#b90x - DAY 5 - Eliminate Waste 💩



I wasted a lot of time the last week resetting my internet and restarting my laptop, logging into my accounts with long crazy passwords I have written down, and searching for files in google drive - the time really adds up - few minutes here and there - plus it’s super distracting and difficult to remain focused when I keep having to start over…

Looking into a password manager, budgeting for a new laptop, created all new accounts, got a new vpn, and told my partner Lauren to keep me accountable and to follow up…
Also trying to get my BFF Vanessa to help me out as a personal assistant, even if just for a few weeks - to keep me on schedule and more organized, help take care of other tasks I found were taking up time – - like checking messages, emails, comments/replies - it would be good for me to go through the messaging apps I’m using and streamline which notifications I’m getting ( again, just did that a month ago but it’s out of hand again already )

One day at a time…


Well, I hadn’t even seen this video and I had changed my office because it wasn’t simple and organized. Then I smiled when I heard Peter talking about keeping it simple. I organized the office to keep it neat and things readily available for Ebay. I then took my home stuff up to my room to stop being a distractor. The next thing I need to do is only look at Facebook when I have the time. It takes time away from business and my family. I will have my hubby make sure I don’t slip down the 2 hour rabbit hole that facebook becomes. I also know that I like to streamline my daily habits so I can be very effective with my time. I’m always looking for the next way to make my life and my family’s lives easier.


I have found that I spend too much time on useless games and dreaming abut what could have been while sitting in a dead end job that pisses me off more and more each day. I have started reducing game time and am now trying to change my thought processes towards ways to get more money directed towards bitcoin as I have only a tiny fraction of a bitcoin at this time. Trying to deal with other issues like a death in my family has slowed me down as well.


I find that I can waste a lot of my time listening to videos that I would think of informational but in the end find that they do not. It can be hard to find good information when you do not really know what you are looking for. I also waste a lot time oversleeping 9 hours is far to many lol.


Mastering my time as well as teaching my children to master their time has been a huge focus of mine for several years. Learning and implementing daily habits and project planning into our lives have shown amazing results so my routine, timer and calendar have become my good friends.

I set a timer for everything to control my time. I’m one that can really hyper focus on something and totally forget everything else which causes “fires” or issues in my life that I end up waisting more time fixing the issues than what I would have spent just doing it when it was supposed to be done. Learning to budget my time has allowed me to keep on top of all my responsibilities and the freedom to spend some down time without the guilt of not being productive.

I am at a point in my life that my goal is to delegate more daily task to others, like hiring someone to mow the lawn or clean the house (oh how I want a personal chief!), so that I’m able to invest my time that I am currently using for those task into more advantages projects. :star_struck:


To the best of my ability, I will no longer give energy to self destruction in myself and my community. If we hope to be sustainable, we can not destroy our home, our family.


Not to sure on this one. I live a very strict lifestyle, and hold high standards for myself. I maybe spend to much time on thebitcoin.pub but I don’t really think it is that bad of a place to waste time. I spend half my time working and half my time in school -family time, -workout time. I’ll think about this some more.



I’ve noticed that I waste time ‘straightening up’ certain areas, need to get better at just having my personal spaces organized as well as putting items back in there place so the clutter doesn’t slowly accumulate to the point I spend 2+ hours putting it all away again.


Distractions… Man, some of those are complicated.

Time Wasting… I have pretty much quit Facebook a long time ago. I realized it was a complete waste of time. I really don’t know of any “time wasting” that I do anymore. I have gotten a whole lot better about this over the past several months with so much on my “to do list”. But I will definitely take the next few days to track my time bc it always seems like there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done.


I quit a lot of time wasting things but still distracted just need to do. No TV & video games.


I spend on average 3 hours a day on youtube…


It dependents what you watching, maybe you’re learning how to code.


We got you @kimchi. We all have our struggles. Most are just never seen. But remember, we’re all in this together!!


Rip lol, very rarely am I watching anything useful but I agree. It’s important what you’re watching


I’m my own and worst enemy!


Smoking cigarettes :frowning:

My wife pushes me to quit, from 2 packs a day down to 3-5 cigs per day. Almost ready to quit


I haven’t had one yet since I have been awake, 6 hours. Still not freaking out, today may be the day :slight_smile:


I have to be the one to make me accountable. I get snappy when people tell me my business. I keep a work log and so I know where my time goes… some times. Other times, so as to not waste time at work, I study the market and read the charts from when I learned them my first run through the 90 day challenge. I often get the fomo and I get all caught up in life things. I know that time is preasuse and it can’t be wasted. There was a time when life had me beat down and I gave up. Time rolled along and I was still in the same place just older. Luckily those dark days are behind me.


Oh yea I forgot. I don’t like to waste electricity. At work, I have learned to do energy audits and I read the electric bills and then try to calculate energy savings by replacing fixtures to LED. Wow tons of savings tons of money. How much do you pay per kWh? It ain’t free to stream online!