#b90x - DAY 5 - Eliminate Waste 💩



Waste huh? I’ve been a master of wasting time all my life. With the amount of time I’ve spent on video games, browsing various forums, watching bad television, porn, sorting files according to specific but in the end pointless rules, sleeping twelve hours in one day, chatting about nothing on IRC, just zoning out… I could’ve been a professor of something by now.
Interestingly enough, just a few weeks ago I drew up a schedule of my average day and how I would be spending it, and I’m trying my best to stick to it since then. It’s a hard process but it’s going better and better.
I unplugged the cable to our TV a few years ago, so it’s only able to show what’s happening on my computer, or if I play video games on it. I’ve reduced the time I spend playing a lot, and when I play it’s because I play together with my wife for an hour or two.
I’ve also stopped looking up history/politics/philosophy related videos on Youtube, although I’ve learnt a lot from them in the past and don’t consider them a waste, I get sucked into it and can’t get anything else done.
I don’t get engaged in the latest news stories, that’s just made to rile people up and distract them from meaningful things.
I’ve never been one to engage in social media, but I can easily get distracted if I see my wife reading stuff on Twitter, so that’s one thing I need to stop paying attention to.
Even though I don’t feel like I waste anywhere near as much time as I’ve had in the past, falling into that trap again is very easy, so I’ll have to stay focused every day. Exercising certainly helps.

I’ll talk to my wife about this, and tell her to help me stay focused on what I’m actually supposed to be doing, and not drift off to meaningless things.


One of the best things in life is a life partner who will keep us in line and at our best.


I waste a majority of my time watching movies and tv shows. During my breaks at work, I used to read or sketch, now I just get on my phone, and look at crypto prices or watch YouTube videos.
The weekends are my biggest waste of time though. I workout, go running, maybe do some insanity, but other than that a lot of nothing. I should and could spend more time weekdays working out as well. Along with reading and researching further into blockchain technology. And my girlfriend should be able to hold me accountable, she will probably enjoy that haha!

Also, I think I will start a different kind of journal, more geared towards creativity. Writing down ideas, noting funny situations, jokes, interesting stories, things encountered throughout my day.


I know for a fact my vices are too much useless Facebooking and too much sleep! I already make a checklist of my routine and daily to-do’s, but it’ll be interesting to see how much time I actually spend sleeping and mindless FBing, and then put that time into more productive activities.

I briefly read a reply above about constantly checking charts and I think I do that as well… even when I have trades set, I just keep checking and re-analyzing lol. I also have a habit of refreshing my Blockfolio way too much.


Oh boy, where do I begin? I spend an insane amount of time with my face in my phone screens. I check CMC/Blockfolio/FB/Telegram/Twitter/Youtube crypto groups obsessivley, to make sure I haven’t missed a huge tip on buying/selling/security/charts/wallets/ICO’s . . .I’m a beginner so I am trying to absorb as much as possible. My husband has also commented that I am “addicted”. I told him I was doing it for our own good and financial future. When is it too much? Where do you draw the line? I play tennis and go to lunch everyday, I see that as a necessity for my sanity.


I have been working on this one for awhile, with some backsliding along the way.

Removing wasteful food - sugars, refined carbs, food in a box

Removing wasteful people - negative, cynical, lazy

Removing wasteful activities - facebook, tv, video games

Removing wasteful habits


While stationed in Japan, a few of my Japanese friends followed the 8 hour work, 8 hour rest/sleep, and 8 hour family/play everyday, besides the weekends. Very disciplined, even their lunch/break period was sacred to them. Although I’ve heard about the 8 hours, I never followed it, i just went with the flow.
My current occupation I work 12 hours, 8 hours sleep, and the remaining 4 hours is exercise, admin, learn more cryptocurrency, meals. So my time is pretty well maxed out per day. One day off, I exercise and learn more about cryptocurrency now, instead of heavy watching movies.
Accountability for my actions, I do that myself. I consider myself disciplined to stay my course and I am a private type of guy.


This has been a long time work in progress. Sometimes I need a reminder like Day 5 b90x to focus on eliminating some more of those bad habits. Social media and distractions on the web are some items I need to focus on. So much valuable time that’s been wasted. Just decided to delete Twitter off my phone. There is much room for improvement.


I spend the majority of my time on youtube, but it is not wasteful time. I am looking for new ideas, concepts etc. But I think i can be more productive if I only watched youtube for a set amount of time.


Running my own IT Company for the last 14 yrs, I have learned to not waste time. Find what makes you money and laser beam focus on it. Work hard but don’t forget to play or you will burn out! been there and done that!


Right on it man. No burn out please!


I have already given up the facebook and social media nonsense. No good comes from it in my life and the need for social validation can be a major distraction. Currently I love watching hockey and brewing beer. Much of my free time has been spent brewing, checking out local breweries, and traveling to find some of the highly sought after brews. When I am not doing that I am watching hockey. I have began to scale back on those activities to a reasonable level and have replaced it with early nights, morning workouts and consuming content.


I watch way to much Dog the bounty hunter reruns . I love watching Dog track criminals & Leyland open up cans of whip ass on them…Movies are another weak spot for me… On a encouraging note I have cut out my news/media intake to about 20-30 mins per day or 2-3 hours per week. I have a good friend who introduced me to cryptos I Talk with about bitcoin & we encourage & keep each other up to date . One of the main reasons I joined the Bitcoin pub is to meet likeminded people ,educate myself about blockchain & share my journey in life…


I am a major multitasker I can do five things at once as long as they are all in the same proximity. I wish i could stop making dinner but nope not happening and that’s about the biggest waste of my time that I can find. While i’m doing that I collect the eggs and tend to the animals and so forth so I get a lot done during that time. In between my daily tasks I keep an eye on the exchanges just in case an opportunity arises. When I do get away from the house which is not often enough, it is usually with a family member so I never find that a waste of time.


In all sincerity the areas that cause me the most waste are when I am working, how I can get lost in rabit holes of study and wind up six degrees separated from the original subject of research, reading several different things at once. It can impact my ability to get the full picture of something because a small critical detail can slip past, unless I tell myself beforehand to focus on the one item to read. That is why I now time block my areas of study, and schedule time to get at those spicy memes while unwinding during free days.


This is something I have recently gotten very passionate about and have been working hard to do. My goal I set at the beginning of this year, I summed up as “Do things with Value”. I find this really flexible and a great measure of any given activity I am engaging in. It doesn’t mean I can’t ever take time for myself and enjoy something frivolous. Those things do have value when they allow you to unwind and re-energize. But it also is easy to recognize the time wasters when I ask myself if what I am doing currently has value. This year, I am fighting to have a year filled to the brim with valuable moments. :beers:


Man, do I love golf. Golfing once a week or so for the past few years plus practice time, I’ve become a decent golfer with a single digit handicap. If not playing golf, it was watching it on Tv. Since discovering Bitcoin and all other cryptos I’ve cut out a lot of golfing time and Tv. Instead of tv is now watching Petaaah on youtube (man you have a lot of videos my brahdah! Keep up the good work) . Reading too, crazy! never read this much not even in college :smile: I’ve redirected my time to focus on my family and our future in cryptos and eliminating waste . :sunglasses::rocket::call_me_hand:t3:


I have eliminated waste for the last 3 months. However, I do feel sometimes that I get burnt out on learning. So I need a break from time to time. For example:and

Bad Habits I’ve given up for t2018.

  • Gambling at Casinos (over $30k in losses throughout the year!)
  • Binge watching TV shows. (But need a break from time to time from studying)
  • Keeping toxic people out of my life.
  • Cook at home instead of eating out.

Day off from work. Woke up at 7am, premarket research till market opens @ 0930 eastern time. Day Traded until close. During stock market open, researching day trading analysis and crypto materials on youtube and websites. After market close, cleaned house while listening on training materials. Began b90x program! :slight_smile:

Its a marathon, not a sprint! I have one friend I confide in and try to keep each other motivated. We both have the same goals toward financial freedom, just different methods to achieving them, so I rely on the pub for my support.


Your family will appreciate you being home more. Golf is a full day thing!


My fiancée and I work opposite shifts to save on child care for our three kids. My typical work day goes something like this:

I get up at 330 am every morning. breakfast, take out the dogs, clear the snow off the car (I gain some time in warmer months) then out the door by 430. Commute to work and be there at 5.

Work 5am to 130pm and commute back home by 2pm.

I got an hour where my fiancée is home and I am home at same time. Get the three kids handed off to me. This is where the real juggling for time occurs. It’s all a chaotic haze. Between prepping dinner, diapers, playing with the kids, bed and bath time. It’s already 8-830. I get a chance to catch up on the market, get the house cleaned, shower, and catch up with my fiancée for a half hour or so when she gets home. Then ill sleep 4ish hours and repeat.

I don’t watch tv, movies, or watch a ton of YouTube. I haven’t played video games in years. If I get down time its to read.

So instead of eliminating waste my only solution is to better manage my time.

Put my day into manageable blocks and juggle it better. Which I have been doing a better job of, but there is always room to improve this. I need to be more selfish and delegate more tasks and make more time for self improvements like working out. As the kids get older (5,3, and 11 months) it will help.

(also usually post these a few at a time because I rarely sit at the computer and it takes forever to write on my cell)