#B90X - DAY 59 - Retrospective - You Are The Product!



We’ve just finished the 10 Principles of good product design, inspired by Dieter Rams, design legend.

We covered, Good Design is:

1 - Innovative
2 - Makes a product useful
3 - Aesthetic
4 - Makes a product understandable
5 - Unobtrusive
6 - Honest
7 - Long-lasting
8 - Thorough down to the last detail
9 - Environmentally friendly
10 - As little design as possible

Did you know that the reason I’m teaching you this is because you’re currently building your own product?

Did you know the product is your life?

Everything that we know about well designed products also apply to your own persona life.

A blockchain designed life is one that is well crafted. Just like a good product that companies want to sell to consumers or customers!

Did you know that you’re also building your own business?
Everything that I’m teaching and telling you guys about can be 100% applied to building your own business, and where that business starts, is with you.

You can apply any of the B90X program videos to designing not only a well crafted life, but you can also use them to begin thinking about how to create your own startup or company!

I’d love for you to remember that, for the future.
If you ever come across a good business idea, a startup, or a new venture, consider coming back to the B90X program, you’ll find that much of it can be recycled to help you create the business that YOU want to run, a business that is fun, rewarding, and challenging.

In today’s B90X, I’d love for you to share some of the more impactful things you’ve learned through this last series on good product design. Remind us of what is important. Encourage us to seek the best for our lives!

Good Product Design - B90X 12 PART SERIES

Your product/business/lifestyle design is shining, man! Happy Saturday!

I think the most impactful lesson on design for me has been to design thoroughly down to the last detail. Sometimes I have difficulty finishing projects, so I think that is a good lesson for me. :slight_smile:


Welp I learned that my life isn’t very well designed and I need to fix that.

Also, I have experience in designing shopify stores (web design) and should start advertising that I will accept crypto for that service


I know. We need to get there. It’s been a long time coming!


I just watched a man sing sam cooke’s song a change is gonna come on instagram


Too good not to share. One love, y’all.


Hey guys! I work for a small family business that is all about cryptos. We often bring up Bitcoin as a form of payment and offer a discount for using it. As you all probably know, not very many customers know much about da bitcoin. We’ve had a few people be interested in using it as payment after we give them a short and sweet rundown but it seems to be a hurdle to get them to set up Coinbase. Any recommendations on how we can make it easier on people or give them more incentive? Thanks a bunch Crypto Nationnn!


Yes. Make a 1 pager printout that can give them all they need to know.
Will lower the barrier to entry.


Out of this series DAY54 would be my favourite - Good design is honest.

Honesty is a key factor in life.

Being honest to ones self is where it all begins.


This whole series has been great. It definitely helps you to organize your thoughts into small bite-sized chunks that make change easier and longer lasting. The future for each of us, is up to each of us. If we want something different and/or better, we need to make that change versus allowing life to shape us. Great advice, thank you @peter!

To Da Moon! :rocket::rocket:


At first I thought this would be like the typical chart patterns and see this line and that line and oh, by the way, I have newsletter if you want to subscribe. So the talks on personal philosophy are very refreshing. The upfront statements that it takes work are some of the best. I think your topics on the mindset are the most refreshing and really the biggest challenges to me. Discipline is the key. I really started this to understand the trading patterns but now I’ve really gotten more about life. In fact I’d like to see how I can take your product development videos and show my product development group. Sometimes they don’t get it, but your explanation is much better than mine.


To me the biggest points so far discipline, personal relationships, and showing up to work for the grind. Every thing else that has been discussed is great and helpful those are just my big three at the moment.


My favorite segment was " Good Design is Honest" I think being true to yourself is extremely important. The part I found most useful to my own life was in reference to Cognitive Dissonance.


Thorough down to the last detail, is what I have gained the most insight on. Prior to B90x I had a loose schedule every day, but not a concrete one. Right now I am in the process of crafting a solid working schedule that allows me to attack my goals. Not only am I becoming more and more efficient, but it is also so MUCH LESS stress, to get everything done.


In this last series on a Blockchain Designed Life I think the most important sections were;

Innovation - this comes from dissatisfaction with the status quo. Bitcoin probably came about because of a dissatisfaction with the financial system and a need for change, similarly I’m unhappy with aspects of my life (diet, exercise, work-life balance) and so I have to change them.

Honest - There were so many gems in this one that really made me think, the one that struck me the most was thinking about the persona that I sometimes project. Trying to be someone we think others would like us to be, I really like the quote; “I don’t have to impress anyone, and even if I did, I don’t want to”. Being true to yourself is important and doing things for your own reasons, not because of your perception of what others want.

Other notable b90x’s from this series;
Long-lasting - “you are exactly where you are not based on your own decisions”.
Thorough - daily introspection and setting daily goals.
As little design as possible - focus on essentials, building is iterative and incremental. Achieve small goals and build momentum.

Thanks Peter! So much wisdom and motivation.


Loved this series! I have consumed several workshops, books, courses and other material that have danced around a lot of these topics, but the way they are framed here make it straightforward and easy to digest.
What have I learned
This segment helped me refine my daily approach to the way I approach my daily activities at a foundational level. I have learned:
Some of my blind spots and what to do about them (being honest with myself).
How others see me is a reflection of my design, so keep getting feedback.
I refined my goals to get out of my own way.

This segment really reinvigorated me and changed the way I see myself and my plan.


We must continue to retrospect on our own lives in order to understand our own potential!


As an update to Day 58’s goals (as suggested):
Start a new Data Powered Operations course - Started Hadoop course
Re-read 4 chapters of “Outwitting the devil” - Completed 1-6 ( I love this book!)
Today is World Compliment Day, so I will make sure to send compliments to the people who I surround myself with every day. (Completed)


Thanks again for sharing your take on Dieter Rams’s philosophy on good design. Based on your bullet list, Peter I’ve configured it into two categories:

1. Function
a. innovativeness
b. usefulness
c. understandability
d. honesty
e. environmental-friendliness
f. long-lasting

2. Form
a. aesthetic
b. unobtrusiveness
c. thoroughness
d. minimalism

That gets me thinking, it’s conceptually easier to grasp making ones life more honest, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, innovative, and useful…

How does one make one’s life aesthetic? unobtrusive? thorough? minimalist?

Perhaps it starts with the small things… like shaving consistently, combing one’s hair, putting on chapstick, staying hydrated…

Unobtrusiveness: how can one flow with one’s surroundings? how can one adapt, mesh, and fit-in with one’s environments? to optimize being unobtrusive, does one need to change environments?

How often is one being thorough in terms of cleaning one’s room? in terms of committing to promises? doing good work?

Minimalism… is one taking the necessary measures to get rid of clutter and unnecessary additions, physical and mental?


“Usefulness” and “as little design as possible” are probably the ones that spoke to me the most. They made me reflect about which areas I still need to focus on improving, and also look back on what I have actually accomplished in just a few months. This gives me great hope for the future regarding what I will be able to achieve.