#B90X - Day 56 - Product Design is Thorough



Nothing must be arbitrary or left to chance. Care and accuracy in the design process show respect towards the customer.

Daily introspection is a crucial element to success.
In good product development, I meet with the teams to discuss every morning where we’re headed and what our goal for the day is.

This is the MINIMUM amount of planning you should have.
In Scrum and Agile product development, this is called a daily scrum or daily standup.

This meeting amongst the team allows us to craft our day. To set the goals for the day, and incrementally execute upon them.

It may seem like overkill to blockchain design every day, but this simple discipline allows you to reduce the chances that you’ll be side-tracked.

Every single morning, I wake up and I set goals for myself.

For example, the other day, I set some goals: I said that I would complete 6 videos in a day. I put it down in the Pub. I let everyone know. This not only motivated me to complete the work I had, but it kept me accountable.

This is a daily exercise… and I guarantee you, it will fundamentally change your life.

Many of us wake up and get into the routine of life. This is exactly what is killing us!
The routines of life are mindless. They are passive. They guarantee consistency. However, we can be consistently passive till the day we die.

What I find fascinating is that many people that I meet walk through life so cautiously so that when they reach the end, they have experienced nothing near the full potential that life has to offer. It’s like they tip-toe through life to die safely.

I don’t want to die safely. I want do die valiantly. I want to leave the world in a better place. If anything, I’d love my tombstone to read: “He tried and failed. A lot. But he had a rich and fulfilling life for doing so.” Or something like that.

A blockchain designed life is on that is planned. It’s articulated. It’s written down.
It’s a daily discipline.

In today’s B90X program, I’d love for you to begin thinking about how to craft your life daily. Write it down. Let us know how you’ll begin. We’d love to encourage you!

Good Product Design - B90X 12 PART SERIES

Today I was working on a third party device which I have access to its SDK and its libraries…
The sample example application provided by the vendor is poorly written and they don’t help at all.
So I need to figure out how their SDK works…
I am trying to make a very simple implementation of it and create a binary file which I can then call it from my application.

It is taking me quiet sometime to understand it and I am not good at C++ either :slight_smile:
Spent whole day today to accomplish a basic communication & I feel like an idiot at times & still did not complete the things that I wanted to complete in the beginning of the day.
Mostly to do with technical debt but also expectations.
How can I unblock this difficulty?


My father gave me some of the best advice when I first started out in sales. he told me to remember Willie Loman, the salesman in Death of a Salesman where Willie is a sales guy every day of his working life and pretends to be someone other than who he really is and is someone who fails to make changes to his life that could make him and his family happy. Deep down he is sad. Don’t be Willie he would tell me. Each day, evaluate your life. If you like it, keep it. If you don’t change it. You are in control, you are also the one to blame if you don’t like who you turn out to be. Great advice…


If I remember correctly he also destroyed his family. His marriage and his son. Don’t be a willie


Today I would like to start the day by facing my most feared issues that I have been putting off for a while, and from this day forward I want to get 1 step forward everyday.


I’ve always been into goals and planning and getting things done. About 6 months ago I found a new tool that I’ve been using that has helped me to focus on living a meaningful life. It’s called Rituals for Living Dreambook and goes hand in the hand with the awesome book The Well Life by Briana and Dr. Peter Borten. It walks you through how to connect yourself with the 6 main areas of life, discover your core values and gifts, realize your purpose, create your vision of the future in those areas, and break it down into goals from Lifetime>10 years>3 years>1 year>Quarterly>Monthly>Daily. You plan each month and quarter and the weekly bootcamp layout shows your Top 3 Goals, your Focus, your Tasks, your Rituals for Thriving (bullet points/habits to strive for) and a daily “I’m Grateful For…” space. There’s space for journaling weekly and at the end of a quarter, along with a Life Edits section and planning for the next quarter. I can’t say enough how valuable this tool has been. Combine that with this tool, the goalsontrack app I just started using to visual my progress on the measurable goals, and the Bitcoin Pub, and I am really feeling even more driven than usual.


My goal for today & the last week has been to watch, learn, retain & contribute to this B90x series.
I’m happy to say i’ll probably up to date & be on par in the next day or so. :smile:


I managed to get it done! Took me over a week to do but it has been implemented! :smiley:


My goal daily is to learn something new everyday (anything)…why some might ask…this is because the more knowledge you have the better decisions you will make…:smiley:


Woke up late :expressionless:, crushing out some B90x videos, do my technical analysis patterns training, do at least 1 hour of learning to code, read my book for at least 30 minutes, going to visit my grandmother. If time permits upon getting home learn more coding and crush some more B90x. I would like to watch some decentralized TV but at the moment B90x has most of my attention.


My goals for today are…
-work out
-study angular, and finish forms assignment

Right Now:
-work out - done
-study - part way done, but not assignment yet
-b90x - done


I started making daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans around mid-January, however, I tend to set the daily goals very high and often don’t achieve them. I think I should start setting the number of tomatoes (sessions) that I want to spend on a task instead, or maybe just make the goals more achievable. :thinking:

Today I’ve already been working on my website, I’m planning to finish a post today on the website, go food shopping, start working on a different page on the website, go for a swim, clear up the website and play football.


It’s good that you set time for reading your book, I’m going to start putting reading books/listening to podcasts in my daily goals :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see the website!


I have the high-level map of my daily goals:
My outlook has recurring calendar items for each, so I can keep on task. I found that this is the best way to hold myself accountable every day; reserving timeslots for each category (except rest and family, those come after I shut down).
My day starts with a 10-minute planning session before I start my workday. I will look at my schedule and my daily goals and make sure I can balance my daily work and personal goals, and combine when possible (I work in tech). I may end up rearranging items every day due to overlapping conflicts/priorities, but I use this exercise to force myself to deliberately prioritize my goals and focus on their importance.

I will also add specific goals for that day in time slots as needed.
For example:
Today I am starting a new course in Data Powered Operations and I have set aside time today to start it without distractions (accomplishes work and B90x goals at the same time). I am also trialing a new App we are deploying nationally, so I set aside time to download and begin the UAT process.

I really look forward to my morning planning time, it removes the chaos, keeps me disciplined, and gives me a path for the day. This results in a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day, since I can clearly see what I prioritized to get done and what I actually completed. Without my daily planning, how can I truly gauge my day? And yes, things pop up every day (emergencies, fire-drills, last-minute meetings etc…), but I would rather adjust a plan and accomplish some of it, than not have a plan and not have anything to measure the day against.

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. Napoleon Hill


A disciplined life is a free life.


I have a graveyard shift schedule so upon wakeup:
Do my Tai Chi
Get to work early
Do some psychological flexibility exercises with at least 1 resident before lights out
Plow through the current book I’m reading
Buy some ICX (It’ll be Friday by then)
Spend some quality time with my Dad
Sleep sleep sleep…
I have a relatively busy weekend scheduled.


I’ll be going to sleep in a few moments so I can wake up early! But after I wake up, shower, get ready, I will sit down for 5 minutes to plan out my entire day- and I will accomplish EVERYTHING that I write down.

I will start out with a medium-intensity agenda and get it done.


Thanks to B90X I’ve become a lot more focused. I printed out a weekly schedule for the first time last week that I tried my best to follow, continuously checking each time slot with a pencil when it was finished. I feel like I still need to adjust the schedule somewhat according to how long every separate task takes, but it’s good to have at least have some structure to go by.

So far I’ve gone running and done yoga, studied some Japanese, finished my workout for the day, and now completed today’s B90X. I’ve still got to read a book for an hour, do some image editing, learn something about crypto, transfer fiat to an exchange so I can DCA Bitcoin this month, hopefully some more Japanese studying if there’s time, cook dinner, and of course spend time with my wife.


It’s great to see all the other goal driven people doing B90x along with me.
A typical work day is wake up
•Take my daughter to day care.
•Listen to B90x on the way there.
•Read crypto related articles during breakfast/lunch at work. Aim for 5+ articles a day
•Listen to audiobook while working. Aim for 3-4 audiobooks a week. Been listening to the same audiobooks all year.

  1. Your Wish Is Your Command
  2. 17 Laws Of Success
  3. Psychocyberntics
  4. Think And Grow Rich or Ask And It Is Given
    • Spend time with family
    •Work out when put baby to sleep