In startups we care a ton about product design.
A well designed product is one that has Vision.
A well designed product is one that has a Mission.
A well designed product is one that has iterative goals to achieve.
A well designed product is one that has purpose.

These are the driving forces that allow great products to rise above the rest.

Are you seeing something familiar?
Yes! We’re designing your cryptolifestyle through blockchain design thinking just like I do when I work with startups to help them design their products!

Welcome to the Blockchain Design Company, where we are helping the cryptonation design lives worth living.

How many have fallen away?
My wife had a conversation with her hairdresser the other day. 4 months ago her husband was all about the Bitcoin. Now, they have fallen away.
You know why? Because they haven’t blockchain designed their lives.
They have not changed their lives to this new opportunity.
They bought in on emotion, and they have left the game based on that very same emotion.

A blockchain designed life is one that is intentional. It is all encompassing.
It must start with a Vision, Mission, and Mission Goals.
Then, we must take action with intentionality, discipline, and grit.

In today’s B90X, I’d love for you to share what other elements are necessary for achieving success in a cryptolifestyle.
What else do YOU need, to be successful? Share with us!

Good Product Design - B90X 12 PART SERIES

Damn I just found this thread! Awesome! And YES a “CRYPTOLIFESTYLE” is for me. Currently down sizing home/property, perfecting my physical condition (have lost 25 lbs so far), Learning more about cryptos —> The very reason that I’m here. I got caught up in cryptos in 2013 and in 2014 my trading funds shrank to $400 worth of litecoins(from $8500)…I left it alone OUT-OF-SIGHT-OUT-OF-MIND for 3 years. I just came back after the thrashing I took in 2014. This time I have a plan —> and y’all are apart of it. To the Moon baby!!


Proper bet sizing and implementing cost averaging in the long run


more real life crypto community and friends will help for sure. when asked “so what do you do” it’s kinda hard to say i crypto for living… lol

remove time wasters, facebook/instagram/over-twitter/Tradingview
stick to timeblock schedule


I failed to see the rise of ethereum until this year. So a crypto lifestyle means that I will need to stay up to date and make the proper trades on at least a quarterly basis.

James Altucher is releasing his crypto reports for $2000. It’s out of my price range. I need a simple way to keep up with the market and to identify winners.

It’s just a pain to keep up with and to trade because coinbase takes 10 days for bank transfers and charges 4% on credit card transfers.

If I had extra cash I’d buy ethereum on the dip and reserve it for alt coin dips. If Pete had a competing crypto reports product for much cheaper I’d think about it.

I’m also frustrated by how little time the average person allocates to reading. You need a sufficient vocabulary because that directly translates into how clearly you can think and idea generate. They simply don’t know enough about crypto or investing, and years down the line will realize this is a huge mistake.


I am 100% committed to this. The only thing that I could see wavering my position would be if BTC went down to $5.00. But I would probably only need a little encouragement to hang on at that point! However for me, I need to stay focused on the grind and showing up for work. It’s something I’ve always felt like I struggle with, and when I think about it, I only struggle with it when it’s something I’m not really passionate about. That’s what makes the Bitcoin Pub so great for me! Peter brings so much energy and passion to it that I can’t help but feed off of it. Showing me how to live the lifestyle is what I need, not trading tips. So now that I’ve written all this, I realize that what I need is to continue my education in how to design my life and craft my brain to operate in a way that supports living the crypto lifestyle!


A well lived life is a well crafted one.


The way i have been designing my crypto lifestyle -

I have investments in a small field of coins (7)
I set a goal to have x amount of each coin a rounded number.
Now as i have reached my rounded number for those coins i continue to invest into BTC each week.

In this group of (7) coins i have certain goals where i will take profit & reinvest into BTC.

I still actively listen/research/read about other coins/icos around but i don’t get that fomo anymore as i’ve got a plan thats working.

I used to get caught up in hype circles & emotional buying but learnt my lesson well with TENX PAY buying at its nearest high. This was a valuable lesson though for sure & i’m actually glad it happened to me.

I find reading solid content, watching entertaining yet solid informative real talk videos daily keeps my mind up to date on what is happening in the crypto world which in turn reinforces my choices of investments.

It’s surprising to see how discipline thoughts through crypto can creep & become part of everyday living… :v:t4:


Environment!!! You have to be around it to think about it. Youtube, Reddit and the pub for me now have been ways for me to keep my foot in the stream so I know whats going on!

No one brings up Crypto in my daily life, work etc, never!

I also golf a shit ton so I always golf with people who are better than me, so that would be something that is vital for me to be sucessful is to be around other people in the crypto scene who are better than me. Like stated above, Reddit, youtube and here are good ways I can do that to get my experience in to raise my level yo!

From the shadows I lurk 0.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

B90 baby


Time management. Utilizing Bitcoin.pub to further educate myself on crypto currency. Dollar cost average in attempt to mitigate volatility. Invest for long term. Invest disposable income not bread money!


Yes sir! Crush it! That’s what’s up.


Keep up to date with crypto news and world news thats affecting the market. Learn more about how the market moves. As I learned just today it seems to be common that altcoins go down when BTC has more than 50 percent dominance of the market. Things like that…

And I would like to build a portfolio were I’m spreading the risks in a good way, between largecap, midcap and smallcap-coins. That’s something I would like to learn more about.


From my perspective, it is incredibly important for everyone to have patience, discipline and flexibility. The Crypto market is like a early life form. It changes, it moves and it is out to beat you. This means that strategies that worked last month, may no longer work and that is because the “big money :whale:” doesn’t want you to figure out the game. Because if more people figure it out, then they won’t make as much. This site has taught me patience and to play the long game. HODL big coins and just wait. How long did people HODL BTC and ETH before they skyrocketed? Long time…if you believe, HODL. If you are scared, you don’t know enough and you should not be in the game yet. Build YOUR strategy and run YOUR life. Others can only show you what has worked for them…you have to edit/mold and adjust that plus everything else to figure out what works for YOU!

To Da Moon fellow Cryptonuats :rocket::rocket:


My success in crypto right now, as I push to get my ticket to the moon, is to evaluate every single thing I do on a daily basis with my time and my fiat. Do I really need to buy that thing or is it detracting from getting my ticket sooner so that I can regroup and start seeing some gains that will smash some debt? Do I really need to spend time doing certain things or would it be better spent on crypto education and personal wellness? I’m a passionate person in life and there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that I’m doing my best. And that comes from intentional acts, every single day.


Patience and repetition.


Time management and working out are what else I need to focus on to be successful, as it keeps me sharp and gives me time to spend on crypto.


I think you need to have a good understanding of what Bitcoin is and it’s potential. If you don’t really understand the technology you invested in, then the price and emotion can make you seriously doubt your investment.

Also not putting in your entire investment at the start, leave some in case it dips or DCA and don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose :wink:


I’m getting better at time management but the “showing up” part is hard for me. I have negative self talk. “Oh I’m tired, oh I’m busy, oh this and that, bla bla bla” I need to turn that part off. I’m working on it.


Following my plan!
Love how it is coming together on B90x! Very well designed program in the way it walks you through the steps and keeps building on itself, BRILLIANT!
I will say though, it is very difficult finding quality local contacts as passionate and purposeful as I am about Crypto, but I always have this wonderful community at the Pub. That is one of the reasons why I have networking as so prominent in my goals.

B90x and the Bitcoin Pub has given me exactly what I needed at this point. The tools and the people are awesome.
I am not happy with the current way I get content on my mobile device (twitter & facebook). It is hard to get what I need throughout the day. Can’t wait for CryptoYum! I would love to be able to consume this great Pub content on a well-designed mobile platform.


Yum is coming… we’ve very very close my friend!