#B90X - DAY 57 - Good Product Design is Environmentally Friendly



Design makes an important contribution to the preservation and growth of the environment. It conserves resources and minimizes physical and visual pollution through the lifecycle of the product.

This is certainly true with good product development. We want good products and services that are conscious of how they effect the environment, for good!

When it comes to a blockchain designed life, what I mean by environmentally friendly is that the surrounding environment that you influence and touch are improved merely by your presence.

Have you ever been in a situation with someone, let’s say, in a group, where there is an individual who just sucks the air out of the room? Their crappy attitude and salty communication style just sucks the wind out of the conversation and positive environment?

I’ve met many of those. And mostly, I’ve met them in corporate America.
Having sat with many executives and leaders while doing agile consulting, I have been in many situations where an so called “leader” in a company is more of a drag on the company than anything else.

They are toxic. They ooze negativity and a “can’t do” attitude. They always think about all the bad things that can happen with a cultural transformation of their company and only talk about the risks of doing anything different.

I find that fascinating because they called me in to help them improve! If there is nothing you want to improve, then why the hell am I here?

These people make life suck. Bigly.

Having a blockchain designed life is not something that can be kept to yourself.
A wise man once said, that we will know them by their works.

My general assumption, based on my own experience alone, is that when I meet with people or join people, my presence should be encouraging, inspiring, and helpful.
This is what I strive to do. It’s not a forced action, it’s something I have to manufacture. It comes naturally.

I believe in many ways, this natural inclination to be a shining light to others stems once again from your attitude, or as I like to say with my family, an attitude of gratitude.

So here’s the B90X question for the day:
How is your blockchain designed life permeating positivity to others around you?

Let us know! I’d love to hear about how you’re helping others and encouraging others!

Good Product Design - B90X 12 PART SERIES

Toxic Leadership; nothing worse! I am an Organisational Change Manager; sponsors of major Transformational IT Projects in very large organisations are often negative, uncooperative and toxic! They make my job more difficult but I enjoy the challenge of turning them around; one misery guts once asked me why Im always happy and told me that he would be much happier if I was unhappy for just one day - what a fuckhead .

Why am I always happy? Over thirty years ago I was told I had three weeks to live; I have been grateful and happy that I am alive every single day since! Being alive; it gives me a positive, can do attitude! If I’m not here tomorrow, I don’t want my last day to have been spent being miserable; given that I don’t know when that tomorrow will be, I can’t risk spending today being negative. Live everyday as if it is your last!


You got it 100%. Sometimes it takes a punch to the neck by life to wake us up! Glad you’re still around!


Best thing that ever happened to me in hindsight; I would have had a totally different life and I am very sure it would not have been a better one!


I’ve been trying to banish all negativity from my life because it’s just wasted time and energy and both are damn important! Plus people being negative clearly just need some help. So, I’ve tried to just have a positive impact on people even if they’ve had a direct or indirect negative impact on mine. Offering help to others is 100% of all you can do and then leave it up to them to take you up on it. I’ve been sending B90x videos to people who I think benefit from the topic brought up and just tell them to start the program if they want to learn more from da Doge Lord.


I’ve been doing some educational seminars with an organization called Landmark, and I actually started assisting in their office making introduction phone calls to people who just signed up for the next course. I get to talk to these people and get them prepped for their upcoming course, and a lot of time they are dealing with some heavy life situations. I get to practice just being with them in the conversation and really getting and understanding where they’re coming from. I find that almost everybody just wants to be heard and acknowledged for what they’re going through, and once they are, they are “free” from it (at least for some time). Plus, most of the calls have to do with career choices/changes and financial stability/freedom, so I also like to mention bitcoin and blockchain technology!

On a side note, I also find that the more I assist at the office, the more houses I sell and the more money I make, ha! I wonder if it’s just a coincidence…


I am not senior to these toxic people in my life so I can’t control my environment.

I think I am making progress because I’ve learned from certain people to change my financial story.

I hate teaching, I just want others to already get it. But this post is telling me that maybe I am wrong about this attitude, I should use my verbal abilities more and persuade people to my point of view.

Or I am just move somewhere else where I can assert more control over my environment


Control isn’t the goal. Changing the environment for good because you’re there is the goal. Make your life shine!


Attitude of gratitude! Thanks again, Peter!


Great piece @peter I maybe got a bit out of hand on the iPhone v Android thread but this line of thinking is right up my street!

It is QED (quod erat demonstrandum meaning “what was to be demonstrated” or “what was to be shown.”) obvious that bitcoin is NOT the future.

The blockchains and even my favourite DAG byteball “may not” be sustainable without the pruning.

I started this thread and I would love the fellow drinkers to help me out:


My thoughts at the moment is that Bitcoin will be surpassed because of the title of your thread. If pruning does come in, then that’s a game changer. Many are saying that Satoshi’s ideas for pruning are not sound but “someone” is likely to come up with a solution.


Love your positive attitude!!!


Are you predicting that bitcoin will not solve its scaling problem, that’s what you mean by bitcoin is not the future?


It took me 21 years to decide to escape someone toxic just like you describe, but here I am now, so much happier and stacking up those positive blockchain confirmations every moment! The way I live and my positive attitude and zest for life hopefully inspires my circle to think about how their decisions might be forming their lives too. Our attitudes are contagious, so be that positivity!


In a conversation where someone goes with a negative statement/story i always like to add my two cents at the end with a positive outlook on it even if it sounds stupid.

Cypto wise when i talk with people & they say "ahhh it’s so expensive, it’s probably going to crash, i missed it too late etc"
I just counter with look at the price 1 week ago, 1 month ago, 2 months ago, 3 months ago. Look at this crash here & how it rallied even higher after. I don’t buy into the negative outlook they are trying to find in the situation. I feed them the facts & try to let them make a more rational thought regarding bitcoin.


Having a timeline to achieve or enjoy life is so valuable. Most people float down the river of complacency and don’t even realize it. Kudos to you @jenlewis for helping the rest of us realize time is precious!

It also shows that while some of us can be in a bad mood from time to time, we need to evaluate the larger picture so that we can be the best me I can be on that day because no matter how bad you have it, you can still help someone in worse shape have a better day!

To da moon gang! :rocket::rocket:


Kill them with kindness…a great approach! Luv it!


My vision includes education, and so I make sure learn something new every day. Thanks to this all my coworkers have become interested and open to learning new things, from crypto to Javascript.


I always try to stay in touch with friends and family, listen to them and help wherever possible.
I’m also helping educate my friends and sharing my experiences when it comes to Bitcoin and crypto.


I work in leadership of a Fortune 10 company, so I know exactly what you mean. Those negative people slow down the company and wreak havoc.
At work, I make sure new ideas flow. I always try to stay positive, focused and solution oriented. When you focus on the solution you find ways to overcome those that are driven to find recognition in defining obstacles.
My approach is to keep pushing for fresh thinking, challenge others to think differently and change the paradigm. Most importantly though, is I have to do it too. Set the example, challenge the status quo, and do it in with honest and fact-based approach.
At home, I keep it light. I spend time celebrating with my family. We share together and love each other. It is contagious.


By infecting them with the idea of crypto.
A friend of mine’s cousin used to work with a guy “that wouldn’t stop going on about bitcoin”. He was smashing $ into it every paycheck. Needless to say he’s a pretty happy camper ATM.
It’s obvious to everyone that I’m walking the walk as well as talking the talk since I’m smashing every friday like clockwork.