#B90X - DAY 57 - Good Product Design is Environmentally Friendly



I’ve found that in order to be a positive influence to others, I must be a positive influence to myself, first and foremost. Only once I learn to appreciate life to its fullest can I empower others to do the same. __


I’ve always had a very pessimistic attitude in my youth, being depressed a very long time can do that to you. Looking back to those days I realize just how bad it was. Any time someone wanted to help me, with things I now know were sound advice, I just brushed it aside and thought it was no use, it won’t make anything change anyway.

In the last 5-10 years things have gradually been getting better, and especially during the last year. I’ve learned just how big an influence your state of mind can have on your physical well-being. Just thinking positive thoughts can make you heal quicker from illness, make you more energetic throughout the day, or feel comfortable even in extreme temperatures (my favorite).
I used to be a man of cold hard facts, if you can’t touch it or see it, it’s just make-believe and irrelevant. I admit now that there’s more to it and without the right attitude and mindset even the healthiest of people can start looking like a walking corpse very quickly.

I think it’s visible to other people now that I have a much more positive outlook on things, my sister-in-law certainly has been saying it every chance she’s gotten lately. Hopefully that has had a positive effect in the people around me. My wife always says that I’m really stubborn and never give up on difficult things, so she always believes in me. With my calm rational explanations I’ve been able to enlighten people regarding subjects they previously thought they knew 100% about, which made them realize that maybe they don’t have all the answers, and everything isn’t black and white. I believe this will help them become more rational human beings that don’t blindly trust everything they hear without thinking first.


Negative people everywhere I don’t waste my breathe people always think they’re right in their own minds and that could be years of habits and their environment.
I believe the best way to get someone to start to become positive is just focus on yourself becoming positive. Ideally want to be at a frequency that no negativity can mess with my vibe.


Lol I get told that I’m way to happy lol. I’m always smiling and laughing. anything that’s filled with drama is a wast. And just Like Henry Ford “I hate wast” I stopped wasting my time with stuff that doesn’t help me be a better person. I’ve got more ppl asking me how I can be so dam happy. I tell them to stop caring what ppl think of them and do what makes you happy as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody. I’m doing things my way now lol. the only regret i’ll have now is me not trying something once. I’ve got ppl trying a lot of the things I do because it makes me happy and they want a shot at being happy too. :sunglasses:


@peter this is exciting… getting better everyday. One of my favorite books that thought me the attitude of gratitude… the magic by Shonda Rhimes. Its part of my PD to date. Where focus is energy flows… I dont waste my time with negative people… limited association is what I do. My blockchain life is and been amazing…


I to have seen these people.
The b90x is how I stay positive and look to change how I am perceived by others.


The worst is when people are misinformed about cryptos. If you break it down to them and they clearly learn and understand it, then you’ve accomplished something.

Toxic friends whom are FUDDER’s, selfish and hard headed will be a lost cause.

I’ve converted about 10+ friends into seeing the future and we all learn and help each other.

The bull-run is coming soon!


My blockchain designed life is permeating positivity to others around me by creating a focused environment. I’ve worked hard all my life and had the basic understanding that it only takes one person in a group to prime others to work harder. Working hard creates a focused, confident, and accomplished environment.


Anyone surrounding me has always heard something positive about yourself, even if someone present negative approach to his life I always trying to shift his perspective to positive aspects of his life.


Trying to lead the way by inspiration rather than pushing info on people that don’t give a shit about good info


I’ve inspired my step son to start Dollar Cost Averaging Bitcoin and I’m stoked he wants to get his ticket to the big show! :slight_smile:


I don’t know what it is or what I am doing besides just talking about blockchain and bitcoin with people but I have gotten some positive feedback from some people saying that because of me they started looking into blockchain and Bitcoin. Not very frequent but always makes my day when it happens.


Thanks for sharing man, its never easy to admit your faults. Especially to yourself. We are our own worse enemy. I definitely agree that your state of mind can have a direct influence on your physical well-being. People get cured from cancer every day and if you went to the hospital and talk to those people, I can guaranteed you that not one of them gave up on themselves or a higher power and they wanted to live. Glad that you are doing better too man, there’s enough negativity and hate out there, we just gotta try to stay positive and spread that love.
Again, thanks for sharing.


I am normally a constructive and positive person and light the room, the challenge is that I am my own worst enemy in terms of stern judgment, especially during times of great stress or exhaustion. So I make it a point to pro-actively nip these types of outcomes in the bud by always presenting options instead of problems to all, plan as if luck were going to be against me (sounds negative, but it’s actually a powerful tool that allows me to never be caught off guard), and avoid life-suckers like the plague, family or not, as our lives are too damn short to live under a tyranny.


Working on my own personal development to influence people around me with the positive changes. Been red pilling hipster friends with Q anon and helping friends keep faith in crypto with the meta plays and tech for the long hodl.


As someone who worked under great captains and shitty captains on boats i knew straight away what kind of a person i wanted to be and how to get respect from your crew.

I learnt to lead by example instead on sitting behind the wheel and barking orders im’ not much of a communicator so i show my leadership by getting on my hands and knees getting dirty with the crew to get the job done and to show them how its done if they don’t know.

If someone is really serious in learning what i know and can teach them im willing to spend the time in teaching but not if i know my efforts are just going to get wasted.

I also try the live by the quote “The problem is not the problem, The problem is your attitude about the problem” -cpt jack sparrow :smile: and i see a lot of great leaders demonstrating this attitude where no problem is too tough to solve its how you solve it with the right attitude.


As an instructor at my union’s apprenticeship school, I try to emulate the behavior and attitude that I expect to see on my job site. As the foreman on my jobs, I always show up early, prepared, and ready to lead. As a father, I try to encourage my son every day and practice as much patience as I can when he starts mis-behaving. As a husband, I try to make sure my wife knows she’s loved and listened to. I typically have a positive attitude because I know I’ve barely scratched the surface of my full potential. Today is not another day in the rat-race, it is one day closer to my first moon goal. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow and the legacy I leave behind is created with each day I trudge the road to happy destiny.


Here are some methods I use to make the environment friendly.

Be Optimistic – It is just as easy to say “we can do this” as to say “no we can’t” or “I don’t want to”.

Be Happy – Like above, it’s a choice. So chose to be happy. Changing your scenery is not a solution. Unhappy people take their unhappiness with them, wherever they go. Don’t be a smudge pot.

Be a Cheerful Giver – Lighten the load of your brother; now there are two people who are happy (you and him).

Work in a Perfect Environment – Imagine how things would be if you were working in your perfect job. Now, treat others like you are in your perfect job and start to create it.

Be Grateful – Have an attitude of gratitude in all that you do. Tell others.

Know Your Destiny – Ambiguity about the afterlife can create a work environment of stress and doubt :sos:. Many lives are set free when people face and resolve this major life issue :latin_cross:.

DAY 57 – To infinity and beyond…:rocket::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy:


Love that quote TM (and I’m stealing it) :grin:


This is going to be a changer for me.
I am naturally a cheerful and enthusiastic person.
Unfortunately, most people only visit cheerfulness and enthusiasm when life is going good, or if alcohol is involved.
Now, people who live in grief, fear, anger, antagonism, and boredom, do not communicate well with people ,who live at cheerfulness and enthusiasm. They are unable to come to the emotional level that is needed. The reality is just too far apart.
But, people at enthusiasm and cheerfulness can come down to these other emotional levels to communicate at their level. It is a useful tool when needed.
I have been using this ability for years, and rarely get to communicate with others that are truly cheerful and enthusiastic. This has been one way that others have been holding me back without them even knowing about it. I have to step down from the person that I really am to be excepted by people that I really do not like to be around. Because of this, I am not that shining beacon that you @peter suggest I be.
I am tired of hobbling myself for the comfort of others That changes back to the way it should be right now.
By letting myself be who I really am I will blockchain design my life to permeate positivity to all people I engage with. They might feel I am an odd duck, and that is ok.

And just remember, when enthusiasm and cheerfulness seem outside your grasp, just act enthusiastic, and soon you will be enthusiastic. Its truly goofy, but it works.