#B90X - DAY 46 - Show Up for Work



I’m still here man!!!


Since I am not a developer or someone of influence in the crypto space all I can do is show the hell up and make a habit of investing and saving into the tech.


I’ve never been so pumped for many things in my life. my love of cars and family was it for me. now that I found cryptocurrencies I’ve now added that to the list. I see something cool as hell in this shit. I’m not a computer guy, and I don’t completely understand coding. but I’ll keep learning and growing when others keep doubting. I’m her to stay lol. and I’ll have my mining rig up and running tomorrow. I believe in this for a better tomorrow!


Day 46…to be honest I did the first 2 weeks in about 8 days. I know I just was hungry to learn. Last few days I have been slacking and doing about one every other day. This was the kick in the pants I needed to get back into the daily grind. Thanks Peter!


Me I’m still F**king here.


Am still here, good thing today is Sunday as well. Now am Synced.


loving the program and i am here to grind and after we are going to shine keep it up with the good work peter!!


@peter I relay this message to all my friends, new comers and people who are entering this space!

We don’t want quitters, but we want realistic minded investors.

Anyhow, I’m sure we’ve all been busy making moves, strengthening potions and ready for the moon launch :rocket:


Tough love. I’m happy to be here. Showing up for work.


I’m here for the party brotha! Actually, we’re gonna kick this party off right, :wink: https://youtu.be/9bZkp7q19f0


We’re makin moves here peepurr


Still here!


still here amigo ! on and on !


Still here watching vids everyday. I don’t always post in the comment section but I do keep up with the program. My mission statement is on paper and I am more focused than ever in achieving financial freedom and living debt free.:rocket:


B90X is like going to the gym. The hard part is to show up but once you are in there you just follow the program!

Thanks to @peter and @john for putting together the best crypto workout plan out there and for FREE! It’s really hard to find quality content like this out there even if you pay! seriously, really appreciate it guys.


Still here mufukas! Ev’ry Day I’m shuffl’in!


Issa lifestyle :pdealwithit:


Just did the B90X again for some motivation to get me through a tough part of my grind. Love this statement by Peter “You have no right to believe you are going to succeed without putting in the work.”

Sticking that one on the wall at the moment @peter

A nice visual for follow up


I was beginning to think I was the only one excited, challenged, anxious, frustrated, crazy, optimistic/ pessimistic about cryptos and blockchain technology. When I found B90X and you talked about all these emotions on Day 1, I knew I had found my home. It was the only thing that pulled me out of the rut I was in (I rose to the challenge).

Anyone just beginning should know this course is not just about cryptos, but is a self-paced mentoring guide to life, what we want out of life, and the roadmap to get there. All we have to do is follow it.

Thank you, Peter, for motivating me and for working so hard on B90X for all of us. Your efforts are paying off in ways you may never truly know.

DAY 46 – Plugging along until I cross the finish line…:turtle::turtle::turtle:


1 day at a time! Stay the course!