#B90X - DAY 57 - Good Product Design is Environmentally Friendly



I support my friends around me by being supportive and giving ideas letting them know ideas are everywhere to build something great. I like to subliminally throw in messages of Q in convos as well.


I have no problem being the weird guy who always has a good attitude. You can tell at work the ones who are wishing they were as happy because the hardly ever talk to you. It used to bother me when I was younger but I got over it when I realized that I damn sure did not want to walk around with the poor mouth all the time. I’m a very blessed and happy man.

I know that I am making a difference through my actions because last night I had a friend from work call me and ask me " Man how do you do those lunch things you do? " He was referring to my meal preps. So I took a few minuets and explained to him some tricks I’ve learned on how to stay in a certain calorie range , how to measure things out until you find what works for you, and different ways to add flavor to change up the meals without adding tons of calories. Now weather or not he has the discipline to go through with it and crush it is up to him. But I will be supportive and positive regardless and continue to magically pull mine out of my lunchbox every day and enjoy. :plate_with_cutlery:


I have introduced a few people to crypto and have even gotten a few to buy in.I find the deaf ears I get from time to time interesting, it’s like I’ve got investments and don’t need anymore, their loss lulz I’m just grinding figuring out where I’m going to put myself in this crypto space.


I find being optimistic is easy when your heart is filled with gratitude. I may not always be cheerful, happy or enthusiastic because of the situation but I always have a feeling of peaceful optimism that others have noticed and commented on.

While my husband was in a coma for 6 weeks then in the hospital for an additional 4 months, the medical staff stated often how they were amazed how I was able to handle the situation with such an optimistic attitude. It wasn’t that I was delusional about my husbands condition and trying to be positive, it was that I understood the facts, had gratitude for every day he lived and faith that everything would work out according to Gods plan.

Keeping this optimistic attitude through the past 3 years of caring for him, as well as being the one to provide and care for the family, has helped my children know without a doubt that whatever happens they can make it through and still be optimistic and grateful. Granted this experience has also been a “fish bowl” experience for me where more people than I will ever know has been watching me but I am at peace knowing that my actions show the kind of the lady I desire to be.

As I work on building VARWEE under these dire circumstances, I have witnessed those that are negative make their comments but are eventually repelled by my optimistic and grateful attitude where as those that are positive are drawn towards me. Or it could be that I have put on my blinders to focus on my goals that I totally ignore the negative and they drop by the wayside because I don’t give them any acknowledgement. :thinking:



I always try to stay positive. Always always always. I’m not one to get down in the dumps. And I definitely don’t let people influence that. I avoid it at all costs. Me and my vibes like to be happy and positive no matter what. It makes a difference in so many ways. Not only in how people react to you but your own well being and mental state. Choose to look at the bright side of everything and you’ll always feel better. Even if the situation is less than ideal or not exactly what you want. Always focus on the good and your goals to change. Unless you just like walking around with a shitty attitude all the time. :crazy_face: Go on with your bad self. :joy:


Peter, you rock!! these last couple of vid, blockchain life, are truly inspirational! Your wisdom and generosity in sharing your insights are invaluable. Thank you! :hamster:


well, at this moment, my life is not yet blockchain designed, so not much of an impact to others