#b90x - DAY 6 - Eliminate Financial Waste Experiment!



Yesterday we talked about eliminating waste from a general standpoint.

Today I want to run a small experiment with you guys.

Let’s look at our finances?
Where does your money go?
How do you know?
Are you tracking it?

Most people don’t track finances. But I’m here to tell you, you can invest hundreds of dollars a month into crypto if you do your finances right.

Here’s todays challenge:

1 - Take an inventory of where your money goes. Grab an excel sheet and plop it down
2 - Pull out one of those expenses that you don’t need. - Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be forever, just see what would happen if you stopped buying or doing X. For a week. If your goal is to invest more into crypto, you can replace your X with crypto instead!

Take a look at my starbucks investment into crypto here!

I’d love to see what you guys come up with, and more importantly, how your ideas you put down below could encourage another person to remove some financial waste too!


I think when you do your expense sheet and budgeting sit down with your SO if you have one. This could get them on board with crypto investing.
Wife and I could do better meal planning and not eating out.


The small things really do add up. I can do better in a lot of areas, that is for sure.

I spend more than I want to admit on the following:

  • Paid iPhone apps
  • Video games that I never have time to play
  • Coffee at cafes that I can easily make at home
  • Snacks that I don’t really need (and that I also have st home)
  • And the list goes on and on…

My plan is to remove all of the above from my spending habits and start putting money away into a specific wallet just for crypto-investing. I bet the sum total of those savings is going to be pretty nice…



I 100% agree with this. When I started my lifestyle change in my eating habits, I calculated spending nearly $150/wk for breakfast and lunch for my work week ($600/mo; $7.2k/yr). After realizing how much wasteful spending I was doing just for lunch, I decided to meal prep and buy in bulk from Costco.

Now, I buy bulk from Costco once every two weeks ($20-protein/meat, $15-veggies, $10-some carbs = $45 total) and now only spend $90/mo or $1080/yr on both breakfast AND lunch.

Absolutely AMAZING how much that helps with bills, mortgage, extra spending (i.e., CRYPTOS).

Next step . . . do the same for my spending habits on GAMING :pensive:

Thanks for the motivation Peter! :fire::+1::fire:


I’ll be honest - I live on the breadline. I don’t have a lot of income, and I don’t have a lot of expenditure. However, I do like the occasional Korean BBQ delivered to my door. So, from now on, and as part of a self discipline project, I’m going to transfer the ~£8 I’d spend on my delivery into my savings account, then pump that BBQ meat right into Litecoin whenever I have enough to buy 1 LTC.


Starting small is the key to growth. I appreciate your transparency and honesty!


And I appreciate the efforts you put in to this project of yours, sir! Thank you.


@Hexdek16 has a ‘shameful’ little secret to share with you all! :cowboy_hat_face: I spend approximately $136 USD on :cheese: a month! (No, really) I am a cheese-O-holic Yes! it’s true. :mouse:

I’ve been a Quicken Guy from way back - and have to admit, I am super funk on my cheese skunk!

Goal: Get my cheese consumption below $100 USD. (We’ll see, Update in October) :pushpin:


I started tracking my finances 2 years ago using an app called Money Lover. Helped me to reduce waste on food delivery!

Cheers :bitrocket:


Hmmmmm, I thought I had already eliminated most of the waste in my finances, But there are always things to change. My major ones was:

  1. change where I shop for food to reduce costs (saves me up to 70-100$ a month)
  2. Cancel subscription to netflix (saves 9.99$ a month)
  3. actually haggled my price down from 35$ a month to 20$ where I train.

these are the biggest changes of wasteful spending I have changed in the last few weeks.


I spend so much on take-out food…it’s so delicious! The problem for me is this isn’t just me getting take-out, it’s getting take-out with the spouse! :doge:


I must say that ever since the first day I jumped into cryptos (2.5 months ago), I stopped making any unnecessary purchases. No coffee at cafe, no new apparels, no snacks, no techie stuffs, etc…
The thing with cryptos is that no matter how low your budget is, you can always buy some coins with it! That has helped me justify not buying anything at the DOLLAR TREE store! LOL


I actually did this a year ago. Stopped eating out and started cooking more. I also stopped going to bars so much and only go on special occasions like friends birthdays and such. I have both Netflix and HBO Now and would like to unsubscribe to one but can’t decide which. Both a waste of time and money but you know had to get my GOT and Narcos fix every once in a while.


I could pump double of what i already do into crypto by stopping smoking for one , its been my nemesis for long and i am considering Hypnosis or even getting a prescription drug. ITS TIME


I can literally not eliminate anything.

Main expenses:

  • Gas of car
  • Leasing of car
  • Insurance of car
  • Lunch
  • Monthly expenses on loans (for the investments I made in my company) (I reduced the loans this month, by spreading it out over a longer pay back period, and that saving will go straight back into cryptos)

Rest of the money goes into cryptos and the mrs her wallet to take care of the family. Only way to cut, is by cutting things from her wallet.


Well, I’m already tracking my expenses to the cents because I was not able to reach the end of month a few months ago, so I cut out everything superfluous in my life… for example, going out is reduced to the bare minimum, probably once a month to make my wife and my boy happy. So, now I can reach the end of month but still have no more money to spend or invest :frowning: Let’s hope in better times :slight_smile:


Good on you! (Make those changes.) :cowboy_hat_face:


Gotta start with cutting the Comcast bill, at least by half, or cutting the cord!

I already cut the work lunches, bring my own everyday.


I don’t want to sound like teachers pet… (yes I do :laughing:) but I’m pretty proud that so far in the 90 day challenge I’m slightly ahead of the curve. Todays challenge is something my husband and I cracked down on a little while ago in order to start saving, to start a family. After no business income for 12 months (while we cared for his ((now passed)) mother) we have knuckled down this year to get back on top.

I now quantify everything in BTC :btc: :alarm_clock:


That’s awesome. Nothing motivates us more than running out of money. Each week we top up our CC and then live off it because we have just moved back to NZ and have no credit score. Intention was to “spend and pay” to build up a great credit score (for property investment purposes) It’s very easy to rely on the CC too much when money is tight. “Doh!”