#b90x - DAY 6 - Eliminate Financial Waste Experiment!



I have cut out eating out for lunch at work. Daily I was spending anywhere from $15 - $20. I bring my lunch now that on average cost me around $4.


Unfortunately this step has already been trapped out. I have a stay at home wife. We chose this so we are the ones raising out children. With a one income household the budget is squeaky tight. Thrift stores and food pantries help to keep us in the black. And if there is no overtime at work, I start to fall behind on the bills. There are no trips to the movies, no theme parks, no starbucks, no vacations. We are frugal to a fault out of necessity.

Now don’t get sad for me, my life is rich in other ways. Just not money. I am intent on changing that.

I have considered giving up Budweiser, but I’m not sure that is wise at this time in my life.

I did watch the video on buying Bitcoin on coinbase without paying commissions and will be doing that from now on.


I still go and eat out more than I like. As stated yesterday that will change when we move into our house as we do it more for time and eat out for special occasions normally. 99% of the time we meal prep and cook at home. I do have some subscriptions that I use, but maybe I can consolidate them into one I use the most? The rest of my expenses beside Bill’s, which I have lowered already, go to paying off my car and DCA.