#b90x - DAY 6 - Eliminate Financial Waste Experiment!



I can cut out some of, maybe most of the books I buy (at least according to my daughter - “Do you even read them?”).

I do buy some tech stuff. Like touch points (related to EMDR). Essential oils. Vitamins. Oh, man, my wife and daughter would love it if I bought less vitamins. Maybe I need to streamline them.


August 2016 I removed tobacco from my life. I gave up smoking and I decided to invest all the money I save in English classes. I save arround 2400 Euros per year. I’m very proud with that decision.

Now I’m going to try to remove some other bad habits (like some junk food) and invest in cryptos. :sunglasses:


I have 2 habits I know I should change to free up more cash for crypto:

  1. Starbucks coffee
  2. Craft beer

I can definitely cut Starbucks out completely and save $50-$100 a month. I probably spend the same on beer each month so that could give me $200 a month to buy coins. I’ve tried cutting expenses in the past just to save money but the potential return is huge motivation to follow through!


For me it’s got to be wastage on food!

I really need to buy smarter, I love to cook and so my cupboards are always full of stuff. Though my pockets may be empty.


Don’t waste money. This is something I’ve got in my blood. Probably my Mom raised my that way to a little like Scrooge McDuck.
To be honest. I’m training the other way. I buy sometimes things, that are not really necessary. Because beeing too stingy is not a good life.


Having lived a very frugal life lately, there’s not much, if anything to cut back on. The critical thing right now is to start generating some revenue again. Installed Prism as it is getting better reviews than Mint. Currently enroute to getting tools needed to provide service to others and $$ for myself.


Like I posted in the topic for Day 5, I spend way too much money gambling. I lost over $800 last month alone on just sports bets! That is crazy to look at after the fact. I just cancelled my account and hopefully this will free me up to make weekly contributions to my crypto portfolio and save some more money in general.


Lol. Crypto is gambling. You’ll be moving from one gambling arena to another. Welcome friend!!! :doge:


At least with crypto I can call myself an “investor” instead of a “Degenerate” :rofl:


I need to stop and limit the number of sweets and things i buy. Wasted money for very short term gratification.


Yes. Drink water. Seriously. It’s all you need anyway to curb small hunger attacks. Or a banana.


Financial Wastage. I need to put together my overall financial assets and liabilities. Currently my assets are limited to Bitcoin and my savings.

However, I do have a liability that is an asset if I get it rented out. This is an appartment. If I can successfully rent out the house to 2 persons, this will give me an additional £150 per calendar month to invest straight off. If i successfully get it HMO registered this would them be £550 per calendar month. Taxes do play a part in this though so these numbers may not be exactly right. However my liabilities dramatically drop if I get it rented out.

Once I have reviewed my overall financial situation ill give a flavour on what I am able to save and Day 7 wont start till this is done!!!




The biggest financial waste I have is alcohol for sure. I will track it and probably cut it out for two weeks and see how much I save, I stopped drinking for 90 days before but never counted how much I saved.


Whatever is measured, changes.


I just cut down on everything. Bread and water, going commando everyday, walking to work barefoot, public wifi :joy:


Public wifi.
Ok Guys. Don’t send this dude any crypto. :doge:


I use a free vpn tho :wink: Send it my way!


I definitely am pretty strong in this department, but there is always room to get leaner, I suppose. The wife may not like it but the dining out budget just got slashed. :joy:


I am going to start tracking my expenses. I know I can probably cut some food expenses and also some entertainment expenses. This should be a good start to save some money for investments.


Actually I am not spending any money other than what is necessary for me so with financial waste I am good. Although I will look what is the most I can invest every week because I am still a student.