#B90X - DAY 58 - Good Design is as Little Design as Possible



I have cut back a lot of time wasting activities. Become focused on building property and crypto and selling off assets that I have been refusing to make a clear decision on for far too long.
My trading has improved, I dca every Friday and buy the dips when they come along.
Health, Wealth, Happiness


Even on vacation I was researching, networking and making moves. I’m disciplined enough to know that staying informed is the only way to keep on top of what is going on with Blockchain and the crypto world.



I have steadily made changes to my everyday life. I have become more productive and making no excuses. Setting daily goals reminds me of something I learned in SERE school (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) when captured, life is about small victories, and the small victories will become the guiding light to freedom of the mind. B90x is bringing me back to old lessons learned but discarded along the way. We are going to the moon! :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Makin the same intentional goals I made yesterday! B90X, hitting the gym, learning the good word of crypto all day, workin and trying to make enough money to do some sloshin around, learn some more trading, focus on a bit of business, listen to a health podcast, listen to a joe rogan podcast, progress on my understanding of building a website, crush a few pages from my book, get to sleep earlier enough to let sleep heal me so I can do it again tomorrow! (Getting to sleep early is the hardest thing in this list- There are a thousand things I want to do, and sleeping is NOT one of them)


According to one of previous B90X that Blockchain design life is honesty, I will say, that today my plan is to



The small change I’m making today is locking my cell up until lunch time so I’m not tempted to look at it - outta sight outta mind! :wink:


But those crypto daily charts tho… lulz


I am changing how much time I spend watching videos on youtube or other platform. Gotta get better at cutting out the unnecessary contents. Eat the meat and throw out the bones. Baby steps!


By having cut out a lot of my sideways energy during the B90X program this has allowed for simplicity to return in my life, and boy do I feel lighter! I am saying no to distractions and focusing on everything that MEANS something to me and carries me to my Vision. Always forward.


Correction to my quote it’s from Psycho Cybernetics a scientist must be willing to fail 99 times before successful experiment without suffering damage to ego.

I’ve been expanding my habits want to instill which is reading, working out, writing daily and recording these habits physically on a calendar to visually see consistency.

Intentionally listen to audio books during work, reading, and working out, everyday are the small habits want to make.


iv slowing been fazing out alot of junk social media that was only to keep me entertain while i was board and now i try and fill up my time when i’m bored into reading and researching into the news and content that’s relevant to where i need to be

today im going to unsubscribe and unfollow content that will only distract me while im at work


Nynjah posted above saying he needs to, " get to sleep earlier enough to let sleep heal me so I can do it again tomorrow! (Getting to sleep early is the hardest thing in this list- There are a thousand things I want to do, and sleeping is NOT one of them)

This is exactly my biggest problem. I feel I get more done at night when everyone else in household is asleep. I am a night owl and can focus more in the late hours. But I need to set my alarm and get up earlier than 10:30 each day. Business hours start earlier.

Day - 58 - Setting my clock now for an early morning launch …:alarm_clock::running_man::rocket:


WOW, what perfect timing for this vid.
I go to auctions to buy things to sell on eBay and at my yard-sale.
Today is auction day! ya:sunglasses:
I always get to an auction to scout out what I am interested in and figure prices I am interested in paying. As the auction moves along, there are lulls. sections of the auction that have items that I am not interested in. I use these times to move items to my vehicle, talk to other buyers, eat, etc…
Then there is the craziness of the auction itself. so it is easy to get distracted.
What happens, is, I miss items that I was interested in, either because I’m moving things, or just plane forgot it was there, then I find myself asking the guy that got what I wanted how much he got it for and congratulating him on his fine purchase.
Today I am going to try something new. I am going to map out the auction (per say) and make a list of items i am interested in on a per-table-basis. This way I will know if the lull is real or not. I’ll let you know how well it works for me. I expect it should be great.
There is just so much that I cannot keep in my head any longer. If it written down, it will stick around.


My plan was a success. Though there are a lot of similarities in the crypto game and going to an auction. FUD and FOMO are also prevalent. I am going to have to get those in check at the auction.


I made a timebox, and actually went over it, for writing what I needed to start my business, services i can provide, location, name ,etc. It’s my small step for my huge leap


Making small changes as I move along with my YouTube content. Facing copyright issues and adjusting to the problems to still build with things I can do right now. Also experimenting with getting eyeballs.


One of my favorite time-boxes that I do every day when I get home from work is to take 10 min and prepare for tomorrow. For me its cleaning the lunch box and water jug. Laying out my clothes in the exact place in the closet for when I am sleepy the next morning. Very simple.I choose to spend 10 minuets today that will give me an advantage as soon as I wake up tomorrow. .


Today I’m terminating a side hustle that has shown to just be sideways energy.Get more disciplined with timeboxing at the big things for the next day.


Today I’ve had to take into account what I can accomplish while being sick. Though I acknowledge my limitations while needing to rest, I’m still checking things off my to do list, like doing the #B90X. I find having my to do list ready the night before helps when life doesn’t go as planned and I can still get some things done while being down.

I agree with @CryptoDad on setting things up the night before. Those 10 minutes setting up my launch pad (my clothes, calendar, to do list) for tomorrow really helps launch my day, even when I’m sick.