#b90x - DAY 5 - Eliminate Waste 💩



I waste alot of time on tv. I don’t watch TV everyday or even every other day, but when I see a new season of what I had been watching… yeah I’ll bing watch it for days!! It’s so bad. I don’t get anything done those days.


Although I’ve gotten better about it, I’ve noticed I still waste a substantial amount of time passively checking social media when I’m “bored.” Would like to cut down on this. I know it’s bad, and dangerous, but sometimes at stoplights, I’ll scroll through Instagram. hahah. Or right before going to bed, or right when I wake up. Yuck. Okay I’m telling my mom hahah.


I’m glad you’re here! When you blow up as an actress, please remember to pump the Pub! :slight_smile:


Thanks Peter :relaxed: and yes absolutely! I’ll even give a shoutout to the cryptonation when I accept my Oscar (or Golden Globe…Or Emmy…whichever comes first) :rofl:


If you say my NAME on stage. I would die. Would be so EPIC!


Okay deal :sunglasses: You may have to wait 10 years…it’s a tough business out here (strong hands are needed in Hollywood as well). But I just added you to my “who to thank” list :wink:


I waste precious time on social media and surfing the internet, mostly after the day is ‘gone’ and before going to bed. Eventhough I do it to ‘disconnect’ I realize afterwards (when the time is gone) that I haven’t really disconnected neither rested. But I have set up my max time of 30 minutes to do so and after doing something productive before like crypto reserach, blockchain news, articles, streams… (and most recently after my daily B90X time!)


I would say most of my time goes at work! haha honestly as a Personal Trainer in London its an expansive race every day and constant hustling which is great to keep me active and busy because I love what I do but if I could practice what I do from home say via Online coaching I could have way more hours to invest into Crypto research but thats what my weekends are for!

In regards to distractions I couldn’t agree more, removing distractions is probably at the forefront to success in almost every endeavour. I used to waste a lot more time before in my MMO day’s but those are behind me now and these days ill probably put 5 hours a week max into any kind of gaming and looking to invest the rest of my time into research and betterment in all aspects.

What im loving about B90X so far is the mind set its made me create into being disciplined and following it till the end, no matter how tired or after a long day Ive had ill make sure I get my B90X next day checked and ready to move on to next stage :muscle:t3:


My issue isn’t necissarily cutting things out it’s creating a realistic routine/schedule that I can stick to everyday. Both people who inspire me most are beast at leading lives of extreme self-disciple enabling them to achieve their goals. I’m am doing this one step at a time. My fiance will hold me accountable, trust me.


Life is busy that is just a fact. but I do spend too much time on social media.
I have spent a lot of time on the pub and watching peter’s videos, but i feel like those have a purpose since im hoping to gain knowledge to make me a better crypto investor. Facebook is just a waste of time unless im checking on ads for may company. thinking maybe removing the accounts from my phone so that i at least have to check in on a computer, I will waste less time that way!


I went through this exercise about a year ago and evaluated how I fell into this routine I previously had. Since I was able to marry my awesome wife and have two wonderful boys and obtain my dream job, I noticed I didn’t have the same drive and ambition I once had as a young adult. I let my time get consumed with TV shows, sports and sports message boards. A complete waste of time! Then I made the decision to become a better husband, father, and Christian by focusing on the time I spent with my family and letting my thoughts focus on God first. My wife has held me accountable in that respect. I have devoted more time to helping out in the church and being a more present husband/father in my house. I have also learned to use my time more wisely when driving by listening to something that will benefit me in the long run than constant arguments about sporting events.

When it comes this crypto obsession I currently have I am doing my best to include my family in this process by making monthly challenges when everyone spends $100 fake dollars on various coins/tokens and we crown a winner at the end of the month. Just so they have a general idea of what I am doing and how it can impact their lives from a financial perspective.


I love this. Engage the family. This is how you begin generational wealth!

  1. Over this past weekend, I spent over 4 hours playing video games, which was such a waste of time. Monday night, I spent half an hour checking Instagram. Today, I spent an hour instant messaging.

  2. I told one of my closest buddies who’s also into crypto to keep me accountable as I am going to stop wasting time on video games.


I love this and it is something everyone should be thinking about. It always appears to be a cycle to me. I notice I am spending to much time on useless tasks so I correct it and then before you know it those same useless tasks have become prominent again. My phone can be an annoyance as in I stare at it waiting for a message so I have turned off notifications and removed Facebook from my phone. I also try to minimize the time that I spend gaming or watching Netflix, although good for winding down they really do not help you advance in life.


Try this: remove email from phone too. I love it.


First I hope I don’t get considered a cheater for posting my answer from yesterday and moving on to this one but here goes another challange for me.

I’m a professional driver, cdl class A with X endorsement (hazmat/tanker). I wake at 5am, drive 1 1/2 Hours to work usually get off at 5pm, drive back, home a 630p shower and eat by 730p this gives me 2 1/2hrs a day to manage besides weekends.
I have 3 saltwater tanks that’s 30 mins I use 1 hour for crypto and an hour for family time.
Weekends are sat. up at 7 a, crypto till 9am, tanks till 12p, lunch with family, gaming till 5p, family till 9p, crypto 10p SUN is similar except church takes place of tanks. I’ll look at my schedule closer but waste is slim.


Every inch counts! Keep it going!


Wow, we are pretty much talking about a 24hour period. 4-6hours of it sleeping. 1-2hours getting up, dressing up and on the road… technically remain with 16hours. 1 hour for eating… 4 hours for meetings, studying and learning on crypto…, 2 hours on real estate business and other stuff… damn I cant really tell what I do with the rest…this is a wake up call… seriously. Thanks for this…!


This B90X challenge keeps getting better!

First off, I can already tell what areas that could use some serious improvement. I spent a fortune on my Steam account, and have been going back to those game on a constant basis - when that time could be used on more product areas. The Facebook stuff I can relate too, spending way too much time there as well on pretty much pointless chatter.

Second, in regards to the assignments, I started that journal today, complete new journal with only this in mind. I will continue past 1 week though, gotta keep tab on what I’m doing. I got my roommate who could possibly help me out since we see each other each day, this should binterstingng!

Darcy C


1 - Write down where your time goes, today. Continue to do it this week. You’ll be suprised how much non-essential things you’re doing that take away from your focus in succeeding!
2 - Make it real. Tell someone. A real person what you’re removing from your life so you can succeed.

  1. During the week I drive to and form work and make sure to listen to a podcast. Early in the week I listen to something technical, like an IT security pod, or Joe Rogan to get my brain going a bit. Later in the week I like to listen to more hobby-related pods. Something like Hockey or crypto podcasts. At work I definitely spend too much time surfing crypto sites. Stretch my lunches longer than I should doing that. When I get home, it’s normally taking the dog for a walk, maybe play some video games, but I try to see groups of friends once or twice a week during the evenings.

Four things I’m going to focus on changing are my study schedule, my exercise schedule, letting go of some of my social media habits and talking about more meaningful discussions with my wife and friends. Everyone can improve, and I’m eager to see how I can do!