#b90x - DAY 5 - Eliminate Waste 💩



Most of my time is spent at work. When I’m not at work I’m catching up on house chores, yard work, and getting in some exercise. After everything is done and the dust has settled I’ll have dinner with the kids and spend time with them. I really don’t go out and party much, so I’m pretty boring in that aspect.


i guess i lose alot of time pushing things to a later day … am now learning the 4Ds strategy
Do it - Urgent and Important
Delegate - Important but not really urgent
Delay it - not Urgent and not really important
Dump it - if it’s of no value, don’t give it much of a thought.

enjoying the B90X


Day 5 – Eliminate Waste

You caught me on this one Peter!
I could be a poster boy for wasting time.
These are the things I need to clean up:
• Reading too many emails
• Watching TV excessively
• Listening to bad/fake news
• Staying up to late
• Sleeping too late
• Decision-making (IOW indecision)
• Video solitaire
• Overall, general, procrastination

Also I thought about “ things I should be doing that would eliminate waste” if I would just do them. They are:
• Set goals
• Schedule my time/activities
• Weekly review of what was accomplished

Accountability – it’s probably why I waste so much time as I am retired and not accountable to anyone. I am aware of this challenge and have already started working my way out of it.
Checking off on Day 5.


I work long days as a millwright that focuses in wind turbine mechanical systems. Every opportunity I have at work I am usually reading about cryptocurrency. I am a travel tech so that means being away from my family (fiance and children), even though it’s hard at times being away, it gives me a great opportunity to focus my time to learning cryptocurrency. When I’m not speaking to my family, I am researching and learning. I find lately even when I say I will give myself a break from everything and watch a movie, I still cannot make it through without stopping and reading something else on Altcoins or coming here to read up on different post. I am fully dedicated and I am proud to be. :sunglasses::grin:


I waste time and money smoking weed and being lazy. I know that being successful is hard work. I know I have to change that. I need to be organized and focused on my goals. Let go to the Moon of success!!! One BTC!


Enough said!


This one will be pretty easy for me. But I will have to reevaluate from time to time. Recently I already went through a housecleaning of my personal time. Facebook is nothing more than a glorified address book of acquaintances. Everything else is just noise so I cut it out. Twitter is a bunch of trolls trolling each other. I just turn that crap off.

I have a wife, 3 Kids, 2 Dogs,2 Cats, a whole bunch of fish and some tadpoles in my house I don’t have a lot of time to spare. 4-H, band, chorus, theater, gardening, softball. And now that I’m researching and digging in deep on the cryptocurrency thing, oh boy.

I had to put my guitar down for a little while I can come back to that later once things are going better.

I can’t say televisions a hundred percent cut out, as I am watching decentralized TV, but other than that in a few other educational matters it’s gone. While eating lunch, I’m studying.

If it was not for the fact that I have already eliminated a lot of waist, I would not be able stepping into the crypto scene. And this post would have never happened.


This is a tough one for me as I have cut out a lot of stuff. So I used to have facebook, got rid of it. Went to Instagram… was better… but wasted too much of my life on it. Don’t use it, kind of went to reddit, barely use it… Now I have the pub and discord. I wouldn’t call the pub a waste, I do find myself constantly reading though which leads to distractions at work. It’s a double edged sword. Knowledge of a topic, which is towards my goal. However, at work can cause me to fix cars slower and not make as many hours because “I just want to look at what blah blah blah”

Financially… maybe eating out which will happen a lot less when I have finally moved into my house. Have managed to lower bills, not buy things on Amazon because I like it, etc. A good rule I had was wait 30 days, if I still wanted it, then I would buy it. I don’t drink Monsters, sodas, etc unless I feel I have earned one. No Starbucks, unless I kind of decide that once in a year I want it.

As far as keeping me accountable, I will ask my friend next to me at work, to make sure I stay active. This has been improved since I bought a headset and can play video and just listen to things, but I still read, etc on the computer/phone.