#b90x - DAY 5 - Eliminate Waste 💩



I am pretty good at staying the course but at times I do grow momentarily disinterested and will binge watch a season of narcos or something to that effect. I do like the idea of keeping track of how i spend my time and im excited to see what my records look like after a week of doing so. It just may be something i continue until it becomes habit, thanks for the tips #lovnthebitcoinpub


I’m sitting pretty good in this area. I eliminated TV awhile back and I can’t remember the last time I was on Facebook. I guess if I had to pick the biggest “where does my time go” it would be YouTube. 80% of the YouTube videos I watch are related to Crypto, business and improvement but there is that YouTube rabbit hole that catches your foot and you end up tripping and falling down it and the next thing you know you’re watching a couple kids pretend race their Civic in their garage…
But, I’m going to keep track of where my time goes this week and see if there is any room for improvement.
Update Day 2 - I decided it would be nice to Eliminate physical waste. Spent the day cleaning out the attic of old Christmas stuff, etc. Then a couple trips to the Dump, Recycle and Goodwill… feels good.


I’ll have to keep track this week to see what I do with my time. I’ve ditched a lot of old habits since my kids were born. It’ll be good to see where I’m at now. I’ll update this post in a week.


I will continue to jot down where my time goes, but I think I’m doing pretty good in this aspect, there is always room for improvement though. A majority of my time already goes into studying/research, reading and typing notes/reports/ect. lately for college, then I exercise daily, and work on various projects around the house. But I am good at eliminating waste and making the most of my time/multitasking. One thing I can say is I like simplicity, preparedness, and organization. When I get ready to do a backpacking adventure, I always try to pack as minimal as possible, but live by the motto: “It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” Nothing right now strikes me as something I need to eliminate from my daily routine. I think I’ve already removed it. 5/90


When I look at waste in my routine: I will work from 6:30 AM until 7 PM each day, then Dinner, play with my son, put my son to sleep; finally, TV and head to sleep myself. While there is little waste due to my focus on career and family, there is probably some reprioritization that has to occur (since I am a workaholic). I need to reallocate time towards my crypto game plan.


Well, I know i waste a lot of time on youtube reddit and maybe the pub, but i don’t think the pub is a waste.
Removed myself from Facebook a few months ago.
Not sure who i am going to tell though to make it real.

Just downloaded a time logger app to make it easier to record, now to train myself to use it everyday will be the challenge.


Most of my wasted time is with TV. I will start logging the amount over the next week determine the number of wasted hours I lose weekly, then set goals to reduce TV time and gain more time back to use to pursue my goals.


Awesome video. So good to be reminded to take time for personal audits.


A big distraction recently was checking Bitcoin price. Since I am going to be dollar cost averaging (£200) every Friday, and will be HODLing what I already hold this was pointless.

I am using Coinfloor in UK which has a minimum deposit of £2500, and I have buy orders at about 25% and 40% below the current price with the remaining balance. I aim to only check once a day max, and maybe even get to less than that.

I was also reading twitter way too much and coincidently deleted it from my phone minutes before watching this video. I will be telling my wife and children that I am going cold turkey from twitter and rationing YouTube, I know they will keep me honest if they catch me backsliding!


I spend too much time researching news articles on cryptos. I also spend too much time looking at charts. My wife is going to hold me accountable.


a lot of my time goes to netflix and chill

I started limiting myself on this today. it gave me time to clean my room and do some B90x:cowboy_hat_face:


#1 waste of my time lately… watching cyrpto vlogs… eh hem…

Seriously though. I have to put crypto down just to get regular shit done. First I check the markets, then I check the news, then I check the markets, then I wait for wall street to get off their lazy asses and see if POT is finally doing something worth while (MSRT back at it?).

At least NVDA finally got back in the game.

Anyway… 2cents.


Get up earlier in the morning, go to bed earlier at night. Cut out TV. Just deleted most of the apps off my phone. Stop looking at prices all the time. I am in this for the long game. I’m packing in drinking beer and staying out of the pub. Not had a alcoholic drink this year!!:innocent:


I’ve been getting better at this but my biggest time waster is looking at charts & the current value of my portfolio. Spending too much time looking at crypto videos on youtube as well by mostly unhelpfull youtubers. There’s only a handfull worth watching.
Starting now I’m only looking at the market once a day & only watching the few youtubers that I value.
I’m also staying away from mindless forums & pointless discussions.


Been here done this… I dropped Facebook about 2 years ago. Every 6 months or so I will scroll for about 10 minutes and remember… “Oh yeah… this blows donkey balls”. and I won’t touch it again for a while. I put an app on my phone to log how I use it. I look at it every couple days and see when and where I was an idiot. I probably need on on my browser also, but not sure I want to acknowledge that level of tracking. I use a journal to make sure I am working on things that matter, if they are not showing up in my task list I know I need to refocus. I watch way too much youtube… that is the one area if I cut back on I would be much more productive.


I’ll get started this week, and the next one with a diary of the actions that I’m taking and I’ll look for ways to do more with my time. Thanks for this reminder of time management.

About the real person, my candidates are my wife, my son or my best friend.


I actually already apply this mindset in my life. But if I were to name one time waster, distraction or soul sucking activity it would be my Job. I don’t think we as humans were made to sit in a cube under florescent lights for 8+ hours a day. Ever since I graduated college it has been my mission to exit the rat race as soon as possible so that I can live my life the way I want to. I want to ‘Want’ to work not ‘Have’ to work. This is why I pursue financial freedom. I am extremely passionate about markets (including crypto) and entrepreneurship, to remove my self from the scripted lifestyle. Life is to short, I don’t want to live poor to retire rich. This is why I try my best and work hard to someday reap those rewards.


Facebook. It is worth checking for news but waste lot time posting messages unnessesary :slight_smile: That is all for now i am sitting whole day with crypto so no time waste hahaha. Maybe more time waste would be i should more focus on education part instead of staring at trading charts. Maybe i should do some physical cleaning. Hmm room look bit messy :slight_smile: ok today room clean ^^

  1. Woke up, bought some coffee, came back. Doing my daily exercises of B90x and Chinese Duolingo. I’ll have a music session with some friends later, then will potentially go biking. Then I’ll come back and practice piano for service tomorrow morning.


Netflix and Instagram. Sometimes I spend too much watching movies and instagrameando. I need to focus on self develop, for example, learn another language, learn more about crypto and blockchain, start going to the gym again and cooking more