#B90X - DAY 59 - Retrospective - You Are The Product!

The last section of the B90X has been eye opening to say the least. It has taught me that the 10 principles to a good product and how these are so relevant to living the blockchained designed life. It is great!! I would never have viewed myself as my own product and now I am on track to crafting my life :muscle:t3:


The lesson that impacted me the most is #6 Honest. As I was doing my 2 week sprint review a few days ago as to what has happened and what was accomplished, I really paused and evaluated if I was being truly honest with myself.

I had started to get down on myself for not accomplishing more of my goals but taking a honest look at what I actually accomplished in the last two weeks while dealing with my husbands surgery and medical needs, I realized I had put too many expectations for my two week sprint and that I need to break my goals down even more into smaller bites to fit the realities of what I deal with. It has also helped me identify more team members that I will need to bring on board which leads into lesson #9 Environmentally friendly. I really appreciate @THEDATALORD for taking the time to get me out of my shell and let others know what I’m working towards. It’s nice to be in a supportive environment!

As for doing these lessons on business, I have been implementing these lessons on VARWEE each day and have made some course corrections. I have decided to work on lesson #8 thorough down to the last detail for VARWEE to flush out more of the details and clarity.


I learned today that I’m a year behind. I should have been doing this section of B90x last year. Dad gum sometimes it sucks to know that you could have done better.


cognitive dissonance and the resentment as a consequence

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I learned that a blockchain life is one that is well crafted and that in todays episode I can apply the 10 steps you mentioned in the real world especially in business.

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