#b90x - DAY 5 - Eliminate Waste 💩



1 - This is kind of strange but I do this everyday, almost to the point of hypersensitivity. I try not to waste the time that I have, and being that statistically my life is half complete…well i better make that last half count. One thing that I have stopped doing are my hobbies, playing guitar and wood working.

2 - Making real, I had a conversation with a co-worker whom is also in the crypto space, I told him that I’m not giving up my hobbies but I need to learn this space as much as possible, get my wife involved and then afterwards then I’ll go back to them.


Good good. Hobbies can come and go. Financial freedom is the journey!


Social media - gone except at my day job which is part of my job - Marketing Coordinator. It sucks. I have caught myself spending 2-3 hours on FaceBook just reading OPS. No more!


i got it i will quit my job :smile:

i am working for the next 50 year and i ll never see a good retirement!

so my job is to be quit :wink:


This is so important. I find myself filling up my day with stuff that doesn’t add anything to my life. I get that we all need downtime to relax, but many of the meaningless things filling up my day aren’t relaxing. Reading the comments above I see social media as the main factor and that is the same for me. I think I need to just turn it all off and get on with living my life. A great book is “Blind Faith” by Ben Elton, while a dystopian picture of the future, it highlights the dangerous road we are heading down expecting citizens to “emote” their lives. The addiction to social media seems to be driven by FOMO, but at the same time it creates a dissatisfaction with our current circumstances. I’ll definitely be speaking to my wife this weekend about how we can cut much of this chaff out of our lives and live in the “now”. Thank you for the reminder that we are in control of our destiny.


Thank you Peter for making me think once again how much things I do that are totally unnecessary.
These are

  1. Watching a lot of videos on utube instead on focusing on reading books about the subject
  2. Watching somebody play poker instead of playing myself
  3. Turning on CMC every 10-30 minutes
  4. Watching conspiracy theories videos. Some things in them seem like true but its not making me fulfilled knowing how unfair our world is

I am gonna watch out for more things that are just a waste every now and then.


Fortunately for me, i am already experiencing this step in the process- even prior to my landing on Day 5’s assignment! Allow me to elaborate…

Waste area #1- hours and hours spent scouring the Stocktwits app to see where all the buzz was centered. While there is, though rarely, a snippet of valuable info available there every so often- the negative trolls that rule their boards (who get off on others’ misfortune) easily overshadows any benefits for my own personal agenda. My solution? Since joining the crypto nation a few days ago, i haven’t opened stocktwits once!

Waste area #2: do day jobs count? Seems like a chicken and egg type of relationship as far as crypto and day jobs are concerned. For instance, i need to work…so i can buy crypto…but I’m in crypto… to one day not work*. (Perhaps that should actually end, “…to one day work, but for ME.”) Nevertheless, my solution here: i am in crypto because i am seeking that sweet sweet independent financial freedom! Not to mention, i truly believe in crypto- unlike the piss poor investments I made in the US stock market last year.

Lastly, i hate to label this waste but i know deep down i devote entirely too much time in this realm…

Waste area #3: daily fantasy sports. I have cut back, but i know i need to reel it in a bit more. All of the time i spend researching players and matchups could be spent doing my dd.

As they say, identifying the problem is the first step to recovery! Hence, the reason i am here…


By far, my job, drinking and TV. TV will be hardest to give up. Lol. Also bitcoin YouTube videos


i had to think about this one. wow!! I’ve eliminated so much out of my life. and it has for sure gotten me closer to my goals. now the latest thing that I’m working on is eliminating poisonous ppl from my life. people that only have there hand out and never help back. people that never help the community hurts every one around me. I have told everyone that that this is my new goal. my wife and brother have been helping me with this. I’ve eliminated 4 poisonous people from my life. it does sadden me to do that. but i need to evolve into the best version of my-self. with or without all my friends.

  1. 100% my masters degree program is what takes most of my time up.
  2. at the moment I have not room to cut anything.


I’ve been slowly trying to eliminate waste and procrastination from my days for the last few months.

I used to read A LOT of novels, and I’ve cut back at it significantly. Games were also a lesser timesink but now I have none even installed in my computer.

In a couple of weeks I will have to invest a lot of time and energy towards college, but I don’t really think this counts as wasteful.

Being vigilant is key here, a moment of distraction could lead to hours of waste. I’ve lost count on how many times a single wikipedia article turned into full blown ‘obsessive’ reading sessions that lasted hours, for example.


Eliminate time wasted watching videos of “hot new alts”


youtube is my time waster


I think the most important thing that I waste time on is social media and doing unproductive things online.

I just listened to an interesting perspective about wasting time by Jordan B Peterson. Even if you waste 2 hours a day, over the course of a year you waste an entire months worth of time. Since we are social beings and part of an interconnected network, using that time doing something productive not only affects your life but also the people around you. In that sense, every minute you spend doing something useful can have an exponential effect on the world around you.

I think that is a really interesting way to look at how you are spending your time.


Today, I woke up late due to having to work late for my job. After waking up, I laid in bed on social media, telling myself I was too tired to get up and do anything. Finally got myself up, took a shower and got ready for the day. Spent an hour running errands. Came back to my company’s crash pad and cleaned it for a few hours, as I go off shift tomorrow. Spent a few hours studying for a class. Completed B90X Day 4, as I did not have time yesterday, due to work. Going to do some yoga in a bit.

I know I do spend an unnecessary amount of time on social media. That time could easily be spent on more productive things like reading, studying, or anything else. Going to work on being conscious on what I am using my time on.


For me time is money, I never waste time, I’m an expert is this :slight_smile:


Day 5, I have a few negative and distracting things to remove, but in the State of California she gets half… LOL just kidding, I have a goal, I set my goal at 4-5 million, I’m holding from now until 2020 to see where my coins go.
This 4-5 million in calculated for what I’m going to need for financial freedom from my age of 54 to 75, the next 21 hopefully more years.

The poop I’m flushing is “negative “ comments and disbelief in me from others, “it’s the crazy people that get the wildest ideas completed” so I’m crazy​:nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

Don’t go to bed mad, don’t loose focus of your goals and don’t listen to the panic voice telling you to sell in the red. I’m holding until 2020


This hasn’t really been mentioned, but I know some people have problems with it, and others don’t feel that they have a problem even though it might affect them negatively. I’m not judging anyone, and this post is 100% serious. If at least one person finds this information useful, it will have been worth it.

One of the biggest and most dangerous wastes is: PORN.
I know we’ve heard time and time again in the media that porn is harmless, or even good for you. I’m afraid the results are in guys, and it’s definitely NOT good.

Whether you feel that you have a healthy relationship with porn, or if you wish you could give it up entirely, I urge you to at least look at the research and then decide what you want to do. I won’t tell anyone what to do with their life, but when I learned about what watching porn can do to your mind and body, I wanted nothing more to do with it. Erectile dysfunction in my 30s? No thanks.

The most famous book written on the subject (maybe the only one?) is “Your Brain On Porn”.
You can find the author’s website here:

If you prefer to get a quick review of the information in visual or audio form, you can check an interview of the author here (SFW):

I also found a very thorough blog series on the subject that goes into more details than just the video:

I end with an inspiring quote from the article for anyone considering giving it up but isn’t sure if it’s worth the struggle.

“…men who have been able to eliminate porn from their lives report seeing an increase in willpower and impulse control that impacts not just their ability to stay away from porn but all areas of their lives. They find they procrastinate less and have an easier time sticking with goals they’ve set for themselves.”


Eliminating waste is something that I had to do early this year. I decided to go back to college and finish my Organizational Management degree. Between working full time, going to school full time, and family I don’t have time to throw away. I can say that I am pleased with my time management at the moment… I just wish we had an extra four hours per day :sweat_smile:


There is so much waste in general.

Email is one of them. News, which is apparent that only “bad” news is highlighted nowadays. I’m in need to completely eliminate awful thoughts, stress and habits to survive and succeed.

I’m making a commitment to quite peaking at charts and news feeds. Focusing on my current job and performing well in order to make it to the end goal (slowly feeding my crypto retirement portfolio).

What is beautiful about this challenge is that all these steps are inner-twining and I see a pattern forming. Next thing you know, we’ll all be on the moon!