#B90X - DAY 50 - Good Design Makes a Product Useful



A product is bought to be used. It has to satisfy certain criteria, not only functional, but also psychological and aesthetic. Good design emphasises the usefulness of a product whilst disregarding anything that could possibly detract from it.

Likewise, we want your blockchain designed life to be useful. You, as the product, must be useful not only to yourself, but to your fellow human beings.

But don’t worry about being useful to others just yet.
What I find is that when I improve myself so I’m more functional in life, I end up providing value to others as a by product!

Good blockchain designed lives also disregard anything that could possibly detract from your usefulness to yourself and others. We’ve talked about this before on B90X, but it’s never a bad time to be reminded.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Agreeing to “take a look” at someone elses new startup idea. Why would I do this? It’s complete sideways energy! I have a mission to achieve!
  • Building apps that I think are “fun” and “cool” but provide no real value to me or my cryptoation at TheBitcoin.Pub
  • Driving to Starbucks to buy a stupid $5 coffee in the morning
  • Buying beer for my home

Here’s the point. I want to be useful. TO MYSELF. I want to be fully utilized to my utmost potential for ME. This makes me even more useful to you guys! Imagine what we would have NOT built for the cryptonation if I let all these mini-distractions get to me… and boy… do they add up fast.

You see, the mission is to build the infrastructure for the crypto economy. Anything else, makes me useless to you guys.

In todays B90X, tell us. How are you being useful to yourself? Where do you need to cut out excess or waste? Let us know. We’d love to keep you accountable and help you on the long journey to the moon!

Good Product Design - B90X 12 PART SERIES

I am being useful to myself by shutting down my previous life, rethink and plan it Crypto style

  • I need to start to work out, and less chilling out
  • work less hours but increase efficiency, meaning no browsing around and wasting time
  • work faster on my current mission goals so I can move on to next goal


John Farnham | Playing To Win (Whispering Jack)
. You all have to be playing to win in this complex game.


Plan to win and decide what you want and how to achieve your goal .


The sideways energy in my life is:
-I agree to look at new opportunities when I have enough opportunities in front of me
-Taking on “high energy output”/“low reward” Real Estate clients and justifying it to myself somehow
-My morning routine of drinking tea while mindlessly surfing the internet
-I don’t time-block or schedule things, so it’s really easy for my daily plan to get de-railed by responding to something that comes up, instead of scheduling a time to deal with whatever comes up
-I don’t like cutting off conversations with people if the conversation is dragging on aimlessly because I don’t want to be “rude”, but I’m really sacrificing myself for someone else’s pointless rambling
-I put off doing things I need to do, then constantly think about doing them while I’m putting them off, thus taking me attention away from whatever I’m trying to do at the moment instead, making me completely ineffective until I finally get around to doing what I originally needed to do!


Removing the distractions is a constant, never-ending process. The battle is never completely won.


Mindless distractions like smoking weed every night. I’ve already started on this…i’m up to week 3 of not having a smoke, i can without doubt tell a difference. Not just in the morning after, motivation itself & not getting side tracked with ideas.

I have no desire to completely stop smoking weed just not errryday. Going back to that weekend casual smoke/outdoors doing something type… not the get home from work smoke type.

Social media is a huge energy waster, I try & limit myself to only when i’m eating to be scrolling.

Being able to grasp & have full control of these two distractions is well desired to get the most out of myself.


If you killed those two distractions… man, sounds like you’d get a lot back!


I still haven’t quit the e cigarettes i posted about in day 5 of your eliminating waste video. Aside from being wasteful financially it’s always on the back of my mind as something i’m failing at. Quit smoking cigs almost 2 years ago but just traded one addiction for another.

The other problem i have is that i am a hyper focused person. Shit! Just did a google search on hyperfocus and it fits me to a T. Maybe i have ADHD lol. Anyways, it’s something i see as extremely beneficial but i have trouble organizing my time in between those projects/interests that i get sucked into. This is something i have always been aware of and struggled with. Implementing and sticking with some of the things you recommended in first few videos of b90x is something i gotta do.

This is one of the biggest design flaws i have, guess it could be worse but it’s definitely a struggle.


Designing… and then redesigning. You always have an option and opportunity to change it. Tomorrow. Let’s do this.


I have been wasting time
(1)watching soccer on youtube
(2)thinking about something about the past (which I cannot change)
(3)thinking about something I want to do in the future
(4)Driving a car
(5)Talking to my family too long time
(6)using social media talking to friends


And I also waste time thinking about my situation. “I have to read 2books today, but I am not doing it so far, I am lazy…” This type of thought is waste of time. But I sometimes do this…


One of my greatest frustrations are relatives that ask me tech questions. Not only have these people given me terrible life wasting advice, but they still won’t put forth the required effort to learn something as basic as right clicking. And they won’t stop asking basic tech questions.

While on the surface this seems like a tech problem, it isn’t. People who have trouble with tech and never read books usually have other problems because they can’t self educate in general. So you can’t have high level discussions.

I don’t think you can just get over life disappointments. Without going into too much detail I think I just need to move ASAP.

  1. Soccer news on internet
  2. Some small games that I play before starting to sleep (better a book)
  3. Reading chats and groups in which I am not so interested


Being focused and only happy doing things that drive MY agenda forward is very close to not being there to help others. But you have shown us that you can do both…this is something that I need to work on! #peace.


I’m being useful to myself by staying disciplined within crypto, by learning some very basic coding, and by continuing to learn, read, and evolve as a person. Some waste that I could eliminate are certain vices (ex: alcohol), I barely play video games anymore, and I feel like my job is wasteful in terms of the direction I am trying to go. Just have to keep pushing forward until capturing the dream with two strong hands.


I’m being useful to myself by learning more about Bitcoin, crypto and trading every day. I’m also building a website that will hopefully earn income, which will allow me to quit my job and focus all my energy on crypto, while providing value to others.

I’ve been good at cutting out excess waste so far, I barely drink at all anymore, eating less crap, buying and cooking healthier food. I’ve been better at not looking at charts all the time, especially after waking up.

I recently listened to a Josh Waitzkins podcast and am now focusing on not looking at my phone when I get a notification. He argues that if you do, then you’re constantly responsive and reacting to other things, it takes a lot of mental energy and creativity away from what you are trying to do. So now I’m putting my phone on silent and only looking at my phone when I want to, e.g. when I’m not focused on doing something else.

I still check my phone in the morning to see the time and use it as an alarm clock. This often leads to distractions and I could have meditated on something I was thinking about subconsciously throughout the night. I need to buy an alarm clock, this should allow me to write thoughts in my diary when I wake up before being distracted by messages.

My other biggest distraction now is watching football, I do enjoy it but need to stop watching matches when I know it’ll be a boring game. It’s good to relax and watch the big games though.


Haha video games, I sold all my consoles before moving country - I can’t believe how much time I wasted playing video games when I think back to it. I think playing with friends is fine, it can be quite social, but I spent so many hours playing video games on my own.

My job and alcohol are also an issue with me. Coding is something else I need to work on, not yet though. Good luck!


If you don’t know of the 80-20 rule, I would recommend looking it up. 80% of value usually comes from 20% of clients.


I think drinking alcohol and smoking weed are mainly forms of escapism, especially when it’s habitual. When you’re not happy with your life, they provide a temporary escape. The problem is afterwards your life is still the same and you haven’t done anything about it, you’ve just postponed all your problems.

I think if you plan to do something with your friends it’s different, only doing it by yourself and habitually is a worrying sign. These are just my thoughts anyway, hope you’re still going strong!