#B90X - DAY 59 - Retrospective - You Are The Product!



This was a great series of the B90X. In today’s day and age we are a brand on any social media platform and knowing what to improve on ourselves for a blockchain designed life will have a positive impact in the cyber world and the real world.


I’ve learned to get my goal on paper. I actually wrote it down. lol to some that’s nothing. but I’ve never done that. the last 10 days has been Interesting. I see I’ve been doing some of this with my job and my business. I’ve taken in a lot Its hard to say what had the biggest impact on me. All of this has opened my eyes to how I can apply this to everything I do. some of this is repetitive for me. but in a good way. some times talking about the basics helps you not over look the little things that need to be done. Like I’m always having little mini meetings with my team. lol they hate it but it keeps all on the same page going in the right direction. me and my team are always setting goals. If I had to take anything from this it would be KNOWLEDGE and Fucken MOTIVATION!!!

Whats nicer Is that Ill take crypto for payments On hot rods, resto mods,or to make anything you got better faster more personalized.


Precisely summarizes the section.


That’s a very interesting idea.
I have been giving some thought to property development consultancy, I never thought of being paid in crypto!
Cheers Peter :+1:


Is everyone ready for another bull-run? Has the well designed Blockchain life style started kicking in? I know that for me, I’m patiently waiting and prepared to act accordingly.

As I know continue to research more about Blockchain in the upcoming Q3 and Q4 dates, we certainly will see big things happening.

Being honest and true to yourself and goals will for sure help you become successful.

I look forward to seeing you all on the moon!


The last series brought back some old memories of how things were for me, and I’m pleased. It Reminded me of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) I need to avoid unnecessary complexities that way my goals and expectations are that much more clear.


So I’m still here. Yesterday I put my room in the order, set up my work station and do stuff.

In last segment of B90X I learn that Blockchain design life is long lasting, is plan in details, small chunks.

I’ learn that if you wanna be and stay positive, you need to hang around with people who has the same values and goals.

Can’t wait for new chapter.


I have clarified that I would rather be living a life designed by choice rather than be a victim of circumstance.


I’ve learned that many of us get caught up in life and often let it push us with the masses. I’m now deliberate in planning my day, even if it’s of the smallest task. Not only is it satisfying but I now take reflection on my approach and continue to fine tune my life. Very greatful for your knowledge and mentorship as well as those who make up this crypto nation! Cheers :clinking_glasses:


I can safely say that this series has been one of my favorites so far because its not just crypto focus but it also covers the personal side in a more deeper level. By reading comments from other pub members, I see that at the end of the day, we are all the same and struggle with the same or similar things. That is why I love the pub because is a place where we can share and grow together in both crypto and personally, becoming the version of ourselves that WE shape with our dedication and hard work.

Some of the things this series has taught me is that I need to plan more throughly, especially in the details. Also, dedicate more time on me as a person and less on my actual business. My current job is not where I want to end up and I see it as a stepping stone towards my ultimate goal but I gotta admit that sometimes I get easily distracted and do things without really thinking, like for example, if I’m working on a task and someone asks me to just take a look at their task, I will leave everything to just take a look but next things I know, a comment here and there and an hour went by and I haven’t even started on mine. Definitely gotta get better at passing the “monkey” on my shoulders lol. Also, I realized I put in more time and energy towards a task that should take less time because of distractions as well. It’s not always but when it happens, I’m like “dude, again?!”
Well, you live and you learn. Just wanted to share with my fellow pubbers to motivate everyone and say that and even though the struggle is real, the rewards are realer.

Have a greattt sunday ya’ll. Pub :heart:


“Tell Me Who You Spend Time With, And I Will Tell You Who You Are.”
Simple yet powerful words.


Yes, I agree with that. Thank you for sharing.


Your assembly line of great products is quite impressive Peter, very clear, simple and applicable to personal and business, great job.


Thank yo usir. We do our best.


Whole series was important. Just gotta survive with intentional living as a well designed product. :sunglasses:


if my life was to reflect a product iv learn to make it simple with important necessary functions to get the job done

iv taken out many of the distracting in my life that will only take my focus away from the task i really need to be doing


So many good topics and areas covered: Conviction, self-discipline, emotional control, eliminate waste, personal relationships, timebox, psychology, technical analysis, mindset, product design…. I say conviction and mindset have straightened me out the most.

Thanks Peter for the B90X program. You have drawn me out of my melancholy state and motivated me to get back in the fight of the daily grind. I will be revisiting some of these topics for sure!
DAY 59 – When the student is ready, the teacher appears…:doge::apple::owl: wisdom.


I saw the direction b90x was taking at lesson 42. When they finished lesson 42, I knew that I had to take care of myself so that I could reach my vision.

After the vision and the mission were established, and I got to lesson 50 and started on the blockchain lifestyle, I recognized it as the grinding stone and honing stone to sharpen myself to be razor sharp to cut through the crap that needs to be cut through.

I have failed in the past to start up my own business when there was an intention and attempt. Too many deterrents that I was unable to overcome. Too many naysayers that I listen to and I shouldn’t have. Too many other factors that I was unable to push out of my way.

This is going to be unbelievable. I see it complete in utter change in my entire universe coming, and it’s already started.

I know there are going to be unforeseen obstacles to overcome. I know they’re going to be people that will encourage me not to overextend, not to reach too far. And I look at those people now and say to myself, “I’ll show you.”

Let’s get started, I’m going to the Moon!


So I find this funny, as I restarted b90x to fully go through and commit to writing for every video. But this last portion has def gotten into the building yourself and building your startup business per se. This last chapter has felt, now, like a basis for what we are doing in the alpha cohort. I have thought about starting a business (but not ever tried to push through for it). I had no real intention and I think part of that came from self doubt. Doing what I want, when I want, and having the financial freedom I want seem so much better than the grind of what I don’t want to do for ‘just enough’ pay. I can see the positive mindset that’s growing and I like it. Now I have to hit it out of the park!


I agree with @rnwCorgi the first time I ran through B90x and picked up on so many great things . But this time actually taking the time to post on every day and give it its time has been amazing. I will say day 40 through 44 was an ass kicker. :grin: at least for me . I was watching every video and posting in discord but around day 42 my timebox did not have enough time in it to do it right. But I really enjoyed giving it the time needed and the paradigm shift I had after doing so. :brain: