#B90X - DAY 46 - Show Up for Work



Goal smashin’ every day! It’s Saturday morning and this is my first stop, not just showing up but doing the things that will get me my ticket to the moon! Always hustling! Thanks Peter for your inspiration!


i had a feeling the comment would be higher on this one. not everyone is a talker. some just wanna listen to you


Still here! I know it is not meant for this but I’m cranking through a few of these a day. I got into crypto over the summer of 2017 and truly wish this was where I started my crypto journey! It would have saved me from not all but a few of my mistakes along the way.


I’m still here, started late but pretty sure I’m on track with one a day.
“You have to have the mental fortitude and discipline to force yourself to be what you want to be” - this really resonated with me.

@peter @Anthony - One thing I would say is that working too much can be mentally exhausting and you can burn out. I also read Elon Musk’s book, his drive is inspirational but there is more to life than work, I reckon balance in all things in life is the key.


Balance is key, however, sometimes passion takes over. It’s a constant daily struggle.


I appreciate your passion and your hard work Peter, just hope you are giving yourself time off too! You definitely deserve a long holiday with your family.


The long holiday will probably be in 2020. I am a patient man.


If it won’t be until then, you’ll really have to treat yourself!


Show the fuck up! Man I love these videos! Thanks for all the knowledge and motivation.


I’m still here:grin: I have been watching everyday. I do the “homework” everytime you give it but I don’t always post it. I’m putting in a couple hours of work everyday to help towards my Vision. I probably could squeeze in more time but it seems someone in my family has a melt down and needs my help! I need to learn to tell people No. I didn’t even think to “like” the videos I’ve watched, I’m sorry about that. I’ll fix it. All of them are fantastic. Thank you for putting this program together for everyone.


I am here… For myself amd my family. My comments that I post are not just meant to show that I am “in it for the long haul” I comment for myself. To drive myself and to learn. Because at the end of the day, no one … no one … will do it for me. So, it doesn’t matter who I declare my commitment to; I have to show up. Results over activities! No one except me, cares about my life enough to change it for me.


Alright so I’m turning to the Pub for help. I had a beautifully timboxed morning for myself, even woke up before my alarm cause I had to pee. I run cold and put on some warm things, was still cold and laid in bed for ‘5 more minutes’. Needless to say I fucked up my morning. Any tips or ideas on how to avoid this, how to stay up once actually up?


I am still here and I am on track with one lesson per day.

Thank for all you are doing - keep up the good work and continue to spread the (crypto)love!


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
Step 46 :sunglasses:


I’m still here. You and your brother are the ones putting in the work- and all you ask is for a person to watch a 10 minute long (or so) each day and then take small, manageable actions. It’s the least I can do- especially since it benefits me now and from now on. The challenge makes me more accountable for my own success.


You are right Peter. I’m here, but I have failed to show up consistently the last few days. But I’m going to catch up; I’m finishing this challenge.


All good. We all need breaks too. But you know when you should have showed up. :wink:


At this point B90X is starting to feel as essential as taking a shower in the morning for me. No way am I quitting before the end. Some days may be tougher than others, but I always try to do the work to the best of my ability, and it is without a doubt causing a positive change in me. Thanks for putting in the time and effort into creating this, I’ll do my all to benefit from it.


You’ve over halfway thru. Stay the course!


Always on the grind! The last few videos I have been elaborating on, figuring things out and organizing my ideas/goals. I’m one to always show up on time and ready to throw down. Personal independence and keeping a tight schedule are the foundation of my lifestyle, I think life in general is all about timing. Once you are reliably punctual and steadily contribute time and effort towards a task, that is half the battle.