#B90X - DAY 49 - Blockchain Designed Life is INNOVATIVE



Innovation in ones life cannot be exhausted.
The next 5 years do not have to be like the previous 5 years. Hell. The next year doesn’t have to be like the previous year. It can be completely different!

Did you know, that exactly 1 year ago, I was a full time consultant, traveling the world helping clients build better products and working on exiting from a previous startup?
Did you know, that exactly 1 year ago, I was spending most of my free time researching the fundamentals of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency from a large data perspective?
Did you know, that exactly 1 year ago, I had NO idea that I would share all my learnings of my life on Youtube?
Did you know, that if you had asked me if I would be completely changing my entire career to work fulltime in the crypto space that I would have called you crazy?

I look back at my last year and I’m amazed at what I’ve accomplished.
Shutting down my old life, starting a whole new startup.

Technological developments in the world are always offering NEW opportunities for innovation in product development.

Likewise, new developments in the world are always offering NEW opportunities for you to change your life and innovate on your life!

Innovating on your life starts with inspiration.
Where does innovation come from?
Your particular muse can came from anywhere, but I’ll tell you where MY inspiration comes from: Dissatisfaction with the status quo. Not being satisfied with a particular aspect of my life.

If I am dissatisfied, and there is opportunity to improve, then I must begin. I must begin now. Innovating on your life is something born from desire. Inside desire.

But the change you want to see in your life is not the end all be all. Innovating on your life is simply a mechanism for allowing you to have a fuller, balanced, healthly, wealthy, and purpose driven life.

That is why the VISION of your life is so important.

In todays B90X, share with us. Where are you dissatisfied with your life? What aspects of your life do you want to change? Good. Now write them down in the thread below. Let us know! We’d love to help encourage you to EXECUTE.

Good Product Design - B90X 12 PART SERIES

I’m not satisfied with the fact that i’m not prepared enough or able to convince people when trying to explain the concept of Bitcoin/Blockchain. Whatever argument i’m using, i can’t convince them… I tried with colleagues, friends, even my girlfriend stays sceptical. At the end, i’m still the man who buys criminal money and the crazyone who invests in such a risky thing, “it will go down again”…

So i need to change my approach a bit i think :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


June this year I turned 30. I remember looking back that day and thinking to myself what have I achieved, what have I done that at 30 I can be truely stoked about…Everyone was either married/getting married, had or having kids living that picket fence life that life had been forced/conditioned into there brain on how we should live.
The answer to myself was zero.
Sure I had been a few places, had great memories, been close to getting married but nothing notable to myself that I could be truely happy with.

I knew I had to change certain lifestyle ways & find something new & exciting to focus on to be able to get where I wanted to be in 7 years time. I had never been one for long term plans, I was living my life week to week month to month going with the flow… but living this way had just turnt me into nothing inside. I needed more of a purpose to what I was doing here with life. I knew I wasn’t keen on living that picket fence life I had more of an opportunity than most as I was single & commitment free.

Earlier before my 30th I had watched a Netflix doco on minimalism - “minimalism: a documentary about the important things” This kick started the cogs in brain to start to evaluating myself… So I started to cull all things I owned into what I actually used and what was a waste of space, I culled clothes on what I actually wore and what collects dust. I now don’t buy things I “want” I only purchase what I “need” This frame of mind had helped me greatly in “FOMO” in life wise.
Shortly after June I first discovered bitcoin & have stayed down this rabbit hole ever since, learning everyday about crypto & myself… I’m excited looking forwards to the future now as I can see a purpose & where I want to be… I’ll have that self sufficient life :man_farmer:t4::camping::house_with_garden::railway_track::world_map::motor_boat::airplane:️:oncoming_automobile::rocket:


Hahah dude if it makes you feel better - I get that “this guys crazy” “you’re gonna lose everything” look/feels to most people I talk about re crypto.
I was taking to my accountant re crypto… at the start he was well off it by the end I could tell he was well more interested by the questions he was asking and listening.
All I ever say after talking about it to any one is - “do yourself a favour and research it, watch a few blockchain TED YouTube’s” then make a decision - make your own informed decision not what you’ve read on facebook or in the newspaper/magazine.

Just gotta stick it out, keep getting that word out there… Either they will want to do something different in there lives or just keep being another number in the end.


I became father 1 yr ago and this really changed my life, and my lifestyle as well. Guys in a very short period of time I start to live with my partner that came from another country (and pregnant), 1.5 months after my daughter was born, and I am the only one with a actual job at home, a decent paid job but “taxes, bills, bla bla bla” (try lo live in amazing wonderful Italy, we pay so much for that beauty :wink: ) started to be not enough to buy a Lambo :smiley: (even I am not a car guy like Peter)

  1. it is difficult to find a job here
  2. To leave a stable job here is like to risk your whole life
  3. I am too much tired of that stupid kind of working
  4. I want to spend time with my family

In last 2 yrs I started to read and learn more about financial aspects, I succeded in saving some money (I bought our hybrid car, not a lambo but better than my previous city car), and while looking for some possibilty of internet working I read about trading.
But I was not ready, I did not have enough money to invest and honestly the world of wall street and so on is so distant from my way of being.

Then one day I went to a seminar about bitcoin in my city, it was may, bitcoin was growing so much (the period before fork), and wow…it was my world!
I am an IT manager, this world is made from my people and the rules are not made by some government or some multinational company (even if it is not totally true).
The rules are made by us, and we can influence this world with small investment and tools.
So I invested my 50, than another 100, then another 50 euro, made many trades (without knowledge) and made so bad mistakes and some good trades (thanks to my crypto best friend Jimmy).
Then I got that I should learn more about trading, and in the same time I started something different:

store small money that I have in some saving accounts.

I am in a loss but I am happy anyway and I like this style so much.
Now when I speak about crypto people is starting to follow me and I got more confident about this.

The b90x I am following day by day (some days I skipped and recover some days after) and I am thankful for Peter so much (I will become Patreon as soon as possible man).
The guy bought a lambo, but he does not behave like the typical jackass that is scamming you with rent lambo and chicks on a swimming pool. He got what he deserve to have and he put real effort in this. And does not want some pyramidal working from us. So, briefly, I respect this place and the style you are using.

Even if I am in a loss (not for so long), I want to go to the moon!
See you guys!


Glad you are here bro. I’m truing to live the life I want to live. I want everyone I know to live the life THEY want to live.

It’s glorious. Let’s go to the moon!!!:rocket:


I have been running various startup for 10years,
been through some ups and downs and currently in the process of shutting down my current startup.
In addition I seek to shut down my previous life and start a new one, and crypto is certainly a great direction.

In the past I have been devoted fully into startups and it certainly took a lot of my time, I solve problems in all aspects as they come up and did not took full control of my personal development, just try to grow to fit.

with Crypto I want to re-shape myself, so I can be ahead of the curve, build and create foundations which allows me to craft life the way I want.

  • I want to live more internationally
  • I want to spend less time trying to make money and more time to improve self
  • I want to form the discipline that I clearly know I currently lack


Awesome. Writing it down is just the beginning. Now. Let’s get it! :rocket:


I am dissatisfied with the current state of my house (in the middle of a remodel). It’s a way bigger project than I anticipated and we are currently living in a complete construction zone, and have been for almost 1 1/2 years! It’s gotten to a point where am numb to it and progress on the house has slowed down. It was starting to translate into other areas of my life as procrastination and sheer laziness/depression. I haven’t been surfing (which I live to do) or working out so that I am in decent surfing shape when I actually do surf.

However, since the Vision/Mission episodes of #b90x, I have taken a whole different perspective! I really started thinking about my mission (finish my house so I can refinance it), and realized that I was looking at the whole situation with blinders on like a race horse. I removed the blinders and BOOM, a very obvious idea appeared for getting financing to pay somebody to finish the project instead of me doing it myself as I made the money to do it. That idea is a Home Equity Line of Credit, and as a real estate agent, I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t able to see that opportunity for 1 1/2 years! Once I get my house done, I can focus on selling houses so I can buy cryptos and refinance the house. Before #b90x the whole thing was an overwhelming mess in my head, now it’s an organized punch list of what needs to get done to get me where I want to be.


One of the few things I want to work on is getting back into shape. I’ve fallen off the wagon and been using my labor intensive job as an excuse but I’m the only one in the way of my health and goals. Shout out to the Doge Lord for changing lives on the daily!


I like to talk about what I’m currently doing. I can’t tell you something is good for you when I, myself, am not doing it.

Live by example. Be a servant leader.


I am in love with life. But I am admittedly dissatisfied with not having much disposable income, and that comes from debt. Harley, car and house. I’m not hurting at all, but crypto is my ticket out of debt. The Federal Reserve can kiss my ass! I’m not going to play their game anymore! :kiss:


disposable income/security is what i need. i want to provide the best life for my gf/ future wife and kids and i honestly spend so much time up at night wrried i wont be able too do as much for them or ever retire. Im not sure il ever stop roofing…i just would love to not have too


I am dissatisfied with many aspects of my current life. I feel that I have passively let others dictate my lifes course throughout my early adult years and I’m more ready than ever to change that.


I’m dissatisfied with my debt situation in my life. I want to get rid of my damn school loans, all my 20’s I’ve been drowned in debt. No more I’m changing it.


No time like the present! Let’s get it!


I’m dissatisfied with my diet, the amount of money I spend and commuting to work.
I need to eat out less, cook healthier meals and drink less alcohol.
I’m making progress with alcohol and saving money.

I hate commuting to work, busy public transport makes you feel cattle and hardly anyone is happy. Then in between feeling like cattle I work in an organisation that doesn’t completely align with my morals, beliefs or goals… This needs to change! And thanks to you, @peter, I feel more committed than ever to doing the grind and working on alternative sources of income.


Are you at a loss in terms of Bitcoin or fiat? If you are at a loss in terms of fiat I would suggest researching a few coins, picking a top 3-5 and HODLing them.


Good luck, hope it’s going better!


Boredom dissatisfies me…
I get bored easily; It is what drives me. I constantly want to try new things, learn new things and try new approaches. I love the challenge and I use that to take things to the next level. I have set my Mission goals to focus that energy and keep me challenged.

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