#B90X - DAY 59 - Retrospective - You Are The Product!



The as little design as possible hit home for me this time around. Keep the venture or design as simple as possible so you can execute faster and be able to shift and pivot easier.


Reason why I repeat B90X is to apply to my life and now building this time around and will be implementing it. All important product designs.


The last section of the B90X has been eye opening to say the least. It has taught me that the 10 principles to a good product and how these are so relevant to living the blockchained designed life. It is great!! I would never have viewed myself as my own product and now I am on track to crafting my life :muscle:t3:


The lesson that impacted me the most is #6 Honest. As I was doing my 2 week sprint review a few days ago as to what has happened and what was accomplished, I really paused and evaluated if I was being truly honest with myself.

I had started to get down on myself for not accomplishing more of my goals but taking a honest look at what I actually accomplished in the last two weeks while dealing with my husbands surgery and medical needs, I realized I had put too many expectations for my two week sprint and that I need to break my goals down even more into smaller bites to fit the realities of what I deal with. It has also helped me identify more team members that I will need to bring on board which leads into lesson #9 Environmentally friendly. I really appreciate @THEDATALORD for taking the time to get me out of my shell and let others know what I’m working towards. It’s nice to be in a supportive environment!

As for doing these lessons on business, I have been implementing these lessons on VARWEE each day and have made some course corrections. I have decided to work on lesson #8 thorough down to the last detail for VARWEE to flush out more of the details and clarity.



I learned today that I’m a year behind. I should have been doing this section of B90x last year. Dad gum sometimes it sucks to know that you could have done better.


I did almost everything that I planed yesterday.

I have learned and learning everyday that, my life need to be design to every single detail, and I need to be honest with my self and need to have peace about myself and that can’t be manufacture - that’s long process!