#B90X - DAY 47 - The Blockchain Designed Life



Your life is the like the blockchain.
The blockchain is a universal ledger that everyone can see and everyone can validate transactions.
Your life is like the blockchain. One that everyone can see and everyone can validate WHO YOU ARE.

Here’s the problem. Bitcoin created the blockchain. It was well designed. Crafted masterfully. Iterated through and inspected and adapted. It was released as the answer to many of the double spend issues and central authority issues.

Bitcoin was masterfully designed.

Like Bitcoin, your life has to be well designed like the blockchain.

We want you to have a blockchain-designed-life, which is why, in many ways, we consider ourselves the blockchain design company.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” - Abraham Lincoln

I woke up this morning and did my work out. I didn’t want to do it.
My mind said no. My body said no.
But I know what it takes to design the body I want. The healthy lifestyle I want.
What blochchain designed life do you want?
We need to CRAFT IT. CREATE IT. DESIGN IT. Intentionally.

In what ways are you blockchain designing your life?
Let us know in TheBitcoin.Pub!

Good Product Design - B90X 12 PART SERIES

The thing about lifestyle design is that it’s mentally easy for everyone to agree with… most folks will gladly imagine their lives being better!

But, most folks won’t put in the work required to make those design changes. That’s where the rubber meets the road.

If you want to experience a better and more fulfilled life / lifestyle… you have to work hard to make it happen. There isn’t any other formula or solution.

The blockchain was designed with purpose and intent to make transactions better. In many ways, it was designed to improve the relationships between people, highlighting trust and transparency before most other things.

If you don’t design your life with the same type of purpose and intent then you’re going to have to accept a mediocre lifestyle (and be happy with it). If that doesn’t sit well with you then it’s time to do something about it.


My blockchain lifestyle had a hard fork July 5th. I have been over 400lbs most of my life. With the upcoming birth of my first child, I put in some new code. I started a weight loss program and I am currently down 110lbs. since July 5th! My goal is to be 230lbs and I should reach that around February! Got to put in that work!


Yo!!! That’s awesome my man. I love it. 1 step in the process of life long change for the better! We want to see before and after pics if you don’t mind!


Photos of my wife and I earlier this year.

At 82lbs lost.

Headshot side by side

Latest photo of my wife and I at our baby shower a few weeks back. I was around 95lbs lost at that point. Was 110lbs lost as of yesterday.


She is beautiful. And you’re becoming more handsome. Keep going. The body inside of you wants to shine.

Shit. I sound like @Angela


Hahahaha oh no… you say it like that’s a scary thought :upside_down_face:


Solid work mate! Keep grinding, stay focused, stay healthy :sunglasses:


Got to get small enough to fit into my own Lambo or Ford GT :slight_smile:


My blockchain designed life -

Mm not sure if this is what is meant for this b90x but this is how i’ve started my blockchain designed life…

Physically I do that grind 7 days a week, I train & play pretty competitive tennis 2 x a week…the other 5 days I’m in that gym either the 5am grind or the evening grind after work. As anyone that gyms knows that grind can get tiring & you don’t want to be there or get up but once your in/get it done the feeling mentally is great! I will actually pull thoughts from that grind when playing tennis of knowing that i’ve put that hard work in so I ain’t gonna get beat. This physical grind i have to keep to as if i become lazy i can feel myself or world around me become lazy.

Food wise i meal prep every week, eat healthy everyday. ***I still eat my donuts & chocolates for sure as they are just toooo strong but i don’t over do it + i know i’ll burn that off. Still gots to eat the pleasures in life.

Mentally i’ve started to dedicate 1 hour of time to reading a book a day, I’ve never been a reader in my life but at the minute its good as + helps me get a solid sleep.

Crypto wise i dedicate 1-1.5 hours of solid catching up each day on what is going on with my choices or just watching certain youtube feeds. I used to try and research everything out there but at the moment this is working out much better for me personally. Sure that doesn’t seem much per day but when you’re up early, still gotta work the 9 hour day, come home eat, life, etc the day disappears + still need a solid sleep. Over the weekends i spend a lot more hours crypto grinding thats for sure!

Of course there is speed bumps to this map but i try and keep this routine to my life & it’s working out well.


It’s all about designing it!!!


Amen @john. Very nicely said. So simple and yet so hard. But if you are really wanting it, the journey becomes so much easier! Thanks for your comment!

These are my top priorities that I MUST do today:

  1. Get Healthier - Lose another 15 Kgs. 5 down 15 to go.
  2. Make certain my main source of income is stable - Got to show up and help them succeed to help myself.
  3. Make certain my wife stays happy. If momma is happy, everyone is happy :slight_smile:
  4. Help others achieve their goals - gives me energy to push myself further.
  5. Spend all remaining time learning how to accumulate Crypto and try different strategies to see what is best for me. Have 3-5 years and then I want to be on a sailboat going wherever I want, whenever I want! :sailboat:

#peace and To Da Moon! :rocket::rocket:


You are an awesome inspiration! Congrats and keep up the great work!


I’m a do-er. When my goals are clear, I will meet them. On a daily basis, as you say, it isn’t always what you want to do, but the bite-size efforts that result in the big gains. I know this from a few days back when I did P90X 6 days a week, hour or hour and a half each day, for three years straight. Didn’t want to do it some days, but… The. Results. Was it extreme? Yep. Is my daily grind right now? No, but I am getting back to daily healthy habits and moderation of all facets of life. I am healthy, I just have another heartbeat that I’m focused on right now, one that’s been much needed. My financial health. Combine the physical health with the financial health I’m building and emotional health it all brings with it, and that well-rounded life, that well life, will be realized. And B90X has motivated me beyond anything I could have done for myself, by myself. Every day I hit it. Every day I follow through with the daily check-in and B90X. THIS is my gym.


Right now my lockchain life consists of me going to work, spend 2 hours learning something, working out, and finally smashing b90x


That’s a grind! Pretty sure that’s exactly what is meant by this b90x. I started reading properly again when I wansn’t sleeping well due to stress, switching off screens and reading a good book definitely helps.


I’m blockchain designing my life by

  • Getting up early to work on my website.
  • Doing the b90x everyday.
  • Sharpening my brain by reading
  • Reflecting on life in my journal.
  • Playing sports and exercise to stay healthy.
  • Cutting out distractions that are not aligned with my goals.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been much more determined and focused over the last few days, day 42 - 46 really hammered it home for me. Thanks Peter, you’re an inspiration!


Now that you’ve put it down. THe discipline comes in. Can you stick to this for a year?


Well there are only 90 days of b90x… Haha
I think I can do at least a year, only time will tell.


Sticking to my mission goals every day! Dont give up and keep moving forward. That should put me on a great path to a blockchain designed life I can be proud of.