#B90X - DAY 51 - GOOD DESIGN IS AESTHETIC - A Blockchain Designed Life!



The aesthetic quality of a product is integral to its usefulness because products we use every day affect our person and our well-being. But only well-executed products can be beautiful.

A blockchain designed life is beautiful. It resonates beyond who you are. People can tell when you are living a blochchained designed life. They know you have a well crafted, intentional lifestyle.

People have asked, many times, how I stay so positive, so excited about what I do over long period of time. Even through the hard times.

Here’s the secret: I have a Vision and Mission in my life. We’ve talked about this before in previous B90X videos. Those are my guiding principles! They guide my life!

The pramatic reality beyond the Vision and Mission of my life is that my Vision and Mission make my life have PURPOSE. When you have purpose, a goal, something to strive for, you imminate and exhude a beautiful life because you know it’s been well crafted, well designed, and for a purpose.

One of the best ways to know whether you’re on the right track is whether the aesthetics of your life match the goals that you have set. It’s easy to get discouraged when you have no goals. Think about that.

When you have no goals in life, you have nothing to aim for. You have nothing to strive for. You are simply someone who is blown by the winds of change.

Men and women who have purpose in their lives shine that through the way they live. They are grateful, they are humble, they enjoy every aspect of their lives… for they know… that the goal is within reach, they are working harder than everyone else to craft the life they want.

This is what I want for you!
Shine your great light!
Shine your excitement for a blockchain designed life!
Shine your inspiration to others!

They will wonder, they will ask, and you shall tell them… of the B90X program.

In today’s B90X, it’s simple. Tell us, how are you shining your life to others? What are you grateful for?

Good Product Design - B90X 12 PART SERIES

What I’m grateful for is being able to be totally self sufficient & independent.
From moving out at 17 to now 30 I’ve been self sufficient but floating through life…no real direction just happy go lucky, taking life for what it was. No real purpose although not wanting to conform where society says you should be at this age.
Not really seeing the bigger picture of what can be done without feeling a burden on how life should be lived conditioned through media & family.
I’m grateful for all the lessons I’ve learnt from people to get to where I am but now I’m looking forward to the next step in life of being truely self sufficient in a decentralized form with a purpose of really where I want to get to.
Successful but not governed by the masses.


I’m quite happy that I do have material things but what brings my energy down is that I don’t feel free where I am at to really express myself. It sort of sounds horrible to say but I feel like the super smart people I know are on the internet, not in real life.

I’m taking steps to create the life that I want for myself.

  1. First I will minimize my life by throwing away trash, papers, and mementos. A big reason why people’s lives are messy is because they accumulate material things instead of minimizing, streamlining, and focusing on creating time wealth. Beautiful things, in my opinion, are often incredibly simple and minimalist.
  2. I will fit my life in two suit cases
  3. I’ll move to a place where people are more expressive and creative. Then I will continue with my online businesses and creative plans.


I am grateful for all of the people I have met over the years who have given me time, energy, passion and wisdom so that I may live my life the way I want to. Thank You All! And thank you to all of you that I have yet to meet…I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!


I’m grateful for this program and all the knowledge bombs within it.

Oh and Dogecoin. DOGEEE


Hey man. Glad you’re here. We want to inform and help people win!


I am living my life in a way that makes people frequently tell me how they admire my strength and independence. I show them by my example that they don’t have to settle for mediocrity, even if life shits on you once in a while. Rise above, kick some grass on it and keep moving! I enjoy inspiring people. And I’m grateful when I find a group that gives me the energy and inspiration to keep at it! Thanks everyone!


How am I shining my light on others? I’m driven and hard working, I talk to friends and family about their lives and mine. I love sharing inspiring videos and podcasts.

I’m grateful for a caring and loving family, parents who raised me well and supported me. I’m grateful for my girlfriend who loves me and looks after me. I’m grateful for all the great friends I have, especially my current flatmate who showed me that working for yourself and financial independence is possible and is helping me achieve it.


I am grateful for my family, my health, my faith and my mind. I am also grateful for B90x and the Bitcoin Pub.

  • I always remember to treat people as I would want to be treated.
  • I work hard to always be present.
  • I keep my word.
  • I strive to be an example of how to live your plan and accomplish your goals, for my family, my employees, and my mentees.
  • My foundation is built on my morals and ethics. My character is my compass, there are no compromises .


Honestly, at this point I’m not talking with many people about blockchain although those close to me know I’m fully invested in it.
As a counselor my light shines through the ACT Matrix that I pretty much show to everyone. I’m grateful that I got to get my training despite not having a graduate degree (not the first time this happens hehe). Cutting edge psych classes with all the other students being registered psychologists ? Priceless !


I’m grateful for

  • my good health
  • unconditional love from wife and family
  • not living in a war zone
  • abundance of water, food
  • a job
  • goals


I’m learning new things and people see that I’m motivated. I’m grateful for finding the blochain


I’m grateful for my wife and family and every day I get to spend with them. I’m also grateful for finding this place, which I feel is just the kind of motivation I need to keep going.

I always try to spread the knowledge I gain to those around me, because if the time I spent learning something makes someone else’s life better, then it was time well spent.
Actions speak louder than words, therefor if I say someone ought to do something, I’d better be doing it myself first.
Honesty is essential to me. If people can’t trust my word, then what good is it?

“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”
Marcus Aurelius


I shine my light in a variety of ways! I make an effort to take the time to listen to people and bounce back what they’re telling me so they can reflect deeply on how a seemingly difficult hardship can actually be an opportunity for growth and knowledge (because I think the Lord sets difficulties in front of myself and others so we can grow!)

I shine my light by playing music and singing for other people. I shine my light by cooking really good food to nourish peoples’ souls.

I am grateful for God, I am grateful for life. I am grateful to be able to use my mind and my body to make money so I can enjoy the things that exist on this earth. I’m grateful for The Captain and his B90x program so I can become a more educated, and intentional man in the cryptospace! So much to be grateful for.


•I’m grateful that I have a job where I can listen to audiobooks on 2x speed brainwashing myself into positive thought patterns instead of conforming to the 9-5 life.
• I’m grateful for my supportive family.
•I’m grateful I attracted this opportunity to be in the crypto nation before mass adoption
•I’m grateful to have a geniuine mentor that is not focused on just selling products to make a dollar
•I’m grateful to be able to know and connect with a lot of successful people here on the Pub
•I’m grateful to consider my association with successful people in the pub as part of my mastermind to attract more abundance.


This is an easy answer, I shine through outgoing perseverance, and being intuitive, I see the world through my own eyes and dare to question, dare to explore, and dare to try new things. I like to learn and absorb more information daily, so needless to say there is a lot rattleling around up there. :boom::exploding_head::boom:
I am grateful for that ability to stay calm cool and collected, to be able to absorb information and apply the information in a useful manner. Also grateful to see the world through my own eyes and albeit a difficult road behind me and still ahead, having honed the skills to survive and adjust to adversity, and be able to make the best of a situation without stress.


How do I shine my life to others?

  • Through example, I demonstrate that I can move from being poor to being middle class (grew up not being able to afford good clothes, fast food, etc.) - this demonstration is for my friends and family.

What am I grateful for?

  • I’m in good physical health.
  • I’m grateful for @peter and his willingness to help guide me through my life (help me help myself aspire to be a better person and @peter is someone I can look up to)
  • I’m grateful for all my friends and family (they inspire me to be the best person I can be).
  • I’m grateful for my lovely wife who deals with all my bullshit :slight_smile:


I tell everyone about my new found blockchain life. I’ve gotten a bunch of ppl looking into this because it’s all I talk about lately next to cars lol. but its not car season yet or bike boo. lol but its cool. I love to get up look at my beautiful wife then my cool ass cars lol. after that I look at the market. If it’s in the red and I lose money I have faith In my positions that when it goes up ill be all good. I got In on the first big dip so I learned a lot at that point.
The market is a hell of a roller coaster. Its so interesting with the tech too.
I’m grateful for every day I have with my wife and my family. Any time I can get in my 1974 Chevy chevelle and hit the road. And I’m very thankful that I’m making my own path to the future to get my dream going. Dream Maker Customs In my new house :sunglasses:


I’m grateful to my family for all the support they have given.
I’m trying to talk to my friends about bitcoin. This is proving to be difficult as most think I’m crazy for getting involved.


I’m grateful for my health, a steady job, which fuels this investment opportunity of a life time and for people whom trust me to teach them.

This will be a great story to tell our kids and grand kids one day… Everyday, we are one step closer to the MOON!