#b90x - DAY 6 - Eliminate Financial Waste Experiment!



This is so true. thanks for sharing it.


When i worked between mining and ship building i had more money than i knew what to do with, thankfully i had the sense to pay down my mortgage rather than buying the newest 4x4 or upgrading my home to a McMansion monstrosity. I now no longer work in paid employment.

Our biggest monthly expense is $400/month on our mortgage, and thats more than the minimum payment. On top of that there are of course the basics such as fuel costs for our vehicles, internet and phone bills, rates etc.
As a lifestyle choice we grow much of our own food so that helps to cut expenses, i occasionally shoot rabbits, deer and roo to eat and to feed the dogs, i can do this from my front door, im not allowed to shoot dog food from the kitchen window, while the wife is cooking that is lol. I also harvest our firewood from our property needed to heat our house, which is our only form of heating. Ive built our bed, wardrobes, benches etc and do all home handy man type work needed to maintain our home.

I have no vices or habits that cost money, dont drink, dont smoke, dont go to pubs or clubs, no pay TV, ive cut back on attending the shooting club and in fact ive sold four of my firearms in the last month as well as some related gear, i no longer reload ammo as much as i once did and im saving money by not driving to the shooting range. I no longer fly to the tropics every year for sport fishing.
We do treat ourselves by indulging in our favourite, albeit expensive restaurant about once per month, other than that we dont eat out anywhere else, mainly because we’ve had so many disappointments and my wife is an amazing cook anyway.


Love hearing stories of Lambo’s bought with saved coffee money. I’m waiting for my little doge n00b to get outta diapers. The delta on those diaps & wipes is gonna put me on the moon babayyyyy!


Hi Crypto Nation,

Most of my salary is going on food, pay rent the flat, hang out somewhere with friends and help my parents.
So I have desided, to cook by myself - it will decrease my loses in that area. Also, I will not spend so many money on hang out with friends - it’s redundant. I will increase my investment in crypto from those savings.

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn


It’s the small things. Start small. Learn more. Earn big.


My budget is small because I’m not yet graduated in architecture and interships don’t pay a lot, but I save a lot of money by eating at the university (which is supported by the government and I only need to pay a symbolic amount of 40 cents) but maybe once a week I eat somewhere else to get better food, and that takes up some money. Last month I almost reduced that to zero trying to save money for crypto and I plan on keep doing that.

Sadly, when out with my friends there’s a social pressure of them trying to convince me to spend money, they buy booze, serve it to me without my consent (despite me saying no), expecting that I’ll pay an equal part of it later, calling me greedy, but it is not my fault that they can’t have as much discipline as I so I will be more firm and not let them judge me for not spending a lot of money.


This thread is amazing. It’s great to see everyone identifying what is “waste” and eliminating it. Keep up the great work everyone. This WILL pay off in the end.


I think someone before me mentioned Mint by Intuit. The more info you put in the more you get out. But it is a lot of personal info. It did however raise my awareness of spending habits. I utilized it to assist in maximizing our respective 401k contributions. Now I need another serious review to trim budget to accomplish a consistent and increasing investment into crypto.


Until recently I haven’t given my finances much thought. It was simply get a paycheck at the beginning of the month, put x amount into savings, pay monthly subscriptions / bills and the rest I would just spend on whatever I felt like.

So after taking a closer look at my finances I realized I was blowing so much of it, practically giving it away… and in many cases I actually was. I had been buying so many games (you regular Steam users know what I’m talking about), tipping strangers on Twitch, buying gifts for others, shopping online for random cool stuff because I was bored, eating out, etc. etc. While most of that isn’t bad, I was just doing it too much, too often and now I regret not saving more or learning to invest sooner. Moving forward I’m cutting WAY back (or completely) on all of those things, focusing on tracking, budgeting and investing month to month.


You’d be surprised what you can do by merely saving $20/week!!!


Absolutely! Once you form the habit and see the benefits, there’s no turning back.


Noooooooooooo, not my Sephora obsession!!! Or juicing, that’s expensive…but healthy! I’ve already cut back on night life and whiskey. How about no beers at the hockey games this winter? That’s worth $30 a week. OK, it’s settled. I’ll redirect about $100-120 a month to crypto from hockey beers! Thanks!


But seriously, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the last year being very conscious of where my money goes and what isn’t necessary. I’ve even been selling off a lot of excess “stuff” on FB marketplace. Simplify. Edit. Reduce. Stuff isn’t important. People, experiences, and relationships are. And if you’re constantly chasing things and working for the man, you can’t enjoy the important things. Setting ourselves up for an enjoyable life with those important things is the goal.


Nooo! Not those precious beers. Maybe you can smuggle something cheaper in to the hockey games? :laughing: I bet they charge high prices once you’re in there.
I agree about the excess stuff. Over the years I’ve been accumulating too much, just random things I thought would be cool to have, not really things I needed. It started to wear heavily on me so I began selling a bunch of it off, locally or on eBay. It’s actually been nice seeing a lot of it go, less clutter, less to worry about. I’d rather spend more of my time and energy on others things, important things like family, friends and experiences.


Beautiful saying and sooooo true. Thank you for sharing!


Time to begjn the change!!!


I started properly budgeting my money about 1.5 years ago. My spreadsheet has adapted over time, but the change to my financial position was truly remarkable. By accounting for all of my expenses and bills I was quickly able to see where I was wasting money. It was a lot! As with Peter, buying coffee was a big one. I cut that out straight away.

My main wastage now is cigarettes, and to be honest with y’all cryptonauts, I do enjoy my Mary Jane. A big problem is that I work from home, so I get through it fairly quickly. So this month, as an experiment, I’ve completely abstained. I didn’t save that money, but used it in ways to connect back with friends and family, something I’ve been neglecting. Had a lovely weekend with my Aunt in the English countryside, visited my brother and his family, and treated a friend to the Pink Floyd exhibition at the V&A museum. I went to the dark side of the moon!

Anyhoo, going forward I plan to at least halve my expenditure on cigs and spliffs and put that directly in to my crypto fund.

GTTM (Going To The Moon).


I found I had been buying too much wasteful food that i wouldn’t eat due to wasting more money again on eating out.
Example - have meal plans set out for the weeknights/weekend but then end up going out and buying food to eat due to laziness or being social. I have been able to counter this by buying and storing the food that i wont use straight away better & not bulk buying as much as the shops are 5 minutes away.
Too many treat foods example - donuts,cake & smoothies. I am trying to limit this to once over the weekend period.


Starting small. With everything. Find how it adds up. It’s always surprising.


I love Starbucks! I start off my Monday mornings with Starbucks and then the boring k-cups through out the week…
I track my finances on a weekly basis. I can save more by not eating out, but then again I feel like it’s not that bad in moderation, it saves time and energy not cooking, doing the dishes and then putting them up after drying. I used to buy a ton of junk of Amazon thinking it was deals. I love/hate going to Costco spending over 100$ each time, we tend to purchase more items off of the written list. I could possibly cut out on Starbucks and eating out for lunch which I only do once a week to invest more into Bitcoin.