#B90X - DAY 53 - Good Design is Unobtrusive

Products fulfilling a purpose are like tools. They are neither decorative objects nor works of art. Their design should therefore be both neutral and restrained, to leave room for the users self-expression.

Good product design gets out of the way of revealing to the user the core value propositions that the product has.
Good product design has no gold plating. No extraneous stuff that takes the user away from the main purpose of the product.
Good product design in unobtrusive in that the product ensures the user makes full use of the most important features in the product.

We know in product development, over 70% of features are rarely or if ever used.
Think on this. What % of microsoft excel do you use? Probably a half a percent of a percent.
There is too much bloatware. To much vapor ware. Too much crap attached to products today that detract from the overall usefulness of the product, and detract from the core purpose of the product.

That is what a good blockchain designed life is all about. Focus. Being unobtrusive to yourself.

We tend to de-focus ourselves. We tend to take ourselves into sideways energy. We tend to spend time and energy in things that do not help us move towards our goals.

The output of a blockchain designed life is a life of fluid functionality. A life where you are driving towards a goal, you are making it happen, day by day. You are on a mission.

What I find so fascinating about this is there is a paradox within this dedicated and disciplined lifestyle: Within a disciplined lifestyle, the truest form of YOU can shine.

I look at it this way. Look at the celebrities of our day. They are full of glamor, shine, and aesethetics that make them look awesome. But deep down inside, many of them are dying. A slow death. They aren’t true to themselves, they have put so much marketing and shine on their lives that it blocks out the real them!

The truest form of self is a life that is well crafted and well disciplined. Only then, can you truly express who you really are.

Many focus on looking good and beutifying up the “image” they want the world to see.
What they fail to realize is that beautifying up their “image” to the world… they actually block out the real them.

A blockchain designed is a life that enables you to get out of the way of YOURSELF.
A blockchain designed life is one what does not obstruct yourself from the mission and vision of your life.
A blockchain designed life is one that leaves room for true self-expression, through a mastery of self.

In today’s B90X program, share with us. Where do you get in the way of yourself? Of your TRUE self? Where are you obsctructing yourself? Where are you slowing yourself down?


Thanks for the video

Where do you get in the way of yourself? of your true self

  • Not listening to myself. Of course I still listen to others, but when I base my decisions or choice, whether it be trivial or a grave decision on what others think I am doing it for them and not myself. I always think of golf, I’m just under a 10 handicap and so I can hold my own for the most part. Sometimes friends, family you are playing with offer advice, "hey you should try to keep your head down longer, or you should strengthen your grip. I want to be receptive to the information they have offered me, however I need to do my due diligence and think if this will help me or not, and ultimately it is myself making the decision and ultimately my responsibility. I then have no one to blame, this is my true self.

Where are you obstructing yourself?

  • This kind of goes with the above, but by listening to others and not myself at times, this only hinders my true potential of my self, and ultimately my true potential, my final form. You don’t mention God in your videos but it is hard not for me to think of him when I hear you talk about a block-chain purpose driven life, a mastery of your life, discipline, emotion and mind. damn I’m woke right now.

Where are you slowing yourself down?

  • I think I’m slowing myself down by surrounding myself around others who are not conducive to positive growth and change. You are what you eat, you are who you hang out with. When I golf, I always get better when I play with good golfers and not hackers. (golfing with hackers is still fun!:P) This is the same for my life and my block chain life as I learn more about crypto-currency. It is unfortunate but I think the key to prevent myself from slowing down ids to remove myself from negative environments that are not conducive to my rocket ship trajectory… cause i’m going to the moon guys.

This is a tough one.

I think the greatest mistake of my life is not being MORE contrarian when the world is telling me to go in a certain direction. Sometimes the world will test you or give you a difficult time instead of opening doors for you.

I think I’m on the right path now.

  1. minimize my possessions to the necessary
  2. live a streamlined life and invest in cryptos
  3. triple down on being creative

I notice a lot of people just acquiring things so they get tied up into mortgages and jobs.
That’s like an athlete tied up with a rope.

You need physical space, time (space), and financial space to study, think, be effective and be creative.


I beleive everything you’ve said. I too need to simplify my life. We are getting there…

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Where do I get in my own way. Good question. Probably in overthinking. And if we’re getting super honest, that mostly relates to dating and relationships. There are some messed up people out there that do not live honestly and don’t have good intentions or are just lost themselves. It’s caused me to pre-screen like the TSA does potential employees. Yet I’m open, because I understand the human condition, don’t expect perfection and know I’m not perfect either. But overthinking when disappointed by someone drains me of precious time and energy. I’m getting better at releasing that nonsense, the people that are not self-aware or emotionally intelligent and not worthy of my time and space. I can’t internalize their struggles with integrity, that belongs to them. There is someone out there for me. Until we find each other, the rest will have to get a sound “no” and watch me never look back or spend the energy wondering why they couldn’t level up. Sounds bitchy, but you have to look after yourself. No one else will in the way you need.


I get in my own way with self doubt at times. I know i can make great decisions as i wouldn’t be where i am today but there are times still where i face self that self doubt creeping in, which results in me not going through with an action. This in turn slows my progress down as i end up dwelling on the situation.
I’m working on this mentally so i can build further confidence in my own decision making through life not only cryptocurrency.


I am easily distracted by the multiple of things I wanted to do and accomplish and they end up getting in the way of each other. I think getting used to timeboxing will really help with that.


Where do you get in the way of yourself? Of your TRUE self? Where are you obstructing yourself? Where are you slowing yourself down? - Drinking alcohol, getting distracted/procrastinating on the internet and sometimes indecision. Also working in a job that I don’t see as my future.


We can probably cut the alcohol pretty quick. That’s a waste of $ in most cases…

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Where do you get in the way of yourself? Of your TRUE self? Where are you obstructing yourself? Where are you slowing yourself down?

My fault that slows me down the most is a lack of patience. It used to have me spinning in circles always starting new efforts but never finishing them. It has persisted for decades and it requires a lot of intentionality of thought to overcome. My goals help me focus, I use them to keep my impatience in check. It is my mechanism to overcome this pull.


I am slowing down my goals by adding more goals or goals that should belong to other people. I try helping people but I end up taking over and they become my project. I find it very fulfilling to help them that’s why I can’t stop.

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I pretty much slow myself down & get into my own way when I focus on getting more formal education.
The bottom line is that I could keep going the way I am for another 5-6 years easy and as long as my crypto (that I DCA weekly) flies within that time frame I’m all set. Anything else is a waste of resources…

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Where do you get in the way of your TRUE self?

Pride; not doing things to show God’s glory.


Overthinking things, all the time, even things that are of no consequence. Second-guessing my decisions, and generally just doubting my own ability. I feel like I am at least making some progress with making better use of my time, not getting distracted by everything, but it’s still a struggle every day.


Where do I get in the way of my true self.

I would say that any negative emotions is in the way of my true self. Reacting to things the world wants me to react like being mad in situations anyone would be. Losing self control is not my true self.
In goals I am decisive but in everyday small decisions I can tend to be indecisive.
I am impatient at times.

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Focus is everything, that’s for sure. Thanks for this video it helped me to confirm that I need to be doing just one thing and dominate it.

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motivation to start is how I get in my own way. I’m a very hard worker. lol I just got to start lol. I usually get told to stop working because its midnight lol. working has never been a problem for me. Its just me having to tell my self to just go lol. But I’ve been trying to work on this for years slowly getting better. It’s so hard to find motivation to do something when you hate what your doing.Like going to work at Pep boys( don’t do it ever. sucks the life from you). and my current job slowing me down. I hate working for a big company that looks at profits and will get rid of you if you can’t help them. with nothing more in return than be lucky you can come to work today. but that’s another topic lol. but like I said I’m motivating my self better now that I’m here making my block chain life.

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Where do you get in the way of yourself? Of your TRUE self? I believe am steering myself in the right direction…Morning Sphere of Silence is getting matters into perspective & focus. I thank God for that.
Where are you obsctructing yourself? I guess not so much, i cant think of nothing…am on full throttle. Where are you slowing yourself down? i feel i need and am ready to start the DCA.


Staying up too late during the week.
Drinking too much. I’m trying to cut that out of my life.
I think I take too much on on my own. I want to get rid of some property and look to employ others to do some of the manual work.
I’m trying to strip my work down to just property development and crypto.


Patient young grasshopper! That is what I tell myself, since I am always moving two steps forward. I do need to love thyself first as well, but I’m too much of a nice guy and help others first.

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