Being drinking the crypto-beer from a firehose the last 2 months… finally I am more comfortable knowing where stuff are coming from and where we are going. Blockchain designed lifestyle is filtering out all the noise and focus on what crypto news is important. Peter does a great job keeping us up to date! There is no way any of us can keep up except for Peter!


I’m looking forward the day that I get my first bitcoin in my wallet. That is going to tell me, ok now this is real.

After that, I think that investing in coins that I’m sure to have potential is going to make me feel like I doing a difference in the world.

Lastly the day I can go to an ATM and take out money that is 100% income from blockchain.


Passion first and foremost. Nobody sticks to something their entire life if they don’t have a passion for it. Nobody has a passion for eating boring food and/or being hungry all the time, which is why dieting never works in the long run. You need to commit to changing for the rest of your life if you want results. Constantly learning about more projects using blockchain helps me stay interested and convinced that this stuff is here to stay. And as others have said before me, lots and lots of patience. Lucky for me patience has always been one of my strengths, so as long as I continue to follow what’s happening with crypto I know I will stay in for the long run.


elements that I believe will help me thrive in the cryptospace is to better understand, on a fundamental and technical level, how the top 10 cryptocurrencies operate. As a liberal arts major, I don’t have a substantial background in mathematics or computer science, but I think it’d be super useful for me to adopt a research-driven approach to track how everything’s going.


If the why is big enough the how doesn’t matter :muscle:


This thought gets my brain gears cranking, I hear what you are saying @peter, we ourselves are our own product of our own design. People can either strive for perfection and truly set the bar, or people can make a half hearted attempt at it and eventually fall off or be outdone. I’m trying to make myself an indispensable product by contributing more time, effort and thought into the product than is expected. I go all in and in all honesty I am competing more with myself than others, because I know how things are and striving for progress does not get easier, it gets harder as you continue, and that is where I think people ‘fall off’. And that’s okay, some people are just not built for or are willing to envelope their entire lives on developing their ‘product’ (themselves) and others are going to battle on figuring out their product design until they are satisfied. Like the others that give up, we also will fall at some point, but we will get back up and try again. The best ‘products’ are the result of multiple trial and errors, but real innovators keep working until they get it right and go beyond expectations. Although getting the product ready is an accomplishment, the ones who are never truly satisfied with their work are the ones that not only raise the bar, they are the bar. It’s not for everybody though, this dynamic usually takes years of dedicated hard work before it begins to pay off.


Man I talk about this to everyone all the time now. btc the pub. I tell everyone to get in while its in a dip. I’ve cut crap out of my life now to free time and money. I’ve now built a rig to mine with that I got running at 2 am. late night of rig problems. its cool. as I learn more about this life i dive in deeper. This is something I’m getting my life together with. so far it has changed my core and everyone can see it. I’ve begun to get a lot of positive ppl in my life and all that good stuff. I believe in what we all are doing and I’m here to help every way i can.


Monday to Friday now goes like this.
Get up check crypto news whilst making breakfast for the family.
Take daughter to school.
Boss it at work.
Check crypto news at lunch.
Boss it at work.
Pick daughter up from after school clubs.
Read the bedtime story.
Go to gym
Then it’s time for the bitcoinpub.
Bed and repeat.


For me is the constant self education and knowledge… constant reminder that am in for the long-term… the vision. Its amazing my kids know Dad is working on bitcoin…great motivation there.


Everyday, I find myself learning and grinding it out at work. I set routines and goals to keep my head on straight. Working out daily, reading and studying about Blockchain as well as teaching others about the crypto world.

Today was exciting with Consensus and I think we should all be gearing up for the rocket ride to the moon soon!


I was thinking how can a blockchain decentralized insurance company work out ?

  1. blockchain is great to keep all records public and risk well known. ok all good there.
  2. If i gotta make a claim. How do we solve the claims ? how do you know my claim is not bogus ?

I’m sure there are some solutions.

I just say that to show that we are not a blockchain society yet. We are on the way though.
some challenges remain.

And is proof that we are on the right track. If everything was done already, there would not ber any space left for us.


What I need is constant vigilance on spending and financial planning, and researching deeper into the technology. I am doing really good so far this year but every dollar counts, the more I save, the more I work, the more I learn, the more I research… The greater my future opportunities become


I need to be more aggressive with time management. I believe the majority of us are very busy people. However, I can’t use my schedule as an excuse as to why I don’t utilize my time better.


I need to be more focused on goals and grind.
My actions must be more intentional.
I’m ready!


-Discipline, to execute
-Hope, to know your going to achieve greatness
-Daily dose of Peter and the crypto nation, all you need
-Uncanny drive, it’s gotta eat you up inside :wink:


Discipline and good money management come to mind. You don’t want to be so over-invested that you can’t take care of your bills, gas, rent, and food costs. Invest wisely. Do your research and take it slowly if your new to the space. This was a weakness of mine when I first started last year. Major FOMO kicked in and I invested quickly and heavily back in January of this year. And we all know what happened in February. :chart_with_downwards_trend:Discipline is needed to help you stay on track with your mission statement and goals that you’ve laid out for yourself. Stay disciplined and you’ll reap the rewards in the long run.:chart_with_upwards_trend::rocket:

  • Be more discipline. I want to be more consistent with my crypto time management and make it a permanent part of my everyday life, like showering or going to work.
  • Shutting down and clear my head of the noises that I hear in my head throughout the day. I don’t know if this happens to other as well but I am a introspective thinker and have thoughts or ideas bombarding my mind all day everyday. Its really hard for me to focus sometimes because I am constantly thinking and especially at night before bed, I always have a hard time falling asleep cause that’s when my thoughts are the loudest and ideas come in bulks. Yeah I sound like a crazy person lol but I’m just being honest.
  • Participate and learn in the pub as much as I can.
  • Keep spreading the good news and keep participating in crypto events and groups in my town.


Grit and laser focus of my energy to see this through, this B90X program has brought everything I do into sharp focus.


A big part of crypto lifestyle is hodling and staying plugged in with a positive community makes that easier.