#b90x - DAY 5 - Eliminate Waste 💩



TV, youtube, video games, netflix. listening to music. realising the programmed messages I’m listening to and time I’m focusing my attention too, are things that aren’t going to help me achieve my goals. thanks Peter.


Going to bed late.
Waking up late.
Not having a morning, evening routine.
Not having enough energy (sleep & nutrition).
Too anxcious and nervous once I get started.


Facebook. If i had to average the time spent, it’d probably end up being about an hour a day.
Checking charts and prices. Probably at least 2 hours a day. Such a waste of time and energy and a great way to build stress!
Poor work scheduling. Lately, just haven’t been feeling work, so i drag my feet getting there and organising my workload. Bad way to do it. Makes everything take longer, lose profit, morale drops, the cycle repeats…


The biggest time waste in my life is TV.
Work all day, come home, watch TV or a movie, go to bed. Rinse and repeat.:recycle:
Now that I’ve gotten serious about investing in crypto, I intend to eliminate cable TV altogether and strictly focus on online learning opportunities like DCTV and Bitcoin Pub. I’ll still catch the occasional movie during my weekends but through eliminating these distractions I know my focus will become concentrated on where it belongs.
The only person I can really share this with would be my brother since he is the only other person interested in crypto at this time. Mostly though, I am a private person focused on my goals.:chart_with_upwards_trend::raised_hands:t3:


I was watching today B90X siting on rocker chair smoking cigs and drinking coke. Yeah that’s definitely something what I could and should eliminate from my life or a list forcing to minimum.

Also I’m watching to much news specially when I’m in home right now. Even if I just laid down on sofa and trade that disrupte my mind and should be eliminated from my life also.


I try and eliminate pointless hours of staying up too late. Gotta get to bed on time so I can get quality sleep and wake up at 4am to Read and Exercise. At the end of my day, I might find something to watch that brings me value while I use a plethora of self massage techniques or stretching because I am sore from workouts and long work days, then I read a book before bed… But the most challenging thing for me is getting to bed on time because there is just so many things I want to do with my time. I know that if I just get to bed then my next day will be more full of QUALITY action, rather than fatigue. I don’t have facebook on my phone, I don’t engage in meaningless conversations. Constantly trying to learn things that will help me provide value to the world one day. My disctraction- is trying to understand how the world works, what drives global economy, and why people do the things they do. I have been optimizing my life for 7 years now, and started to eliminate waste years ago. My weeks don’t end anymore, weekends are simply an opportunity to Learn, and Grow. Gain Theory!!!


I check my phone way to much for no reason lol My wife ageeed to help me be accountable. This was extremely valuable I also spend a ton of time taking care of 5 dogs; however, they can’t be eliminated :slight_smile:


No joke, I was just thinking about this topic about 2 days ago because I realized I waste too much time reading the news. Sometimes I spend 2-3 hours just reading different news outlets but at the end most news are 똥. The crazy thing though is that I start with a news and 5 minutes later I would end up on youtube watching video of animals doing funny stuff -_-
That is why, I decided to divide my time in blocks of 5 minutes and track each day for 2 weeks and then analyze the data and see where else my time is being wasted on. Its my second day and its actually not too bad. I won’t write in every block, for example if I workout, I just cross 9 blocks that covers the total of 45 minutes and do the same with other tasks that require more than 5 minutes, so throughout the day, its not impossible to keep track of everything. I’ll update in the later weeks the results.


My top 2 biggest wastes are

  1. spending too much time on social media (Instagram and youtube)
  2. procrastinating

I tend to space out instead of being focused and getting work done. I can go on YouTube to watch one video but end up watching ten!

I need to go into each day knowing exactly what I want to accomplish and just get down to it.


My biggest waste of time is watching to much Junk on TV, I have to admit that I spend at least 3 hours per evening soaking up those A-Waves. So this is the first thing I am going to cut down on.

The second thing I am going to change is the amount of time I spend looking at CMC & various Crypto price sites, I am HodL on the whole so have no real reason to be checking the prices every two minutes so I will be changing that habit & leaving my computers switched off when I get home from work.


At the moment my day is about crypto news, Qanon videos, and personal development, and taking care of my daughter. I feel like I could be doing a lot more though need to be time boxing reading more and working out more.


Watching to much Youtube videos.
Being to often on Whats App.


I waste time when there’s no deadline approaching or sense of urgency. For example, my morning routine is two hours of coffee and news on break and 1 hour when in school.


“We have so much distraction is our lives, and we call it entertainment !”


Spent way too many years letting fear that I was unconscious of run the show. So much effort went into things that gave me admiration and power but it was all a lie. Learned a lot of good stuff but the motive wasn’t pure. I let go of it. Now I have a simple life. Still have to go to work but I’m fixing that.


Self Employed - so time is Key to my success and managing it even more crucial.
time wasted on FUD, worrying about my telegram when i should be focused on more vital work. getting spread too thin and finding that method of bringing myself back to key items
#2 need to give this one some thought


As an aspiring author, I am naturally curious about the world overall so it’s an easy trap for me to get caught reading news, articles, and side-tracked overall. I also had twins recently. So my personal time requirements have greatly increased, so I have for the last few months greatly cut-down on financial and time waste by sheer necessity and am looking forward to time-boxing to get an accurate measurement which will in turn allow me to hyper focus on what really matters, which is taking our family to a more secure future.


I am a busy Mom and rarely sit down but keeping a time journal will be interesting to see if I can better time manage. I’m on it!


At the moment the only time i waste is sleeping :joy: a captain i used to work under used to say theirs not enough hours in the day.
i do spend a bit too much time on facebook trolling media pages and idiots but im phasing out of it now i try and spend time trying to read or watch material that will educate me

i spent some time really thinking about this i need to stop thinking about the past because its already gone and done and stop thinking about the future too much because it hasn’t come yet and think more about what im going to do right now
and getting rid of toxic people from my life that don’t bring any real value and people who try and control you


Yes! I said it to my brother, that i would’nt waste my time to postponed an idea or a thing to do even if its just a day, make a plan B and still conquering by Plan A.

I had too much time to think about something, but not seeing it with data through research information that available on the internet. Next time i would less think, do the research and then think again… considering it wether it is worth it or not. The outcome, i get my self involved in a trading crypto!!! :money_mouth_face::sunglasses::motor_boat: