#B90X - DAY 49 - Blockchain Designed Life is INNOVATIVE



My financial situation.
Just need to keep it up. The ICX situation is a little rough ATM but I get to buy more for less lol


I know that to be good in businesses and to have a better perspective on life one of the skills that is a most to acquire is selling.

I’m introverted, and for that reason, I have always said to myself that I can not learn to sell.

But lastly, I feel that it is time, so I’m looking to get a part-time job in sells to acquire this skill.


I’m sick of my day job. Constantly running a monthly sales quota with an inferior sales territory being constantly around people i don’t aspire to be, living someone else dreams, selling a product i’m not passionate about.

everyday i wake up thinking to myself, why the f8ck am i in this job? i’m grateful to be making what i’m making but f8ck. Where’s the career progression, where’s the interest?

Cryptos and blockchain is my exit to financial freedom, to be around the people i want to be, when i want to be. To be able to afford great health care, good food, intellectually stimulating activities.


I’m dissatisfied with my body. I’ve been scrawny all my life, always the weakest guy in class. I’ve made excuses to myself every now and then throughout my life why it won’t matter, but now I’m committed to change. I’ve started training six times a week and eating twice as much as before. It will take a long time, but as long as I stay on course I’ll get there eventually.

I also know that I’m bad at planning, and can easily get distracted by meaningless things. I’ve started keeping track of where my time goes, and just recently created a schedule that I printed out, with various tasks that need to be completed every day, and the times they should be done. Now I can better keep track of what there is to do, and cross them off with a pen as I go.

When I feel sufficiently satisfied about being able to stick to these changes, I will try to make more improvements in my life. If I try 10 different changes all at once I’m afraid I’ll get worn out by the sudden extreme change and stop altogether.


I would like to say, I am very happy right now, but that does not mean I am satisfied. I am dissatisfied with my ability to create value for other people. I am dissatisfied with my athletic ability. I am dissatisfied with my music production skills. I am dissatisfied with my work ethic. I am dissatisfied with my time management. I am dissatisfied with my knowledge of the cryptospace. I am dissatisfied with my net worth.

That being said, I will pick at these things, every day, little by little to become the man I was always meant to be!


I would have to say the area I am dissatisfied in is branching out and exploring new opportunities and taking on a true entrepreneurial lifestyle. Metaphorically we as people are only as good as the people they associate with, meaning we need to surround ourselves with people who are on the same track and have similar goals. People who are working towards similar goals and understand the process are going to have your back, increase your potential, and overall support you with good information…and vice versa. That’s where I am at, finding the right niche and building a team/network of like-minded goal-oriented individuals. It’s much easier said than done, but I think it is a crucial part of entrepreneurship and life in general… Surround yourself with people who are going to hold you to a certain level and bring out your potential, not people that are going to hold you back or let you down, and your life will change for the better.


the big thing for me was I did’t start this sooner. lol but really I’m good at passing up opportunities. It’s my biggest flaw. I second guess my self all the time. Really I’m good at it. Ill talk my self out of having fun. I know It’s sad. but this year I plan to just go for it. and not pass any good opportunities now.
since I’m going to change that this year. I’ve started a miner and invested in the market. I’ve changed my mind set on my goals. and for the fist time I have a plane to what I’m doing and were I’m going.
It has been very helpful to be here. has positively influenced me. I’ve change so much over the last couple of months. I’m already a different person than I was just from December. so I do feel like I’m starting to get that blockchain life and everyone around me can see it.

I even changed my dads mind on btc. he thought of it as imaginary vapor wear. now he see’s the technology behind it. lol on a side note. my spelling is getting better because I’ve been writing on here. Hell yea its another good thing in my life wow did’t even think about that till now. lol


I know exactly how you feel. All my friends think I am crazy, to the point where I have given up talking to them about crypto.


since i was 20 i was talking about financial freedom but i didn t achieve it,i have a pretty much a good designed life i have the mindset but i am broke hahahaha,so i want to have a passive income and understand better the concepts around cryptocurriencies and blockchain for being in the future a crypto ambassador


I want to enter the cryptocurrency world and work as a Blockchain developer/engineer. I have been learning how to develop and since my background is a Software Developer, I believe it will be easy. Also teaching would be ideal, since I am a people person.

I’m not satisfied with my current career path because Blockchain really is the future within the next two or three years!


I am dissatisfied with my financial success. Yes I live comfortably and am going to be just fine but I could do muuuuch better. Pay off student loans.
I wish to innovate in business. To build a successful business that I feel fulfilled in being a part of the creation.


I am dissatisfied on myself on every area of my existence. I’m close to say I hate myself but I can’t, cose that will only stop me.

Where is that teenager who every sunday was bringing new people to the church?

Where is the guy who was speaking on universities without qualification to do it?

Oh yeah, of course, I was the best.

Interviews in radio, newspapers

I was the best.

I will be crafting my new Blockchain life by design. I’m ready. I want to be the best again!


I’m dissatisfied with my decision making. I have been doing well in the last two weeks, but that means nothing. When I look back at some decisions made in the past, I can’t help but call myself a dumb ass. I knew better but did not do better for myself. My friends think I am too hard on myself because I have only been back in the civil sector for five years. I have done well, but I could have done better if I made better decisions such as eliminating toxic people in my life.


Get back on that horse bro!


I’m not satisfied with my health and wealth. Both require more from my efforts and I’m intergrating a new lifestyle. Habits can be changed with mental fortitude and I’m blocking off my work calendar during lunch, signed up to the corporate gym and leveraging time what was once wasted away. Cheers to more wealth and health for everyone! :clinking_glasses:


Financial freedom and living debt free has become the two primary goals I am striving to accomplish. I’ve gotten into the crypto game early. I aim to achieve financial freedom and living debt free by my 40th birthday. Some of this will depend on the wildly erratic crypto markets, but mass adoption will come. When it does, I’ll be positioned to succeed.


After some thinking, I definitely feel dissatisfied with my current physical condition. Been an athlete most of my life and definitely been lacking the consistency I used to have. I know I don’t have the same time and energy as my younger self but I believe that I can get to that sweet spot, body wise after working out for a bit and then I just gotta make sure I maintain. Just gotta keep going forward!
Also, blockchain wise, I am definitely starting to understand crypto terms, concepts better now than even a month ago and I noticed that with better understanding, better ideas have come my way towards one of my goals of uniting crypto and fitness. Baby steps!
Lastly, I want more financial stability, like I mentioned in earlier posts, I want a BIG family so I’m definitely gonna need some greens to live a life where I am not always worrying about money and have enough to provide for my family the best way I can without them needing anything. Especially in the world of retail, big money can come in but also big money can go out if you make a bad move. Even a small move can equal to massive losses and I have learn that the hard way. That is why I need more stability.


Congrats man! I don’t have any kids yet but planning to have a couplee. Just waiting for my complement to show up!


I have been extremely restless in my current industry and career as it has been commoditized where innovation within the industry is lackluster. Although I am paid well, I just can’t find satisfaction, so when I came across this one, I am “triaging” my experience and expertise into this one and can not wait to see if I’m homeless or accomplished a couple of missions towards my ultimate vision! I’ll post again June 2019.


I am dissatisfied with my health and wealth however making changes day by day by continuing new habits. Always conflicted with being content and wanting more.