#B90X - DAY 47 - The Blockchain Designed Life



I am new to the crypto space and only found your channel and site a few days ago, all i can say is i APPLAUDE you @peter for this creation and experience! I am defiantly not tech savvy at all but have found things really easy and refreshing to digest.
After 20 years of health problems from a young age, i lost my way in life and lost interest in the things i love! The most frustrating thing was as my physical health and mind state got worse, deep down i felt even through the fog i knew that i was capable of so much more and would always come out the other side.
Now Crytpo and “The Blockchain Designed Life” has given me that feeling of been alive again and that energy to push on…

Thank you sir, I salute you 100


I appreciate the salute. I’d be even more proud if you stick around for a long haul. It’s worth. !


I plan to stick it out through the pain, just glad i found this platform, and to add you are one hell a host and what a character! you have me peeing myself with some of the things you say and your dry humour.


Tai Chi every morning to keep me grounded.
Finishing my ACT certification (for work).
Doing B90X and smashing into ICX every friday.


Design your life as it is a blockchain. Everybody could see what is going on and you feel proud and with nothing to hide.

That is heavy stuff.

Who could have thought that “the answer of life” is in the blockchain.

This is not only about buying some amount of coins every now and then.

It is great to be in this place.


Wake up at 6 AM seven days a week, go for a run in my shorts regardless of weather, practice breathing and yoga (Wim Hof Method) for 15-60 minutes, take an ice cold shower to really jump start the day. I’m very conscious about what I eat, and cook everything myself, haven’t had junk food in 10 years or more. Working out hard six days a week, trying to gain weight and muscles. 6 kg up so far, aiming for 14 more. I started reading properly every day, after hardly having read any books most of my life. Doing B90X every day helps me stay motivated to increase my efficiency and get more stuff done in the same amount of time.


I guess what I need to do is be more intentional about time spent on a weekly basis. I need to set more specific goals!


I love this B90X. You guys challenge me to challenge myself everyday. I hit the gym 3 mornings this week before work!


well I started to go for it about 2 years ago when I built my garage at my house. very humble beginning. I’ve got my business name legalized with the county as Dream Maker Customs. I crafted the Idea when I was 12. now at 37 I’m creating it and designing it the way I see it going. I feel so good about this. I’m scared to start because I might fail and let ppl down. but if I don’t start now I will kick my self later that I did’t try at all. I’m tired of living someone elses dream and not mine. WELL MY TIME STARTS NOW!!!


Today I woke uo at 7am. Did my morning personal development study and reflection. Breakfast and another 30min of crypto news/updates. Made calls and booked appointments for the day. Educating fellow Kenyans on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency… Now am here for the next hour before I head out to the city. Later in the evening I shall do my evening run and work out. Ain’t that amazing. My Blockchian Designed and crafted life. I love it.


Been on holiday for a week. Batteries recharged and amping to go.
I have to say that whilst doing the b90x, I have changed. Instead of just going to work building houses and then talking to the wife about retiring one day. Now we are actually putting into action a real plan.
I have been developing property for 20 years and I have to admit I was very bored of it.
That has changed.
Now I have a real enthusiasm back for my work. I can’t wait to put in the grind and make that payday come sooner.
So my blockchain life is this:
Bang in the grind at work everyday.
Complete b90x and then keep on revisiting lessons to make sure I don’t stop becoming better at this.
Carry on DCA’ing.
Carry on learning more about the markets
Stay fit and healthy.
10 year plan to retire at 50. Exit strategie. Switzerland looking good!!!:snowboarder::snowboarder::snowboarder:

I would just like to add to everyone else doing B90x, reading your thoughts and stories is inspiring for me. Sometimes I watch Peter and then think, " You know what, maybe I will do the homework tomorrow"
But then I read some of the responses on here and say to myself. " These guys and girls have taken the time to do it, so get in done!!"
Cheers Everyone.


now i am broke but rich in mind,i started running an Instagram page and learning about social media for being a social media menager,for help my crypto family growing in the future, i wanna be part of this movement aboslutely , everyday i watch b90x(i fell in the way but i am still here stronger)realy commited to understand better the blockchain crypto world for spread this new philosophy of life,i working out consistenly for achieving my calisthenics skills,Love you all guys!!


Blockchains on paper are vastly superior and more advanced than the current systems in place. What we all need to eventually do is port over.

This is much like our daily lives, where we want to lose weight, find the right job and gain experience. Also, dating is part of this because finding the right partner is tough and can seem like a long process.

Ultimately, we will find ourselves in the future and all these Blockchains will be improved and hopefully/playing well together.

Keeping our minds focused and realizing the goals set are all that matter right now!


Watch out man, we are not getting younger. We gotta watch out for injuries.

Special attention on this point.

Keep safe


In the beginning I purposely drove my life to work at a large company for a stable/secure salary. I think the last 3 years I’ve become complacent and let life steer the ship! I’m taking back the wheel and I’m driving down mission road! I can’t tell you what an eye opener this experience has been and I’m truly greatful that your taking the time to help each an every cryptonaut!


Man I fucking love this quote “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”
Got me all fired up this morning.
I am intentionally creating my future by committing to workouts 6 days a week, healthy eating, 2-3 cardio sessions a week, 6-7 days a week of 10-12 hour work days, and 14-18 hours a day of sponging up all the knowledge I can about blockchain, computers and netowrking, (about to start python when I free up some time), learning all I can about trading, money management, asset allocation, monetary theory, sound money, business,macroeconomics and geopolitics… just… ahh… so much… so good… future so bright… love… it… yesss


ah, the blockchain design, I have been more cautious about the decisions that I make. I now take control of just about everything that I can control without hurting others. Gone are the days that I wasted my time worrying about outside interference. Gone are the days of excuses!


The path of Self Mastery bro! Get it!


Today I was talking with my mum about Bitcoin and advent of Blockchain technology and reading some of Icøn white paper.

What really is Blockchain, not only as ledger of transactions, but maybe is something way beyond what people think.

So many questions. My mum asked me, about possibilities for me to go back to university.

Anyway I’m really excited about next chapter of B90X with context of our Blockchain design life and how to craft and create one.

I believe you have had a great time with John, Sir.

See you tomorrow.


So some of the steps I am taking towards having a better or improve my blockchain designed life is through the B90X mainly. I usually start my crypto day after I read and reply my daily e-mails at work then I hop in the pub to do my daily lesson. Depending on the lesson, if its a open-ended question topic that makes me think, I will meditate on it throughout the day and think how can I apply this for the long run in my current life.

The other step I take is after dinner, I dedicate about an hour or more sometimes to read news and browse through the pub and watch videos besides the many minutes I spend throughout the day checking the pub or couple of youtube videos here and there on my breaks.