#b90x - DAY 5 - Eliminate Waste 💩

  1. I’d say my biggest time waster is watching TV shows and movies. While I can definitely cut out TV shows I’ll still watch movies and just cut back to once a week (Sunday fun day). I’m also a pretty social guy so I’ve spent a lot of time (and money) going out to bars and drinking with friends (working in food & beverage doesn’t help aha :sweat_smile:). While I have cut back drastically I’m cutting back even more now that I’ve set some goals for myself.

  2. My roommate is an awesome person tell because of the fact that he interacts with me on a daily basis. He’s also all about self-development and keeps a close eye on my crypto journey. I’ve told him that I’m cutting out the TV shows and only watching movies on Sundays. I’ve also told him that I’m only going out for drinks on special occasions.

Cheers :beers:


You’re lucky to have a supportive roommate, crush it🍻


yea man, it really is a blessing!

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This is something I have been working on for quite a while. I left FB quite a while back. More recently, I’ve logged out of Twitter and FB. Crypto Twitter was an especially big burner of my time. It’s been about a week and I peeked back in to see what I had missed - it is astounding how little of it has any importance to me. Like, none of it.

Another big time burner for me is political/national/world/financial/crypto news. I obsess over this stuff and while on the one hand I think it’s important to know what’s happening in the spaces around us - I also think I can go back to the model I used to use before the internet was everywhere - i.e. 30 minutes of news (network news) at the end of the day and maybe a good sitdown to read the NY Times on a relaxed sunday (1 hour or so of in depth reading)

Looking at my phone is a huge time waster. It’s such an addiction. When I see someone else looking at their phone, my urge is to look at my phone - it draws me away from what I am doing/thinking.

I’m actually, pretty efficient with my time - but these are the areas I need to work on.

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Adding to this - wading through useless emails and dealing with fixing problems with my hosting account/wordpress site - I get pulled into fixing this garbage almost every couple of days and it eats hours


I was always very self-critical striving for perfection which always was a bit funny because of a lack of super good talents - my overall abilities are on a moderate level and sometimes I bright up the atmosphere with genius but I’m not happy/satisfied with the way how the story goes for me. I’m still lacking the time for all of the activities I would like and need to do during a day. I think I have worked up the subject of waste very well.


I’m wasting to much time for watching youtube - and even now when I already cut most of the crap, still spend to much watching it. I need to be more conscious and planned about what I’m watching and when.


I used to spend too much time on organizing and planning, “the f#ck it, just do it” strategy is working tremendously well for me lately. Eliminate excessive planning and just DO.

The first time i had the b90x i ended up eliminating scented candles, and adding fragrant plants instead. Saved me about €700 / year
€700 is about the same as the average annual income in Ethiopia.

Terminated my Netflix subscription cause i literally don’t watch TV, it’s always off and probably the only reason i got it was for my brother when he visits.
That’s another €192 saved per year.

There’s still a ton of things I’d like to eliminate, like reducing notifications to the bare minimum. It doesn’t have to be financial in it’s direct form.

Less notifications = less distractions = focused mind = better decisions = better results

I’ll keep updating the list.


Payin games on compjuter, working, spend time with my kids, drink alone coffie i coffie shop.

  1. My wife is the best person i can have for this assiment.

ps. Sorry for my english, it is not my main language.


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