#b90x - DAY 5 - Eliminate Waste 💩



More time with the wife to accomplish a relaxing puzzle after the crazy couple day roller coaster ride


Hey Peter,

Thanks for the #b90x videos. I am really enjoying them!


I quit porn a few months ago. Has helped me in many ways :smiley:


This is living! Keep with it! Those look like blockchains!


Very good my friend. Well done.


I’ve actually been working on this already this year. I am/used to be a chronic binge watcher, whether it be YT videos, TV, sermons from church, or anime. Whatever the case may be I can really get zoned out on the TV.

It wasn’t until I read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg that I was running in auto-pilot mode with this particular habit. So cutting that back, spending more time outside, with family and learning positive things has really helped.


My main issue as of lately is the huge amount of time ive spent researching and learning about crypto. Which is a good thing but i need to set time limits so i dont lack in other areas of life. I need to find more balance in time i spend between working, crypto investing and life. I see this as my ticket out of the physical labor trade which i enjoy but is not doing good things for my body. So i definitely want to stay committed to this venture just not totally obsessed.

My wife pointed out this weekend i wasnt paying her enough attention (i did make time for her) so i will inform her of my goals. She still doesnt quite understand this crypto stuff but i just keep telling her she will thank me in a few years :slight_smile:


This is good. Finding balance is so so important. I struggle with this a lot too


couldnt sleep last nite, laying in bed thinking about what the road to mass adoption of btc would look like. i got probs lol


Haha. Brother, I should have gone to sleep an hour ago, but here I am …the struggle is real!


My waste of time always was consuming 6 joints a day (6 x 20 min = 120 minutes per day). Clearly it made me spent a lot of time and money :frowning: I could be (money) rich now :slight_smile:

So, I stopped with that waste of time and money :slight_smile: Now, I need to use a t-shirt… Buy that BTC :slight_smile:


When you set up a specific goal (in this case going to the MOON with crypto), i feel like the most amount of time wasted is my job (which is a bit sad, since I like my job and it was part of my goal to become better at what i do that led me on my current path).

The next thing i should cut off is reddit and oversleeping, i think. Since some of the people I look up to are my dad, you and other successful guys like Elon Musk, I feel like what they do best is to capitalize their time spent. I wish i could invest every second of my life in such a way that I get the best out of it, for my goal’s interest.

I will continue to follow this program and hope it will improve the way I do things. And I will continue to follow you on your stream and learn as much as I can. Thanks, Peter!


I have really cut a lot of the waste out of my life over the last few years.

There is nothing like moving to LA to follow your dreams that will force you to buckle down and cut the shit, because you literally can’t afford it – in every sense of the word.

When I made the move to the big city, I sold all of my video game consoles to buy more music equipment, I stopped eating out as much and began watching what I was eating more closely than I was before, began working out in the morning most days (when I used to work out in the evenings), I surrounded myself with people I enjoyed hanging out with, but people I also enjoyed working with, social media stopped being an escape and became a platform for FREE MARKETING and building an identity for myself (which was a very introspective experience in the beginning). When I didn’t have a project I was working on, I was networking.

For the most part, since leaving Los Angeles, I carried a lot of these habits and the overall lifestyle I had there back to Arizona with me. I occasionally have a TV show that I will get into but there was never a day and there still isn’t where I take the entire day off just to hangout at home and watch TV or play video games, and even on days when I have social outings I still spend at least a couple of hours working on something before I go to bed.

Since moving back to Arizona I have unintentionally gotten into the habit of asking myself a few questions before I go to bed, which are:

  1. Did I learn something today?
  2. Did I accomplish something or Did I help someone else accomplish something?
  3. Have I set myself up for success tomorrow?
  4. Have I returned communication with everyone who reached out to me today? (I am not particularly great at returning texts/calls/emails – something to improve upon)
  5. Are the things I am doing healthy and do they make me happy?

if I can answer yes to 4/5 it was a good day, 3/5 is ok, 2/5 or less means I need to get my sh*t together.

All that said, I am very much looking forward to documenting how I spend my time this week, because I’m sure there is plenty to improve and reflect upon.


every time I think about sitting down and playing a video game I have this thought, haha. I am so consciously aware of how I am wasting my time when I play games now, but its a nice way to unwind every once in a while.


Every Day, Stand Guard at the Door of Your Mind – Jim Rohn

It is by filtering what goes into my mind that I eliminate shit. Watching, reading or doing something that will bring some value to my life. Did I learn something today? did I build/create something? Did I help someone or make someone’s day better? Did I give a minimum of love and attention to the ones I love? Did I focus on the essential few, so to ignore the trivial many?

Easy to say… hard to do.

Easy choices, hard life.
Hard choices, easy life.

  • Jerzy Gregory.


Do some vacuums for 20-30 seconds its painfull… but no pain no gains x)


What are the apps? Do you mind sharing?


Great topic. This is something I too had been looking into recently. Particularly in regards to social media use.

Time is a non-renewable resource. One simple question you can ask yourself after every individual activity is, ‘Do I regret the time I just spent on that activity?’

This certainly helps with the more pointless social media use which I find permeates Facebook usage in particular, so I deactivate my account frequently which trains my brain to not react to the functionality baked into so much social media by some of the best brains in Silicon Valley to capture your attention. However, many of us use social media in our professional lives, for research and as a connectivist hub for up-to-date information, so it’s not wholly advisable to cut yourself off completely. It’s worth taking the time to cut out lots of unnecessary people/organisations in your network to refine the potential algorithms, separate the wheat from the chaff.

I don’t think it’s just time, however. Its cognitive load. It’s emotional expenditure. Your brain can only expend so much mental focus every day without it suffering lower levels of performance. So when you do choose to switch off, escape, value that time. I like to play videogames, read, watch movies, and television. As long as it’s higher quality products I’m interacting with there, I don’t regret it and feel safe in the knowledge that I’m relaxing my brain. Whatever problems you’ve come across are being dealt with behind the scenes anyway. They’re just percolating away while you kill Nazis in Wolfenstein or watch the entire series of The Wire for the 7th time.

Also, the older I get, the more I realise that there are people out there that are no good for me. Oftentimes these are emotional vampires. They are selfish and narcissistic and lack the emotional maturity to appreciate that you have your own life to lead. I try and ‘manage’ these people. Fortunately, I have only a handful in my life. The remainder of the time, I try and dedicate to people that I care about and care about me and we can mutually benefit from the time we spend with each other.

Like I said. Great topic. But I’m fully cognizant of the fact that you might want to eliminate waste by not reading this post…


I am more careful now on what to spend my money on.


Actually I’m “wasting” a considerable amount of time watching youtube videos about crypto lately. It is about two months since I got (re)interested in this topic and watch around 3-4 hours daily. In the beginning I had no clue what the reputable/informative resources were. In the meantime my knowledge has caught up and it was also quite enteraining. Now I have selected some great channels but will be more selective with what I watch. So bye bye Bitesize Bitcoin! :joy::joy::joy:

Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Peter’s channel is a great resource for me because it connects to what I want to do in this space; HODLING combined with finding good entry points and some swingtrading here and there.
Daytrading is not for me because I have better use for my time.
ICO’s are not my thing either. So even though I have found valuable channels about those subjects it is a waste of time to keep following them as I will not participate anyway.

So my plan is to cut back on my video time and cap it at max 2 hours. Also I can do it while doing some dull but necessarry work. Moreover I have a running project until the end of this year where I can make an extra $5K -$50K depending on results and plan to invest the majority of this bonus into :btc: and other projects that I believe in :neo:, :scream:, :doge::joy::joy::joy:
But it is essential that I give this project all my attention for max results that can potentionally realize a lifechanging ROI for me.

So starting today I eliminate this waste and track it daily to keep myself accountable. I will keep to the channels that provide the greatest value for me and cap it at 2 hours!