#B90X - DAY 58 - Good Design is as Little Design as Possible



Less is better - because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the products are not burdened with non-essentials.

In good product design we want the building of the product or service to be iterative and incremental. We want to achieve small goals to build up momentum.

The pyramids weren’t built in a day, and neither is your next life.
Great products are built incrementally. We inspect how we’re doing and adapt to changes.

For example, the mission of TheBitcoin.Pub and the Cryptonation is to spread the good news of Bitcoin and blockchain technology all over the globe. I repeat this endlessly in my videos and live streams. That’s the mission! That’s where I’m headed!

The thing is, I can’t do that in a day. I certainly can’t do that in a month or even a year. I must build. I must incrementally build each and every da y.

Oh, and plans have changed!
We’ve done so many experiments on our channel. From blowing out our servers on TheBitcoin.Pub, to building new functions and features that didn’t last. c To learning what types of stream material is valuable and not deemed valuable for our viewers.

We’ve pivoted. We’ve changed. A lot. But the mission still stands: To spread the good news of Bitcoin and blockchain. Nothing can tear us away from that goal. How we do it? Well, that’s something that emerges over time.

But how do you know if you’re going in the right direction?
You execute. The only way to know if something is going to work is that you must execute on it. Try it. If it succeeds, great! You got lucky. If it fails, great! You learn. And the best part is, you fail in small increments.

Take it step by step. We cannot build the blockchain designed life that you want overnight. It’s a daily grind. A daily challenge. A daily discipline.

Start out like how we’ve talked about in the previous B90X videos on good product design.
Start small. Start daily. What we really want to grow is a disciplined lifestyle that will last the long run.

I’d love to see you on the moon when we get there!

In today’s B90X exercise, I’d love for you to share with us in TheBitcoin.Pub, what small incremental change are you making today? Also, please don’t forget to share how it went tomorrow!

Retrospecting is such a powerful mechanism and feedback loop to yourself. Are you completing the goals you have? Or are you making excuses? It’s time to own your own life.

Good Product Design - B90X 12 PART SERIES

I spent most of my time away from trading today, and rather picked up and read through white papers, learning Technical analysis, and try to focus on the Vision and missions I have set out for myself.

Tomorrow I plan to finish another white paper, examine my trade strategies, and read another book.
gotta keep this self improving momentum going!


The grind is every. Single. Day.


All the way, every day. Commit and go! :muscle::facepunch::+1:


Strengthen the muscles that need it!


Reminds me of the saying “Do something, even if it’s wrong.” Fail sooner and quicker so you can learn from it and move on. Good stuff. The other day I began to push harder on my goal tracking and daily habits. Everything from health, home maintenance, finances, self-improvement. I perform well when I have daily goals and manage to get them checked off. Because I know that soon enough, the daily pushups and squats and stairs and steps and meditating and sleep habits will pay off. If I don’t do them, I won’t see the results down the road.


Hi CryptoNation)

I’m watching B90X every day, but from now I will comment more often))
With TheBitcoinPub and B90X I have become to manage my investments in Bitcoin, making it every month at some of Fridays)
With TheBitcoinPub and B90X I become reading more often) Now I’m reading “Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb and will read it today and tomorrow for an hour each day)
Thank you, @peter for doing such a great job)


You are welcome friend! We are building the spaceship! :rocket:


My small incremental change is the same as yesterday b90x - i’m crushing out these videos. Taking & retaining the content. Note taking on certain points. Getting it done.


I have started to worry less about my crypto investments and more about learning about crypto and blockchain and how it works. I used to be at the computer 5 hours a day and it didn’t help me achieve my goals. If anything it just allowed me to get emotionally attached to something to either FOMO or Anti-FOMO on my favorite coin. I am a terrible trader. I am now a less-worried investor. In the end if it takes minute by minute action to make any money, I will be happier without the extra money and headache. I believe in the long run. If you take 5K and get 10% return per month, in 5 years that is over 1.5M! So pick great coins, bury them and come back and be happy!

To Da Moon :rocket::rocket:


Im changing how I spend my time learning about cryptos. I have stopped attempting short term trades and checking the prices every 10 minutes. Im now just focused on my security and continuing to learn as much as possible about my long term investments.


My incremental change I challenged myself yesterday was to workout after work, instead of putting it off until way later in the day, messing up my web dev/crypto time. Today I crammed in some cardio, not whole exercise :frowning:(retrospective - a way to improve), but have accomplished my web dev goal, and right now I am spending my crypto time with the Crypto Nation!


I am trying to eat healthier, exercise and do at least one b90x every day.
I am eating healthier but could still cut out a lot of crap, I’ve been exercising more but not every day and I didn’t do b90x yesterday as I spent my free time with my girlfriend (Valentine’s Day) - but I caught up and did two today.


This is great advice! I have just put down some new goals for today, since it is the start of a new month and I want to increment my way towards my monthly goals. I have listed for today (outside of the normal daily goals I listed on Day 56):
Start a new Data Powered Operations course
Re-read 4 chapters of "Outwitting the devil"
Today is World Compliment Day, so I will make sure to send compliments to the people who I surround myself with every day. (Already Done, sent notes first thing this morning)
I will see you tomorrow with an update.


I’m starting to wake up and set up my daily “to do” list. I find myself upset at the end of the day if I don’t do this. If I don’t see my goals on paper, on my kitchen table I get sidetracked. I am keeping my macros on that same paper. I have to see it over and over again. I have found that my kids see my goals and want to know how they can help or they will tell me “Mom, that’s NOT on your list!” It’s amazing if you miss a day how quickly it becomes two days, a week, then two weeks and your looking back thinking , “what just happened?” The answer. …nothing. I just had one of these moments and I’m not happy about it. That will not happen again.


Just finished Luke, gonna move on to Acts! 1 chapter a day.


Awesome video today. This is exactly what I have been working on for the last few months. Trying every few weeks to add one more beneficial thing to my day and then keeping it up indefinitely.
I basically started from nothing a year ago, and so far I’ve managed to incorporate the following successfully, every day:
Getting up right as the alarm rings at 6, drink a glass of water with salt and lemon, go for a run, do breathing and yoga exercises, take a cold shower, do heavier exercise six out of seven days a week, study Japanese for at least an hour, B90X, meditate for 15-20 min, read a book for an hour (or a longer article about something that interests me), keep track of my schedule to make sure I remember what there is to do, created a spreadsheet for my finances that always tells me where I’ve spent money and what I have left, fairly solidly locked in exactly at what times I eat during the day (5 times) it only differs if something unexpected comes up.

Next up is improving my discipline to keeping to the specific times of the schedule, so I have more time left for other things as well.

One thing I can say that I’ve not yet managed to properly incorporate is image editing, that I sometimes feel I don’t have time for. I will try harder to at least have 30 min a day for that from now on.


There’s a saying in an audiobook I’m listening to that goes something like this if you want to be a scientist you must be willing to fail 1,000 times without taking it personally and not let it affect your self image.

I’m not a traditional scientist but I am life scientist a small change I’ve been making is relistening the same audiobooks every week. I was not the type of person to reread or rewatch a movie again after I’ve seen it.

I see great results relistening to the same audiobooks every week by learning something new things every time I listen again. I also see great results from the knowledge I am gaining by attracting the dream car I want to achieve by DCAing for a full year and have a goal of seeing 5 of them everyday which I do or more.


me and my brother are video editing our first rig build. to we can start a YouTube channel. lots of work figuring out the program to use and then failing in how to use them lol. but we are now understanding whats up and will have it out here soon. lol I’ve got our next one ready to film lol. how to overclock for noobs lol. seems to be a big question out there. I would love to help someone if I can. :grin: I failed a lot trying to figure it out my self too lol.

My business I’m getting going. Dream Maker Customs. Is always one step closer every day I will not fail my dream business lol. this Is my passion and my number one goal in life. there Is a 12 year old child in me I can’t let down.


Well, in my case I keep it simple. I have a target of sharing the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain to minimum to 2 people everyday. Irregardless of statue, class, profession, gender or financial ability. ts has been snippets of small progress, when I look back since I started have spoke to more than 120people…amazing. The grind is on… Am harnessing as much knowledge as possible. Will start my day trading and DCA as soon as I complete the B90X:muscle:t5: