#b90x - DAY 5 - Eliminate Waste 💩



That’s fine.

Distracted to the point where it effects your ability to hit and meet your goals?
No bueno.

In DAY 4 of #B90X, I asked you guys to think about who inspires you, and what we can extract from them. How did they become successful?

I’ll tell you one powerful point: They eliminate waste from their lives.

The assignment today is simple:
1 - Write down where your time goes, today. Continue to do it this week. You’ll be suprised how much non-essential things you’re doing that take away from your focus in succeeding!
2 - Make it real. Tell someone. A real person what you’re removing from your life so you can succeed.

Let us know in the thread below!!!

"Only invest what you can afford to lose" Discussion

One of the biggest areas of waste for me tends to be the time I spend checking charts and worrying about a long term position I’ve taken. Even though I’ve set strict rules on when I can sell, and when I can re-evaluate the postition, I find myself getting caught up in the emotion of the swings that are bound to happen on the way to my profit target. I’m going to try and do a better job cutting this out of my life. That time could be better spent researching other coins, managing my fiat budget (so that I have more to invest), etc. Thanks for this @peter!


I use Facebook and Instagram every day, not that much though. I thought about cancelling my accounts, but for FB it is good to stay up to date on social events and insta is great to store memories.

So I’m just going to reduce the time I spend on FB and on Insta.


Man, I love this topic, especially because I’ve spent the last year streamlining my schedule and removing all of the ridiculous things that I do every single day that limits my ability to focus on the things that really, really matter.

And I use the word “ridiculous” intentionally here because many of the things that I’ve done, daily, are just helping me forward with my personal and professional goals!

So I’ve removed a ton of clear distractions… I’ve quit Twitter, Facebook, and many other social networks. Cleaned house on LinkedIn as well.

I’ve stopped watching tv shows… not because they are bad but because they are stopping me from investing in the areas that I really want to invest in! I still watch movies though… love that.

I’ve also reduced my video game playing time significantly… but I am considering dropping it entirely. I can’t imagine looking back years from now and thinking…

Shit… I wish I had really played more WoW or Hitman or the new Beta of Call of Duty…

Just won’t happen! What I am anxious about is thinking…

Shit… I wish I had really invested more of that available time into my personal and professional life. I could have spent more time building and learning…

This is what I understand as “reducing waste”!! Let’s get on it! I’ve shared this with my best friend (my wife) and she’s fully onboard with the next season!!


Just cleaned up my home screen on my phone to only hold the critical daily apps that I used (7 (4 in the top 3 in the bottom) and pushed all other shit to the second and third page.


As a former semi-professional gamer, I spend too much time playing video games even though they are no longer a source of revenue and advancement for me. Gaming does still provide me with needed de-stressing time and enjoyment so I don’t want to eliminate my hobby and connection to my past, but I need to drastically cut back to a few hours a week, instead of 10-15+.

  1. This is something I actually have been doing for years. Habits are so powerful. Motivation is often just fleeting inspiration to get you started but might make you bounce from “thing” to “thing”. Writing down wasteful activities and procrastination is a wonderful way to audit efficiency. I don’t do this every day any more but I do have a fun way of reminding myself of it, I learned it from a blogpost by a former navy seal. He has a paper with a grid that goes 52 blocks horizontally and 80 blocks vertically. Every week that passes he fills in one block. He has two of them. one all filled out, and one which he fills out for every week. So every week that passes he fills in a block, and as you might have guessed, it represents how much time he has used and how much time he has left before he dies at age 80 ( which is the average age to die). This always inspires me to do a mental checklist. a) did I spend my week being comfortable or productive? b) whatever I did, will it benefit me this week or is it a improvement from last week? c) What can I do to make the next week better.

  2. I am really bad at this, I am a private person and like to keep goals and flaws to myself. I gladly discuss them if brought up but I am trying to by informing friends. When I had to have help with managing my diet I started telling those around me and one of my friends even helped with the program. I know the benefit of making myself accountable enough to not only stay comfortable, and that is in itself one of my biggest hurdles to fulfilling goals. I succeed and fail at personal development all the time, but to me, that is also part of the journey, making others aware of it however have helped me narrow down what I fail at.

here is the blogpost I mentioned, I can recommend people to have a read: http://barefootfts.com/memento-mori/


I can relate to this word-for-word. I think our curiosity, drive and interest in predicting rises and falls, using stat analysis, whilst making money, is a good hobby and passion to have. Never at a loss but sometimes frustrated if you missed that extra £200-400 on what was already pre-existing profit, can lead to blurred importance of BTC.

But I have told myself, and set strict rules, similiar to yours; to not bulk buy, not try and time the market specifically, not risk the bread table money, and have no regrets.

But i relate to this 100%.


The pull back was predicted by a fair few clever cryptonaughtys, but i do not truly think we all expected a steep fall like this. Although welcomed.


That is a very great topic.

When I just started my bachelor’s degree. I realized that I was wasting my whole time for nothing. After that I tried hard to eliminate the waste. I understood that education is the most important thing in the world. I started to love education. I studied hard and at graduation I ranked first of the Engineering Faculty. I just was not only interested in courses, but also I was interested in investments, and I educated myself about investing also. Even I had a radio program in University. I was talking about money. The name of the program was “money talks”. My first live program was about Bitcoin :slight_smile: At that time 1 bitcoin was 450 dollars, and I was saying on radio live stream it is good opportunity to buy.

Thanks to that day, I am still educating myself. I came to Finland to get better education, I completed my master’s degree. Now I am doing PhD. I spend all my time for education and my future family (my lovely girlfriend). I go lab everyday, work 8-9 hours for science and myself. Come home, educate my self about my other interests (bitcoin, computers).
Maybe it sounds boring but I am so happy that I eliminated the waste early enough. I recommend for everyone.


I’m also doing the same thing presently. However, I think I’m also learning from this experience presently, so I’m not sure I’m ready to call it “waste” and eliminate it. When I can look at the charts, spot patterns with ease, and make interpretations that satisfy my beliefs (or contradicts) on where the coin is going next, then I can start dropping this activity from my daily routine.

However, that doesn’t keep me from setting a goal of getting to the point where I’m managing my investments in under one to two hours per week, so this is my “waste removal” goal to achieve within next six weeks.

As a reference point, I’m currently investing around 30 hours per week into learning everything I can about crypto currency and managing my investment portfolio.


I spend a lot of time sitting in a coffee shop making small talk with people. I love it and it’s great to socialize but I wonder if it is bringing me closer to my goals. Recently I’ve been taking my laptop in there to study TA and watch videos about crypto but it’s easy to lose focus by catching up with people there! I think maintaining connections is a worthwhile investment though…it’s good for the FeelGoodGains!

At home my biggest time suck is the internet. While I’m not overly active on social media I do spend a lot of time refreshing a few pages and watching graphs! Up until recently I would chill out all evening in front of YouTube and CrunchyRoll, since discovering crypto I’ve cut down SO MUCH and limit my time to Sunday evening. I think a lot of the time I’m using to watch graphs would be better spend reading AWAY from the computer so I’m making that my goal this week! At least 30 minutes every evening to help cut down waste.

I’m gonna be hyperfocused on time wastes that I might be overlooking over the course of B90X!


Journaling is a great idea that I have already applied in the past, in order to fit my daily schedule between study, resistance training and writing for a blog. I should bring it back for identifying new areas of waste that inevitably arise in the life of everyone when major changes happen. Kinda like that hard-drive… you know that you should run “defrag” every once in a while.

As for now, I can identify one central area of waste at present:

Multitasking: by having many areas of interest, it happens quite often that I open several tabs on Chrome about topic X while hearing a podcast or attempting to watch a YouTube video about topic Y at the same time. The result is that I retain like 10% of the info that I’m bombarded with and I don’t have the chance to focus properly, taking notes as an example. This issue should be fixed ASAP because it’s stressful and unproductive.

For accountability, I could challenge my girlfriend to share the problem that I’m willing to fix, how I’ll do it and report the progress. She could do the same with me about an issue that relates to her life.


I have found this to be the less stressful approach to say the least lol


Yes that aspect of looking at the charts is essential to learning. I have to put myself in check when I’m looking at the charts for the purpose of “worrying”. Great point!

  1. I’m quite good at being focussed. I am lucky to be self employed and I get to spend most of my time at my computer designing artwork or watching @peter lol! I loathe facebook and all the other social media sites so I don’t often waste time there. In fact, I get unashamedly annoyed when people bother me with “funny” links or messages to look at. I have turned off notifications on my messenger app and I don’t have Facebook installed on my phone. I use twitter to follow crypto people but it honestly just seems like a bunch of adults complaining and bagging each other out. It doesn’t interest me at all. I wish I could just cut through all the b.s and get only the quality information I am looking for.

  2. I am making it real by telling my husband to stop trying to distract me with stupid Facebook content. It just doesn’t ever really interest me. It’s just an invasion of my brain space that I only want to dedicate Crypto and Property Investing.



I’ve already cut most of the sh*t out my life in my earlier 20s and my teenage years.

  1. I live in a smaller town outside Vancouver where there is less to do, so many people end up on the path to drugs or alcoholism. Those people are long gone. There was a small period when I was 18 and fresh out of HS where I did party for about year. One day I just woke up hungover at a ‘friends’ house, walked out the door and literally just ghosted all of them because I decided I wanted better. I ignored all their calls and texts and simply never saw them again.

  2. During my teenage years I was very heavy into MMOs, that’s all gone too though. I’ll maybe play an hour or two of games every week. This was actually the biggest detriment to me as my highschool grades suffered a bit, I remember taking a programming course and thoroughly enjoying it, but because I was so engrossed in games I never followed up on it. :confused: I’m happy about the path I’m on now… but still, it would’ve been cool to get a CS degree. One day when I retire I’d like to be that weird old guy getting his CS degree for the fun of it!

  3. Social media. I have a barely used twitter, I don’t keep facebook on my phone, and instagram I use very sparingly so I’m good there.

  4. Reddit. This is sadly my biggest vice and the hardest to get rid of. There is a lot of useful content on there, it provides beneficial information but can be a bit of a time waster and some of the info is crap too. Not sure how to go about it, as I don’t want to stop using it entirely but I don’t want to read the junk either. :neutral_face: If anyone has any suggestions for this point I’d love to hear it.


Timebox it. That’s the best way. Say: "today, I’ll only spend an hour on Reddit."
Then ghost out. You’ll be amazed how strong the pull is. But like getting over any addiction. It too shall pass.

timebox it. It works for me.


I think what I’ll do is 30 min before and after work for this week and see how it feels. Thanks Peter!


One thing I have already eliminated was this StarWars Command game (similar to clash of clans but starwars) it was a ritual checking in everyday, every hour, maintaining my base and status. I actually lost everything from an update, I was bummed and was thinking of rebuilding. After a couple days of checking to see if my profile would upload I forgot all about it. I didn’t get any return in investment out of the game, maybe a little self accomplishment building an empire!! But now I put more time out of my phone and with my wife and dogs. I still check in to my Facebook because it keeps me up to date to my friends and my other hobbies (paintball and drums) and I do get cash from drum gigs time from time.
Now I keep up with the PUB!!! And I invest in Crypto Knowlegde!!!