#b90x - DAY 5 - Eliminate Waste 💩



Most of my money usually goes into PS4 games which I don’t really have time to play them as I have coursework , and it is usually spend for my gadgets ( i know it’s quite silly.) Luckily, after I stepped into crypto, I stopped stupidly spending, instead I plan everything carefully for my brighter future. :grinning:


Hi Crypto Nation,

  1. I need to get earlier, so I can do more things, that I’m doing right now. The most powerful waste for me is tracking charts every 5 min and finding the info about the tech analysis. It’s not bad, but I’m spending too much time on that. I even do it in work time) And that is the issue, I’m unfocused most part of a workday. I want to eliminate time that I spend in watching youtube, 90% of my youtube time are music and trade analysis videos)) I spend a lot of time chatting with my girl and friends, but I like it)
  2. I have tolled my girl, that would spend less than 3 hours every day in trad charts and spend less time reading “waste” news.

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn


Other than wasting too much time watching charts and day dreaming i dont watch or follow any sport, ive already cut FB from my life, i dont go to pubs or drink alcohol anymore as my body can no longer process it i.e. one beer and im ill and can feel the negative effects for at least 24 hours. I dont smoke, dont do drugs, i dont watch any TV whatsoever, i no longer partake in weekly handgun and rifle shooting events, i no longer buy junk from ebay, our mortgage is tiny, we dont have any kids nor do i have any debts.

Where my waste is.
Every day i waste the potential to better myself through the avoidance of things that would be beneficial to my growth in knowledge.
Given that there are those who can barely afford paper and pencil who’d sell one of their kidneys to have access to the internet and the knowledge that it offers on every topic under the sun, being conscious of this compounds my feeling of guilt of being wasteful and unappreciative of what I have.

I sometimes justify my mental sloth(not helped by my brain impairment from having had too many anesthetics) by gauging my own personal progress against those around me, not just those financially and physically worse off, but against friends who are doctors, pilots, managers of successful businesses etc who on a personal level are under huge stress, mentally worn out, have marital issues, not happy with their lot, have made huge financial errors or are in debt to the eyeballs. My poor attitude is similar to i.e. a fat person who gauges their physical appearance against a room full of fatter people who then convinces themselves that they are slim.

I need to find something that will shake me out of this perpetual state of mental fogginess.


I made a similar evaluation in the month of August Though I spent 14% of my time “YouTubeing” – I did it in ‘listening’ and multi-tasking’. I read the “Time Boxing” information and reduced it 5% in three days.

I also, trade a lot - thankfully I got it right. :cowboy_hat_face:(Too much effort) So I decided to refocus, and change my patterns of behavior.

I am now (as of today) 70% BTC 20% LTC (slow mover - Charlie Lee :heart: You ::lol::slight_smile: ) I am 10% in “Other” Crypto: NEO, QTUM, ZRX, DNT, SC, BQX and a few (unmentionable) others. I did buy in to the ‘Falling Knife’ :hocho: of BTC and won on that trade!


One thing that I need to recover as an habit is to write everyday on my personal journal, I remember back in 2011 when I was focused and improved in all areas in my life by just taking a few minutes per day to reflect what I did today and what I wanted to do the next day. Every minute “spent” planning is probably 10 minutes saved in the future.

Probably internet is my main source of waste, but it is not something specific like Facebook, YouTube, gaming or whatever, it is going from place to place with no real goal, like checking prices on a product that I don’t really need, reading something random or checking crypto charts.


Trying to eliminate waste is a big reason why I’m here. I’ve spent too much time watching TV, playing games, surfing the web aimlessly and napping. I want to fill more of my time doing something productive, something that could be beneficial to myself and my family. This is a work in progress but since making the decision to be more productive with my time and doing it daily, I’m already feeling better about myself and my future.


Any time is a good time to start. It can always “begin” today. Let’s do this.


I tend to be very organized and very task and goal oriented. I’m also a Scorpio :joy::rofl::sunglasses: , which means I get shit done. Twitter is almost nonexistent but I do like the visual break I get from IG. FB is probably my downfall, but I’ve made an effort to unfriend a lot, unfollow some, and resist the urge to have to see it all. The last two months I was busy enough to barely bother with it at all, but it creeps back. So that’s my time waster I need to work on. Otherwise, most days I’m active, working, recreating and bettering myself in healthy ways, educating myself on crypto, streamlining my life and gettin’ shit done!


You got it! So much wasteis on “consumption items” like FB etc. we consume but it doesn’t edify us or help us. Remove waste!


Where do I waste…


  • Facebook - I have unfollowed all political/sports etc pages and installed FB Purity. FB for me is now much less full of distraction and unnecessary crud. This has helped me disengage from it quite considerably.
  • Youtube - I have unfollowed many channels that I don’t actually care about, reducing the number of videos in my feed that don’t actually do anything for me. These have been replaced with channels that will help me get better at crypto-trading, and web development. If I’m going to spend time on YT, it’s going to be a time investment, rather than a time sink.
  • Video games - I only actually ever play one game. Battlefield. I have been known to put in far too many hours… However, I’ve been cutting down my gaming session lengths considerably. I won’t completely eliminate it though as it is my unwind method, and I have some great friends online that I team up with. It’s one of my life’s social elements.


  • Cigarettes. Nuff said.

Emotional energy

  • Getting caught up in the news. I am basically transfixed by what is happening politically in the West. I’m gobsmacked that we have arrived at such a weird place, where all of us regular folks are pointing/screaming at each other, rather than putting the blame where it belongs. The divisive upper echelons.


Time wasting - endless scrolling of tattoo work/art. I need to limit it to when i am planning on getting some new work done.

It creates a FOMO feeling as i’m always wanting to get something new.

I have a new thought pattern now though that the money i would’ve spent on a tattoo, i invest into crypto will equal more tattoos in the long run.


Delayed gratification is king.


Deny one’s self to gain…much wisdom he has


My online time is spent on FB, Instagram, Linkedin, lifehacker.com, ZDNet.com. Now being on the pub is now taking the majority of my online time, but benefiting the fact I am learning and don’t see it as waste. The real waste is 10 hour weekly commute to work, but substitute the time now listening to Clark Howard podcast in the morning and Andreas Antonopoulos talks and BitesizedBitcoin in the afternoon. The traffic in the Atlanta suburbs truly suck!


Whoa, this is what I need to hear. Peter, are you familiar with the enneagram? As a peacemaker (9) I can waste a lot of time not focusing on the essentials. Thank you.

My big time wasters are failing to prioritize my day the night before, watching Youtube videos that do not move me towards my goals, checking emails that are tertiary to my highest vision in life.


I love this topic. I spent a lot of time this past year optimizing my schedule. It may seem like overkill but I mapped out my daily schedule by printing out a rough outline and filling in the details and actual time spent on each and every activity. I then ruthlessly cut out waste so I could maximize other areas. After a week of following this process, I ended up with this refined document:

Feel free to make a copy and modify to fit your own schedule.

One small tip I found was building routines in tasks I do everyday like working out or getting ready. I found that if I do everything in the same order - and even place the needed items in the same order - that the process is much faster and I waste no brain power on decision fatigue. I know this starts to border on obsessive but I’ve really enjoyed the results of optimizing my schedule. Everyday isn’t perfect but now at least I know what my target is!


I love it. Especially the decision fatigue. Limit options. Focus.


Whoooooo!!! I’m back from the holidays. I feel like I just skipped a week of the gym. Feeling mentally weak from the lack of this pre-pump!

This was a great video, especially finding out that you, too, are a software engineer consultant. So, one of the biggest problems I have is brain farting. I’ll be chugging out code and then get distracted with Reddit or GameFAQs… just things to get my mind off the code for a moment… and then it takes 30min to an hour out of my time. I’ll need to do something about that.

I know I do it, I even call myself out on it when I do it, and I do it anyway. Maybe I’ll take a look at that and keep you guys posted?


I wouldn’t say I have much waste in my life but I do have a fairly full plate.

I get up at 0500hrs SSS, eat some porridge then roll out the front gate at 0630 drive 1hr 15 min to work smash through till 1230 eat lunch at my desk finish up at the office 1630 1 hr 15 min back home shower cook dinner then study for about 2hrs in bed for 2200. Repeat.


Good idea of tracking everything your doing. I’m doing this at work, but not in private. Instagram is eating very much time. Fortunately I’m not so addicted to waisting time. I only watch selected TV, YouTube and Facebook. I play on my XBox only once or twice a month.

In genereal I still have the feeling, that I could do more. So I’m excited to see, where my time unconsciously goes away.