#B90X - DAY 52 - Good Design is Understandable - Blockchain Designed Life!

It clarifies the products structure. Better still, it can make the product talk. At best, it is self-explanatory.

When I help companies build great products and services as a consultant, I’m constantly reminding my clients that great products don’t need marketing.
Great products speak for themselves.
Great products don’t need heavy marketing campaigns.
Great products don’t need gold plating and features and functions that are “cool” aesthetically, but useless, functionally.

A blockchain designed life is a life that speaks for itself.
Your life that you show the world should be transparent enough, that people can understand who you really are, within a matter of seconds.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with an investor not too long ago. I was introduced to him through a mutual friend. I remember us sitting down, in a back office that was converted from a warehouse of sorts. There were knick nacks all around, and the only place to sit was a old bar table.

I remember being introduced to him. At first glance he was dishevled, he had just come back from an very intense workout and he was sweating profusely. In many ways, I was just glad he made the time to meet with me to talk about my statup and where I was headed!

But I’ll tell you this, within the first 15 seconds of sitting down with him I knew EXACTLY who he was. You could tell. From the way he carried himself, his countenance, his composure, his speaking space, his body language, his hand movements, his tone of voice. All of it came into play.

Within 15 seconds I knew that this was a guy who was honest, trustworthy, and patient. Given more time to speak with him, I quickly found that he was humble, thoughtful, decisive, and hard working.

Even more so, you could tell he was at PEACE with himself.
These characteristics cannot be manufactured or faked. I saw the FULL product. I saw him for who he truly is.

I bet it took him years to craft his life to a point where he was 100% confident in who he was and who he presents himself to be. It was obvious.

I didn’t need to read accolades about his background, or the fact that he had millions of dollars in funding capabilities. I didn’t need to read his linkedin nor his social profiles to figure it out. He knows who he is. He’s confident in who he is. He is at peace with who he is.

He has a blockchain designed life. And I’ll tell you, it was awesome to sit down with him and see it.

In today’s B90X I’d love for you to share with us, what is your life telling others? What feedback have you received from others? What do you THINK your life is communicating to others?


Putin takes part in Valdai Club discussion panel (STREAMED LIVE)

This is very interesting to listen to and some great speakers, so there is much to learn, it also deals with economics and the direction for the next decades, in business IT and DT technology as well as other political ideas, stabilization and or Destabilisation. You’ll find a wealth of ideas hopefully if you listen to some of these speakers at this conference
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My life is telling others that I am an honest, motivated, well spoken and generally nice guy. I have been a real estate agent for almost 4 years and this is something that I intentionally worked on. I made sure to dress as nice as possible, changed my hairstyle, was conscious of my posture, and worked on how I spoke in person and on the phone. I’ve learned it makes a huge difference because I have gotten a lot of feedback about how I carry myself and my “aura”, and I notice that people trust me quickly.


I find it rare to find such … self aware individuals in life. It’s a true gem! I’m not there yet btw. Still working on my shadow.


I’m not too sure what my life would look like to outter world.
I tend to keep to myself and have a handful of true friends.
I have trust issues with most people.
I deliver myself though as there to do a job, no nonsense and come across quite serious to someone I’ve just met.
To people that know me more deeply I come across generous, soft & honest.


I am in the middle of where I am and where I want to be. I don’t feel a need to explain the vision to anyone because most people won’t understand it. Except maybe you guys. “I want to go to the financial moon and achieve my other ambitious life goals” doesn’t sound crazy here. So I just appear to anyone to be in the middle, and that is fine for now.

There was a time in my life where I made the mistake of going to university - it wasn’t for me. I just went because there is tremendous pressure to do so. As humans we can get used to any situation even those that are not ideal for us, when the correct response is an extreme reaction. A lot of people need to take extreme action or preparation to break their cycle.


I don’t recommend it. But sometimes going through trauma excites the spirit into action…

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@bretts, @Anthony and @Long all show that they , in some ways, have already accepted who they are and are at peace with it. Great job all!

I am a mentor and teacher who loves to see my students achieve more. I am not at peace most of the time, because I am never satisfied with what I have produced. But this is the drive that keeps me improving. My wife hates it because I constantly drive for perfection and that means always trying to do more. The things we sometimes hate the most about ourselves are the things that sometimes also make us great to others.

What I have learned here at the Pub, is to take the small wins, give your life a break and most of all enjoy your life. If you are not doing what you love, quit today! Because tomorrow is not a given and the only promise in life you get is the moment you have right now! Seize it!

To Da Moon :rocket::rocket:


It’s trite for people to say: “We only have today!” but it’s essentially true.

It’s all we got. Most people forget about the power of today.


How literally should we take this quit today advice. I need money to fuel my goals. Even Elon Musk didn’t start out with trying to go to Mars, he started with paypal.

It’s kind of funny that we’re trying to go to the moon and he’s literally trying to go to Mars.

I have an intuition that I should try doing web design for web stores instead of running my own. I just got a phone call from a customer and I HATE following up on phone calls and all the hassles that come with it

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It’s up to you.

Here is what I know. And it’s not very helpful.

Failure can only be understood through experimentation and execution.
You will never know what is possible for YOU until you try.

Many never try.


At the end of the day either be happy with your current role/job, or know that your current role (that you do not love) is here for a purpose and then at some point will be a thing of the past, or change it. I just know too many people who are doing a job they hate because they thought they needed to do that for someone else. Those people are not passionate, they do not care and they usually hate their life. I know others who want to be free and live off of $15-20 per day they earn playing music on the street and love life! The only RIGHT answer is the one you make for Yourself! In the end, just BE HAPPY!


THIS IS HOW YOU LIVE. THIS is how I live. I think it’s why I’m frequently told I’m intimidating but easy to talk to once in conversation. I’m fine with that. I know myself and what I want and deserve and it shows. People are either scared of me (ie uncomfortable with themselves) or they are drawn to me (wanting to surround themselves with good people, which is always what I want).


I have been one to go where the wind takes me just at my own pace. I never had set goals or plans or knew what I wanted. I know I want to be in the blockchain space and am taking every step possible to make it happen.


I’d say my life is telling others to be adventurous, take risks and work hard.
I try to be open, honest and caring and have received feedback to that effect. I guess that’s how I come across to others, I haven’t considered it all that much.

I’ve learned that being open and honest encourages others to do the same, which makes it a lot easier to learn from each others experiences (and reflect on your experiences).

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The vast majority of my interactions are at work, so I will use that environment as a barometer when answering these questions. Being in a leadership role, I am very big on feedback and self-awareness, so I conduct periodic 360s to get an idea of how I am perceived by others. I measure this against my own answers to the same questions and adjust if appropriate.
The feedback has gotten much better over my career and it is so evident in my interactions and results. Relationships are a key factor in successful outcomes. Here are the strengths and opportunities based on feedback Verbatims n=500:
Vince is honest, driven, and always looking to change things for the better. Vince has been an asset to the team since he has been with [company name omited].
Builds relationships, drives for results, communicates powerfully and prolifically
High Integrity & Character; Strives for Results; Champions Change
Communicates Powerfully and Prolifically
Takes Initiative
He shows exemplary leadership qualities. He has continuously on a day to day basis, come to the Network Management Center and assessed what issues may be present by speaking with each of the engineers on duty, as well as inquiring what issues may need further investigation or exploration/Analysis to bring the customer’s the highest quality of customer service and technical abilities possible.
More development opportunities for employees
More coaching
More collaboration when making decisions
My Personal Take-aways
I believe this is a testament to my Blockchain Designed Life. My hard work and the way I carry myself is translating to the way others perceive my life and my direction. My design is understandable and relatable to others. I will always be growing and improving, but by focusing on my character and the intentionality of my direction I am going, others know what to expect from me and how I live my plan.


My life is telling others that meaning & purpose is everything. Once in a while I’ll see someone from back in the day and they’ll be completely shocked. Massive change IS possible.
I hope that I’m communicating that as much as I can…every single day !


People have always perceived me as kind, calm, patient and humble. When I get really angry and curse about something people fall off their chair in astonishment because that’s something that happens very rarely. My mother-in-law doesn’t even believe her own daughter when told about what I might have said when I was angry about something.

Up until a few years ago I was very depressed and introverted, kept to myself mostly at things like family gatherings. I think it showed that I wasn’t comfortable with myself. Recently I have been getting comments about how different I appear compared to before. All of a sudden I appear confident and at peace, exuding happiness to those around me. They can tell that I have more of a purpose now.

I personally feel that I still have a long way to go, but it makes me happy that I have been able to make these changes that people can actually see just by talking to me.


The story in this B90x is goals. The world is a big place. People have had years and years of experience personally developing themselves some even as children born into the elite classes ect.
This is why I try to cram hours of personal development into my head daily to try to get on that level. In my daily life I am not to sure how others see me in my work place I stay to myself and just listen to audiobooks but get the job done that’s for sure.
I’ve learned early on not share big dreams with people that are not dreamers themselves. They will just be naysayers and bring negative energy my way.
But the friends that I do keep around are also into personal development and crypto. They know how dedicated I am towards personal development and we just always talk about ideas when we get together. Friends that don’t do personal development can also tell by my conviction and mannerism for success as I want them to prosper as well.


I am someone who strives to do their best yet maintain a down to earth personality. I feel my life is telling or showing others that I am experienced and determined. I’m pretty structured with college classes right now and have all A’s but I’m still pushing myself to do better and not to relax till the semester is over. I don’t want to say ‘the old me’ but I’m usually more a free spirit and like to plan my day as I go along and just enjoy and do whatever sounds like a good plan. Lately I’ve doing a lot of reading and writing papers for classes but I’m also trying to stay entertained and making some fun plans for the future. I’d say my life is currently communicating to others a sense of broadening horizon, someone who thinks outside the box and is going places. Takes time though, but I’m chipping away and have plans of what I want to do and am focused.


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