#b90x - DAY 5 - Eliminate Waste 💩



I spend a lot of my time watching ‘non-essential’ videos on Youtube (e.g. snippets from the latest Arrow, Flash, GoT, anime etc. episodes) and scrolling through facebook. I also tend to lose focus on my work I’m doing on one screen due to the tv episodes I play on another.

Starting today I’m going to work on eliminating this waste by switching off one screen when I’m doing work on the other (I can’t handle split screening a video and a word document file on the same monitor) and ‘timeboxing’ myself to keep track of what I do on a daily basis. But to also ensure i use this as constructively as I can, I’ll also keep track of the progress I make towards my work during the timebox slots I write down for my postgraduate application work, martial arts training and learning about crypto.

I’ve already been keeping a small journal (something I’ve hated doing before) of notes on crypto based on BiteSize Bitcoin and some other vids which has really helped me keep focused on developing my strategy. This has worked so well that I bought another small journal yesterday to keep track of my martial arts progress (e.g. tips from my sensei and other people I train with, small goals and ideas) and while reflecting on training after I just got back tonight I realised its already really helped!!!

B90X for the F#$KING WIN!!!


Sure thing, the 3 apps in the bottom are: messages, gmail and phone

4 apps in the top are slack, whatsapp, bankid (a swedish app to login to my bank) and authenticator (to login to bittrex, coinbase)


things I waste time on:

  1. watching crypto charts
  2. useless facebook browsing
  3. somking mary j - it’s very hard to focus when you are up in smoke


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


It will be interesting to hear which channels you found the most valuable


Hello you beautiful cryptonaughts!!!

So what I have I been wasting, and not eliminating up until now?

Doing the job that I do is very mentally demanding, with high capacity decisions required, a lot of autonomy in working and leading a staff group and ensuring patient safety. With that comes desensitisation, and quite often when I finish I shift, I am mentally and physically feel drained, especially as I finish work and often go home to do more work on reports, care plans, best interest frameworks, answering e-mails, conducting training, etc.

The above is not time wasted, but what is, is the fatigue which I allow to overcome me sometimes, and with that, I often finish a shift, go home, complete any left-over work, and sometimes go straight into ‘me’ time, and today I ended up falling asleep from 15:00-18:00. I said to my partner, only allow me to fall asleep for one hour, however, I woke at 18:00, after she tried to repetitively wake me. What I learnt is:

-What didn’t I set an alarm, and take responsibility? Because I felt I had earned the right to pass on responsibility. Relying on someone else is a good thing, but not when it can come with the potential to pass ownership on to someone else as to why i incurred consequences.

-Why did I feel fatigue was an excuse to over-indulge in sleep, when I could manage my energy better, diet and fluid intake better? Because again, I felt I had earned the right to succumb to lethargy, but in the process had wasted precious time.

Another factor is that when I am working, my shift pattern can be very volatile, and unsociable in its hours, so quite often i feel that my time management needs to pertain to my commitment, and then inform ‘me’ time. This is the wrong way to manage my time, goals and commitments in which I have. Time does not stand still for any life form, and as such a strategy needs to exist to con-currently run alongside my work/life balance in harmony and synchronicity.

Guys I have to say; I have a lot of changes to make, but I have really implemented a lot already; I am skimming the fat from the meat, and that was a difficult task to initiate as there are a lot of ‘waste’ elements that exist within my life. It is a plethora of many influencing factors from self-regulation, unhealthy attitudes from friends, procrastination, negative attitudes, indulging in things and situations that do not help.

I mean I have been on the grind, and I have failed some hurdles, but I am accountable in being transparent not only to you guys, but myself, my family, work colleagues and my beautiful partner.

So who am I accountable to on a daily basis outside of this wonderful pub!?

My girlfriend, Emily, is a real source of inspiration and my daily motivator. She reinforces everything I do, and is scrutinising me more than ever, and I love it! I am keeping a daily journal of what I have done, splitting the day up in to time blocks, and conveying where I have been productive and where I have pertained to the choices that I do not want to be indicative of.

Every day on my journal, i leave a space for my partner to comment on, and give me feedback about my day, time management, criticism, positive re-enforcement, basically everything and anything. We both sign it, and at the end of the night discuss our views, opinions and plan for the next day!

God I love this you guys!!!


For example Boxmining gives pretty good info on the China situation:

And this guy seems really well informed about the markets:

those stand out to me and Peter of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
other’s that I find informative: datadash, cryptosomniac, cryptolarc, arcane bear, the modern investor, crypto oracle, neo moonshot


Would help to give a tl;dr on bullet points from his video please!


Definitely gaming…I waste far too much time at it, but it is what relaxes me after working all day. But, for the past couple of months I have reduced it drastically…I won’t give up completely, but spending more time with family, studying, and crypto is my plan!


I need to stop looking at charts so much. I’ve also made some emotional decisions and lost out on profits just because I saw a red day or a lack of activity. Good call asharp, I was struggling for an answer to this one :smiley:


I do think that the time i am on facebook is a waste but it is a little treat to zip through some posts after baking outside in the az sun watering and then coming in to cool off. I can do less of it, though, since it is not edifying me very much. I will go on a facebook diet.


I’ve now come to a stage that after a month of crypto I like looking at the numbers but I don’t get too much crap about it, because wednesday and fridays are typically lower days, other days it will go up, stuff evens itself out and long term it is going up. I’m not going to do much trading, unless something drops 45% :wink:


This will be a big exercise for me. I can tell how my brain doesn’t even want me to look at this area of my life! That must mean that there is some serious wastage going on though, so I am declaring that I will keep a journal about my time usage for the rest of this week and actually look at and analyze where my time goes. I tried to get a planner and start scheduling my entire day, but quit using it. Maybe it’s time I make an effort to use it again… B90X!!!


This is what I got out of his videos on the ICO ban and aftermath:

  • At first he thought the government would spread rumours they’re gonna regulate, industry adapts and storm blows over. This is pretty common in China; the goverment indicates they are not happy with some issue, people change these issues somewhat and continue with new normal
  • That they really dropped the banhammer was one of the worst case scenarios that he did not expect. He thinks the goverment took this action because there was really a lot of ICO’s and scams going on and they want to protect the people.
  • China is very different from the west. Even retroactively they can put people in jail for this. So people involved with ICO’s, ICOplatforms and exchanges are scared and take actions
  • Now on some exchanges like Binance Chinese citizens can not trade anymore, but can withdraw and get a refund for most ICO’s. Yunbi froze trading earlier today. So the situation is pretty serious now.

My conclusion: Current climate for crypto is bad in China, so shorterm I’m bearish on Neo and other Chinese focused coins. I sold part of my position on Neo and put it in OMG and a bit GNT. As those can have a potentially big september. If Neo drops to around the 300K satoshi supportlevel I start to buy in again, because I still believe in it longterm and that would be a steal. China will want to play an important role in the cryptospace and Neo is still the ONE candidate to fullfil this role IMO.

EDIT: anouncement on Chinese national TV They will likely opening up and legalize/regulate ICO’s in the future. They don’t want to stop innovation. This is likely a temporary stop and people just need to behave right now. Everybody needs to bend the knee…

:trump:China trolled us! :joy::joy:

:trump: China :trump:China :trump:China :trump:China :neo::neo::neo::neo::joy::joy::joy:


You made a profound statement. Sharing this with your wife and & having her onboard. My fiancé hasn’t had a chance to really research this yet - but what I have shown him, he’s impressed! Peer or partner support is critical.


Things I waste time on:

Facebook games,

like playing scrabble with friends on Facebook, among other FB games.
Also, I tend waste a decent amount of time on my computer as well, when I could be out working out, learning about cryptocurrencies or just doing something more productive.
procrastinating, Sometimes I tend to waste time procrastinating and sometimes not doing a hell of a lot.
If there are other things I will update the list.

I hope we can all focus and reduce our wasted time and be more productive achieving what is important to all of us.

Thanks again CryptoCaptain for Day 5! 85 to go!
We can do this guys keep it up!




Amen to that! We’re on a mission :sunglasses:


I spend so much time working building someone else’s empire that there is not enough time available to build mine or I am too drained or tired to build my own or spend quality time with family…that must change!!!


You are so right. Most of us spend our lives making someone else rich. Your post really has me thinking. Thank you for sharing.



  1. reading news about sport in compulsive way (behavior connected with a period in which I can be a little depressed)
  2. scrolling stupid social media or small games on smartphone
  3. intensive check of my portfolio or the charts, without spending the time how to understand better those charts

About the crypto part, I am trying already to get some behaviour (I am here also for this). I will try to reduce the time on fb, the reading of soccer news and uninstall stupid games :wink: