#b90x - DAY 6 - Eliminate Financial Waste Experiment!



I have been using a budget for several years now utilizing an excel spread sheet. I track my spending to the ‘T’, and cut waste every where I can.

The Mantra I live by:
“Keep expense low, spend less than earned, invest the rest”


I’ll do this experiment to look how much I could add to my goal of saving every month to grow my bitcoin. Thanks


I too have not really respected money.But ironically Ive had to work hard for it.This is a topic that I need to grip.Way too loose helping others,because it’s the right to do.Im just getting familiar.All the posts here are greatly appreciated.
Time to to work smart,not hard.Really stoked to be part of this community!!Peter&John…WAY COOL BROS.


FOOD!!! More specifically, eating out. I’ve done it way too much and though I enjoy it, I believe most of it is more laziness than pleasure. I eat out nearly every day. On weekends my girlfriend and I go out to eat at nicer places and that’s at least a $50 meal there…

I’ve already cut out Starbucks, and started cutting cost on eating out this year. I am calculating my savings for this month and will be investing more into crypto because of it.


The only finacial waste i got is some beer chocolate and chip i got. The budged i got on them is like 50 euro per month. Most time i just drink green tea, which i bought in Viet Nam cheap like 1usd / 1kg. After lot thinking this beer i bought like 2 months ago hahaha. I will try experiment of not buying beer when they run out then. Oh yeah my yearly trip to VietNam to check on relatives 1500 euro but i dont think it as waste. Emotional reunion can make me feel better.


Look into Comerica bank if you have a small business. I don’t recall my fees, but at the time they were one of the best banks for small businesses.


Thanks for the info, man!

What kind of business do you have?


I use to be the same way. Two words I live by ‘Food Prep’, food prep your week. I now spend about an hour every Sunday food prepping my lunch and sometimes dinner for the week. It is such a time saver and most importantly money saver. It is so healthy for your diet and your wallet. It can get some getting use to, but over time its so worth it my friend. GL


NP. I don’t have it anymore. I used to sell and provide services for legacy letters/ethical wills. Very niche market that never took off for me.

I’ve considered starting it back up again; but this time as a non-profit organization.


I hate having to be honest with myself on where I blow money. I spend part of it on eating out 2x a week with my kids. :cry: not only is that putting dimples in my ass but I’m teaching my kids bad habits. Also lately I’ve spent quite a bit on pets and pet stuff.


Lol. Dimples on dat ass. Sounds like a rap song.


Sounds like a good business. You could probably incorporate crypto currencies into that :slight_smile:


hehehe as I mentioned earlier, I basically run my life out of excel. So I have a pretty little spreadsheet I’ve been using to track my finances for a few years now. One big thing that I cut out about two months ago was my daily latte from the local cafe ($3.25 * 30 days a month…$100 bucks a month saved right there). I don’t know how long this will last though…I’ve been brewing my nespressos at home instead (my mom stacked me up at Christmas)…maybe I’ll just have to ask for more on my birthday to keep this money saving train a-goin! :slight_smile:


In this part of the journey, more than eliminating financial waste (that I should probably do and I will, cause I am running numbers those days…) I have commited to a serious sacrify or ‘proof of faith to crypto-cism’.
In order to prove myself that I am 100 % into this and to get the wife on board (you should see her face when I try to explain her about blockchain or cryptos…) I have taken the decision of sacrifying my hobby/passion this year to invest my budget of motorcycle track riding into cryptocurrencies. So instead of enjoying the adrenaline rush on track I will enjoy the adrenaline rushes of the ups and downs of this market :rofl:. I will for sure miss the smell of burned gasoline and rubber, the noise, the paddock atmosphere… but I feel I am going to get much more at the end of the road from this new to me, blockchain race. Ans who knows? I might be buying a new toy in the future with BTC profits!!!


Around 6 months ago I made a decision to start tracking my Finances properly and get things in order. I started with an excel sheet of a basic budgeting template and over time modified to track exactly where my income was going each month, what my expenses were down to miscellaneous payments that otherwise might be written off or forgotten and managed to close last year’s finances with a strong idea of where my money went, what I netted and what was saved.

After using this approach and sticking to it diligently ill never go back otherwise and just be haphazard about things, from this I learnt that what isn’t written truly can not be managed. Ive also made a decision to minimize eating out as after going through the numbers I was spending a truly unnecessary amount per month just on weekend outings and now my mind set is how all the money saved could be going into Crpyto :sweat_smile:


Discipline is key! Keep it up. Always worth it!


Will do Dogelord :fist:t3:


Just found a few bucks a week by cutting out the online erotica. Looks like a few more towards Doge!


Every little bit helps!


Dude… Santigo’s Breakfast burritos and way to much craft beer… lots of money right there!