#B90X - DAY 58 - Good Design is as Little Design as Possible

2 weeks ago I’ve decided to do some push-ups in the morning. I hate sports, so that would be a bare minimum to get started.

Since I aim to double my strength at push-ups by the end of the year, I’ve noticed that doing just some push-ups in the morning doesn’t help much. I need more effort. So I’ve set to do the same set of push-ups also in the evening.

I hope that after I begin to feel the benefits of progressive growth I can add more. But I feel this start will be the most horrible, boring, long, hopeless part of all. Because right now, I am usually negative about me having to do this thing.

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I have been watching atleast one video daily that you posted. Can’t really change the past so theirs no point of retrospecting. The question you gotta ask yourself is what are you going to do tomorrow and how can you make it better than yesterday. The part I liked from this video was The only way to know if something is going to work is that you need to execute on it. In other words actions speak louder than words. Lets get these gains step by step!

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