#B90X - DAY 60 - Going Pro - The Bitcoin Professional - WHO'S YOUR HERO?



We’re starting a new series.

Let’s start off by considering who our heroes are… why? What types of habits can we extract from them?

Going Pro - 20 Part Series of Going Bitcoin Professional in Life!

It would be Bob Dylan, because he’s probably the most accomplished living songwriter. I don’t necessarily want to imitate him in any way though.

You can easily let struggling artist stereotypes get in your head and mess you up for life. I just need a financial strategy that will work in 2017 so I am trying to figure out how to get enough shopify/web design clients as a freelancer.

Lots of famous or successful people had to move during their lives if home was not an ideal location and that’s what I’m focused on.


When I was little, green/white power ranger was my hero.

Then Hagi

Now it is Elon Musk, Uncle Bob & Peter Saddington :slight_smile:


Yoooo, my favorite power ranger was the black one! Apparently my siblings and I were too violent when we were children until my parents got rid of cable television. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I think my top hero in life is Jesus because He is humble, but also great in love, mercy, grace, generosity and He has helped so many people throughout history with His sacrifice for our sins and by sending the Holy Spirit. Father Abraham, King David, and the Apostles are also great heroes for having the courage to do what is right, even in the face of death.

My parents are also my heroes because they have been so selfless in raising my siblings and, it took me becoming an adult to realize how much sacrifice that they have made so that my siblings and I could have an easier life than they did. My parents have an amazing work ethic, they love unconditionally, and they live below their means so that they can help others, which is amazing.

Many University of Florida athletes were my heroes when I was in high school because they demonstrated hard work, perseverance, passion, humility, team work, and chemistry. I was fortunate enough to witness back to back to back, UF Basketball, UF Football, and another UF Basketball national championship while I was in high school.

Corey Brewer, Joachim Noah, Al Horford, Taurean Green, Lee Humphrey, Chris Richard, Adrian Moss, and Chris Richard fought their way to to the top of college basketball by being aware of one another’s talents and giving each other a chance to play their best game, at the right times, back and forth all season. Billy Donovan who was the head coach at that time is also a great leader and coach who became a title town hero by teaching discipline, preparation, hard work, teamwork, selflessness and leadership.

Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin are two of my favorite Gators and football players because they demonstrate strength and athleticism as well. Tim Tebow is a man of principle, man of God, and he held himself and his team accountable for losing. I was also fortunate enough to watch Tebow’s first professional football game playing for the Broncos against the Dolphins when I was studying in Miami, and when they finally put him in he was able to pull a come back to beat the Dolphins, which was cool because we wanted the Dolphins to keep losing so they could get a better draft pick next season, hehe. Percy Harvin is quick, strong, coordinated, athletic, and he was also unashamed of his use of cannabis, which I think has great medicinal value.

On that note, Snoop Dogg is a hero for being authentic in his character, and also changing his life for the better. Bob Marley is one of my heroes for making beautiful music and opposing oppression. FDR for the New Deal. MLK for civil rights. Obama for being a tactful and personable president. 50 Cent is great guy for having a new style, entrepreneurial foresight, and philanthropy while making some good jams for high school. DJ Tiesto for making me happy and dance at the beginning of undergrad. Swedish House Mafia for a memorable 20th birthday at Ultra Fest in Miami.

My oldest brother is also my hero for giving me my first job, teaching me a sound work ethic, teaching me how to be more rational and optimistic, while also being a man of unwavering principle to become a great father of six.

Elon Musk is also one of my heroes for his strong and disciplined worth ethic, being a highly intelligent and avid reader, plus being a man with clear visions, goals, and innovative business ideas.

All of my professors in my undergraduate studies are my heroes because they shared their wealth of knowledge with me and showed me how fun it can be to become an academic intellectual. I didn’t always enjoy learning before then. Asking questions, making hypotheses, thinking, researching, interviewing others, and coming to conclusions.

My personal counselor Scottie is also one of my greatest heroes because he is a kind guy, like you can tell him anything and he won’t judge you, just listen, and then ask some constructive questions. He has also taught me some valuable principles, like I don’t always have to try to change the world, I can just accept people as they are. Research the Scotty Principle some time if you don’t know about it, hehe.

Attorneys are also my heroes because they stand up against injustice to defend justice and what is right.

I looked up to many of my professors when I was in undergraduate studies of Geography as my mentors. Since I have graduated I do miss academia and I was thinking, hoping, and praying to discover a new mentor. So, you’re one of my heroes in life too Peter, because you emulate many of the qualities that I have already mentioned, if not all of them. Thanks for the hard work and sacrifices that you make to add value to all of our lives with knowledge, discipline, fortitude, integrity, vision, and leadership.

All of my friends throughout life are also my heroes as they have taught me valuable lessons about friendship, how to relate to other people, and accepting people as they are while sharing good times and the more difficult times.

Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Sisters and my girlfriend for showing me love and success.

Thanks for asking! hehe


Wow. What a list! I love it! Even tho you’re a gator fan I won’t hold that against you! Keep trucking!


Gators got whooped by UGA yesterday… right? Lol. :troll:

But seriously… love the list!!!. do you have a system of thinking in terms of how you identify these heroes and how you extract principles of learning?


It would be my Dad. He had built himself up from the ground floor with a few brothers and sisters. He was righteous and followed his heart, but used his brain. He loved his family and supported others through difficulties. He had the hardest route, but never gave up and made it to the top.
I can only hope to do the same… still remember you Dad!


Props to you and your father. It is often the silent warrior that is the most profound.


Feeling like a zero because I can’t come up with a specific hero! BUT, I make daily mental notes of traits I see in people that are admirable and traits I’d like to emulate. Let’s face it, many heroes have had questionable moments, but also moments of greatness. I’m going to focus on the worthy traits of anyone I encounter and try to internalize those. And I’ll remember to compliment them when possible, to reinforce their greatness!


My baby sister went to FSU, and I like to think she is partially responsible for the latest NCAA football championship win because she was one of the beautiful girls giving tours to those recruits, lol. So, I’m somewhat of a Noles fan since she went there, after the Gators of course. Tallahassee is a nice town in my opinion, it has some southern charm in the architecture.


Aw shucks, I didn’t really know, but I had read a few posts on Facebook today about being a Gator fan no matter what, hehehe, so I guess I should have known. I’m currently here in Brussels, a bit out of the loop. However, we have an old saying in Gainesville, “Party if we win, party if we lose” lol.

Jesus loves you, no matter what. It doesn’t matter what happens to you, it is what you do about it that counts. Treat others the way that you would like to be treated if you were them. Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, and mind. Love your neighbor as yourself. Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it Holy. Honor your father and mother so that your days may be long on the land that the Lord your God gives you. Be honest. These are some of the “important things” that I was taught since I was a child, and when I see other people exemplifying these “important things” I am more interested in following these people as leaders and heroes, to see what other lessons I can learn from them.

Like Billy Donovan said in a radio interview once after a tough loss, you can tell a team is good if it is bearing fruit. If the team is not bearing fruit, then we need to get to the roots. If you want healthy fruit, you need healthy roots. When we look at plants we don’t usually see a whole lot of the roots, but healthy roots in basketball are all of the hard work shooting, dribbling, running plays, doing sprints, eating healthy, hitting the weights in the off season and discipline that is put in week in and week out between the games. A lot of people want to win a championship, but are they willing to put in the work?

So, if I see good fruit, that is a good sign as well.

Some of my other heroes are Brett Favre, Reggie White, Donald Driver, and Aaron Rodgers. I saw Brett Favre lead the Packers to a Super Bowl win in 1996 when I was six years old. We popped sparkling Welch’s grape juice :slight_smile: I love how that guy could play even better in the cold. As a Florida boy from the south, I really enjoy hot weather but I have dreams of becoming more resilient to the cold and living up North. Reggie White was also a great ball player and Christian, “the minister of defense” hehe. I got Donald Driver’s autograph at a hospital in Wisconsin thanks to my sister in law and he was a genuinely nice guy, plus that man can pull off some ballet to make some impressive catches. Aaron Rodgers had some big shoes to fill taking Brett Favre’s spot, and I think that he has done a decent job, making some Packer fans out of some of my buddies. These guys put in work.

Being a hero takes courage. One of my other heroes in Tom Petty because he came from the same small town as me, we even went to the same high school, and despite some of the restraints of coming from a small town he wrote some sweet songs and made his way to fame. Also, one of my classmates from elementary school moved to Florida from Ghana because his father was a professor, we were buddies, but I also kind of picked on him once we got to middle school, and that kid put in so much grind that he played for the Florida Gators football team and he also made it to the NFL, now playing for the third team of his NFL career. These people ignored the naysayers, followed their passion and dreams, put in the work, and also remained humble and personable.

I’m an emotional person so I often identify heroes or leaders with how they make me feel. If I feel like they are going in the same direction that I want to go or have already been there, being around them or witnessing their greatness makes me feel good, and they have shown up to do good, I do my best to study them and emulate the characteristics that I see are producing results.


Peter, you are my Bitcoin Hero…you inspire me through your enthusiasm and your persistence!


Thank you sir! But I’m just one guy who works hard. Who else?


Let see…I think Abraham Lincoln would be my next choice…despite all tragic event throughout his life he has managed well. One of the characteristics we associate with Lincoln is his determination or persistence in the face of difficulty. His long-time friend Joseph Gillespie attributed it to a balanced type of strength, saying, “Mr. Lincoln was capable of immense physical and mental labor. His mind and body were in perfect harmony.”


My mother would be my hero.

She moved over from the philippines to australia with little money, no english, not knowing anyone.

Created, crafted & supported a whole new life from scratch. Has been able to provide for both myself & sister till we became independent ourselves. She’ll always be my number 1 to show anything is possible once you take that first step out into the unknown world.

I follow read about & listen to people like joe rogan, elon musk, conor mcgregor (his story from where he came from to what he is accomplishing :muscle:t4: is too strong )

Who do I look up to now… I look up to myself. I’m aspiring to be the best I can be.


Outside of my family, who are all heros to me, I have two. Walt Disney (It’s Kind of Fun To Do The Impossible) and Steve Jobs (Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish)

I see a little bit of my own personality and style in them and it helps me to accept that you do not need to be popular to change the world, you just have to be consistent. It helps me stay true to who I am regardless of what others want me to do. This is one of my favorite videos! The Crazy Ones!


My hero is currently thebitcoin.pub :beers:


Ayn rand, is without a doubt a hero of mine. She wasn’t perfect, but she was honest and a truly inspiring voice of liberty. You knew where she stood on any issue, and she has shown me that bad people with bad ideas are the only ones who fear the truth.


She has been very influential on my thinking. I appreciate her contribution to society!


Oh I must make a list here, but, my greatest hero is at the bottom of this list:

Philosphical Heroes

  • Socrates - Died for a principle and gave us what we now refer to as The Socratic Method.

  • Plato - Gave us the dialogue.

  • Aristotle - Started the engine of Logic.

  • Frances Bacon - For the New Organon, and his political essays, of which we plucked some of our own principles.

  • Spinoza - A Jew that had the courage to make an attempt to elucidate the nature of God, and was excommunicated for it, but continued his work.

  • Voltaire - For every word he ever wrote on religious intolerance.

  • Immanual Kant - I can’t stand his creation of a ‘noumenal world’ in his Critique of Pure Reason, but still, to date he has done the best job of elaborating on our use of reason to know the external world.

  • Herber Spencer - For his First Principles of The Unknowable.

  • Nietzsche - For showing us The Superman.


  • Philo of Alexandria, Origen, and Plotinus - For giving and refining the practice of reading the bible allegorically.

  • Plotinus - For giving us the The Three Initial Hypostases, the groundwork for Nicene trinitarianism.

  • Luther, Martin - For the doctrine of justification by faith alone.

  • Augustine - For laying the groundwork on the elucidation of grace.

  • Dionysius (or PsuedoDionysius) - For ‘Mystical Theology’, a treatise on the incomprehensibility of God.

  • Cyril of Alexandria - Gave us the groundwork for Christology (his concept of a hypostatic union, or, unity of the person in Christ).

  • Karl Barth - For his revolutionary Doctrine of Sin.

  • Thomas Acquinas - For his concept of Supernatural Grace, and his application of Aristotelian philosophy to Chrisitianity.

  • Anselm - For the first account of how Christ’s death made satisfaction for human sin.


My Wife - To know courage first hand is to witness it’s practice in one you love so dear. From the age of 7 years old, until the age of 17 (when she left her home), she was physically abused by a monster of a stepfather. A depraved man that gained access because a mother had to work 14 hours a day to keep a small family of 3 from drowning. She had the courage to tell me, in the face of a paralyzing fear that I would reject her, that I would judge her worthiness…using the depravity of the most heinous kind of man on earth. This…is courage. The courage to say, “I am broken”, and the pride to say, “I don’t want to be this way!”

She has been in therapy, off and on, for 20 years.

I have known her for 26 years, been married for 24 of those years, and for 20 years I have watched her and been there for her when she crumbles to the ground as she experiences the most profound tragedy of her life, over and over again. I have never let her go. I have held her as the blackest clouds rolled across the prairie’s of her existence and the mountains of her memories, as she questions her own will to live. And I have laid on the ground with her only to be available when she’s ready to rise again, to help her by holding her up when her legs refuse to be obedient to her own will.

She is my hero because even in the middle of the greatest human storm any tragic life can experience, she can look up and say, “I don’t want to be this way…” Then she will cry all the way to the therapist, and cry for two hours after she leaves, then come home slightly better, slightly more awake, slightly less fearful, slightly less traumatized, slightly more erect, a bit more capacity, slightly less angry, and slightly more…existence, being, feeling, seeing, and knowing.

If she can do this…then what am I capable of? What are YOU capable of?

The crowning achievement of her life is coming, and I so desperately want to be there when she arrives. She is my hero.