#B90X - DAY 60 - Going Pro - The Bitcoin Professional - WHO'S YOUR HERO?



Great list and a powerful insight, stories like these really make me feel grateful for everything my parents have done to ensure I had a good upbringing, it’s easy to take many things in life for granted. I wish you and your wife all the best!


When I was at university my hero was a a friend, Hei Man, he studied diligently and in the run up to exams would be one of the first in the library and the last to leave. He volunteered at soup kitchens on Friday evenings and helped out at sick kids hospitals on Sundays. He trained in Muay Thai two or three times a week and still had time to see his friends and cook amazing meals.

Albert Einstein and Richard Feynman for their intelligence, hard work and outside the box type thinking.

Elon Musk for his hard work, dedication, thirst for knowledge and desire to succeed.

Ghandi and many Dalai Lamas for their wisdom, teachings, kindness and peace.

Andreas Antonopoulos, Nick Szabo and @peter for their knowledge, hard work and dedication in the Bitcoin community.


My heroes are:
My family - The way they traveled to this country with nothing and built a home and a life out of nothing. I have had tragedies in my life, but I could not even imagine how it would feel to watch your government tumble, be exiled from your childhood home, have everything you own taken from you, and end up in a foreign land where everyone speaks in a foreign tongue. It could not get much worse, but not only did they survive, they thrived, and they did it with humble hearts and unending grit. They became pillars of the community and when given the opportunity to be wildly successful in business or be charitable and help others, they chose to dedicate the rest of their lives helping others going through the same struggles. These things test a person to their core, my grandparents, my parents and all of my family who made this journey, they are my heroes. I look to them for inspiration and humility, because not only did they survive, they conquered.

My other heroes that have had a notable impact on my life are:
Jesus, he saves me every day. No matter how many times I stray, he always welcomes me back.
My Wife and Son- their love is unconditional and they keep me grounded and grateful.
MacGyver (the original) - taught me how to think differently. How to look at the world from a different angle. There are solutions everywhere.
Issac Asimov - As a child, his books taught me how to expand my mind, how to think bigger than myself. To look to the future and imagine the possibilities.
My high school English teacher
Napoleon Hill - I am a huge fan! His books motivated me to break out in my career and make my mark through purposeful discipline, planning, and execution.
Henry David Thoreau - Consider a world deeper than myself and appreciate life.


Superman. The ultimate superhero.
He could do anything he wants and chooses to serve humanity.


Chance the Rapper is definitely a recent hero of mine- his ability to incorporate the gospel with dope beats is most definitely inspiring!


Can’t say I’ve really had any heroes in my life either, although there have certainly been people I have respected. Sooner or later they have all gone against their own principles however, which has made me lose respect for them. Everyone makes mistakes, but there’s a difference between doing something stupid once and deliberately going against the very principles that has made up your entire life. All I can do is extract the behaviors and habits which made those people great at one point, and try to apply them to my own life.


Anyone that has what I want usually in traits or habits is who I would consider a hero.

My list of heros are some OGs and products of my philosophical beliefs.

Napoleon Hill is my hero for being able to impart his knowledge to me and I am grateful for his dedication for studying the philosophy of success by studying the most successful people of his era for over 20 years. He has given me a sense of pride to be in America. I firmly believe our capitalist economy would not be how it is today without his philosophy he passed on to the world.

Andrew Carnegie is my hero for being able to give Hill the opportunity to come up with philosophy for the law of success by networking Hill to the wealthiest people of the time. Also for being one of the richest person of the time and giving most of his money to charity.

Thomas Alva Edison is my hero for his persistence as a scientist and for literally making the most discoveries of natures bible for us to live the way we do today with technology with over 2000 patents internationally.


well peter your a great roll model for me. I’ve never thought about a hero per say. I’ve loved my video games and comics. It was my escape from the now I wanted to change. Now I take advice from ppl that are more successful than me. Not many ppl I can talk to that are way more successful than me. most ppl tell me my dreams are too big lol. Now I’m more successful then them because I did’t care about the ney say ers. I did my thing my way and it some how worked. I just never quit. so if anything peter your a hero to me. from the knowledge to the inspiration you give.


Batman. The Christian Bale version most of all. Although born into great wealth- he had no superpowers and yet trained his body and mind with unparalleled focus until he became a superhero to those in Gotham. He was able to harness his fear into strength and mostly dealt with tragedy in life successfully. I lot of good traits for a young man (myself) to emulate.

Later in life after being diagnosed with bipolar depression I learned all I could about my newfound status. Research indicated that many historical figures, including artists, authors, politicians and actors have lived with BP and produced amazing works. Beethoven, Isaac Newton, Francis Ford Coppola, Ernest Hemingway, and the list goes on. For me it’s just a matter of harnessing the creative power in my mind and apply it for good - the betterment of myself, and for the good of those around me and even the entire world.


My Hero is my Elder Brother… he has truly been a trailblazer in my Cryptoverse Journey. Have always emulated his ways. His consistency and passion in any business that he does, I very much likened him to Elon Musk. His journey… to the point of bankruptcy: In 2008,he was living off personal loans just to get by and like a phoenix reemerge to be the respected inventor, Billionaire of this age.


The England rugby union manager, Eddie Jones.
I once heard him say, " non of the good things in life come easy"
The older I get more I realize how very true that statement is.


No one mentioned Neil Armstrong!

He’s been to the moon and back.

Keep HODL’ing everyone!!


Hero when I played drums my big hero was Gavin Harrison https://youtu.be/igDSyZMy8_E

For 10 years my biggest hero is Peter John Daniels image
He has the biggest impact on me and my dreams what I want to do.
He is 86 now so he is grandpa, and I’m young blood so, so I have new now, and there is two of them. Peter and John.


The Rock. Dwayne Motha fuckin Johnson. He came from the bottom but he is a straight goal crusher. He supports his mom and his family. Always grindin. Always smilin.
I want to support my family. I want to crush goals. I want to be a little more like the Rock than I was yesterday. Rock for POTUS!


My hero is Richard Winters. Winters was an army officer who fought in WWII, I read about him before joining the military, I had the honor of meeting him before his death, and my hero did disappoint. He was the same person I read about and modeled my leadership after.


My #1 hero is my late mom.
Habits - She had no fear in business and would just get it done even when she wasn’t sure how. I extracted the key was just taking action and having that burning desire to succeed.
Another key habit is having strong faith because it will all work out even if you can’t see through trees, staying positive and keep walking. Cheers :clinking_glasses:


My early years I had a great deal of sports heroes like MJ and Joe Montana. But in reality I would have to say my dad. He was a welcoming person who treated others like you would want to be treated.


My hero has always been and will be my Dad. I wrote a whole essay on him couple of lessons ago but he is the rags to riches story through sacrifice and hard work. Till this day, I believe he has the biggest cojones and he is the most fearless man that will do anything for his family.
I respect him as a father, friend and son of God. He’s always encouraging me to be better and if I can be at least 50% of the man he is, I could probably die happy.


I thought my name was good but Hei Man! :clap:
I bet he’s always turning cause he thinks people are calling him.
“Hey man, how are you?”
Hey man, how was class?"
I can think of a thousand more. Poor guy.


Bro, you sure u got enough heroes? I think you could prolly add one more :stuck_out_tongue:
Real talk though, is awesome that you get inspired by so many figures. That’s a gift :hulksmash: