s a statistical fact.

Get in. Grind. Let’s do this. Life awaits. :rocket:


most definitely, please let me know how i can contribute the movement.


Become a Patreon! - That’s the best way to give back!


I’m still here! I apologize for not participating in enough of the homework on the pub. I’m a few days behind but this stuff is pure gold. Thanks again for all that you do, @peter You make the mission to the moon so freakin enjoyable.

P.S. Secured my intact ticket last week before the run… wooohooooo


Peter moves like a Jet, faster than his lambo. :slight_smile:

The B90X is Epic… Never seem anything like that with so much deep!!! And we can always go back or start over… This Pub is GREAT! Peter is like much like Muhammad Alii, the greatest :slight_smile:
I am so behind now but I will do the grind and Blockchain my life.


I’m still here man! Been giving my all to property renovations so i can put more time/money into crypto lifestyle. I will be debt free beginning of next year! I just finished up another house few hours ago :smile: I will catch up and be taking a lot of notes. I get a week or so break before i move on to next house. Still got 3 more to go.

Keep up the great work, much appreciated!


Thank you @peter for your awesome work.
I’m still here and I become a Patreon) I love this pub - The Bitcoin Pub)


@peter you have been amazing and a role model for all of us. We are here in spirit and in body. Slowly we all are changing little by little into the “best us” we can be! Thank you for your lessons and your love, it is appreciated!

To Da Moon! :rocket::rocket: