#B90X - DAY 60 - Going Pro - The Bitcoin Professional - WHO'S YOUR HERO?

Leonardo Da Vinci for his unquenchable thirst for understanding and his drive to fulfill it and transform it into practical use instead of just theories.
Warren Buffet due to his methodical investment style and refused to invest in things he doesn’t understand and still made bank. So B90X is my segway into understanding and vision execution.
General Patton as he was first and foremost a take-no-prisoners warrior driven to win and defeat the enemy, my enemy is negligence and apathy, I will fulfill my vision.
So many more!


From the Discord Sermon going on at the moment I got more in to depth knowledge of heroes. Using your imagination to emulate heroes on a daily basis to fight resistance.

I still have the same heroes as mentioned before but now have more heroes for more daily uses. For example when feeling lazy with working out I’ll ask myself what would the Dogelord do. He’s gonna get to the gym early in the morning no bs. Another hero that I have is L from Death Note he faces all the facts and makes calculated moves. I emulate this trait so I face all the facts regarding situation and also to be honest with myself. I have another hero for initiative which would be Luffy from One Piece he dont give af about the situation he just follows his gut feeling with what is right. With integrity and postitive charisma allies himself with the right people to accomplish seemly impossible tasks.


Some of my past heros were people i was trying to emulate at the time when i was into various things

DJ’s and producers were Daft Punk and 2manydjs and what they did with mashing up different music genres and visual effects blew my mind

Snowboarding were gigi ruf and elias eldhart they have awesome style in freefride snowboarding and used every element in the natural terrain to make it their own playground

Current hero is also Steve Wozniak, his book was inspiring to carry out your dreams sometimes you must work alone to not get distracted or peered and create what ever is in your head thats the simplest way and least parts as possible.
To never take life too serious and that you must enjoy it as well other wise theres no point doing it at all.
His also a true believer of open source sharing his schematics to build your own computer from his original designs.

Last but no least my Father he was everything I wanted to be growing up and in most part he influenced heavily in who I am today


My Hero has yet to be built. Once a Hero is non-human, decentralised, and trustless, then that hero is hero I can be proud to look up to.


Haha it’s pronounced more like Heman the cartoon hero but I do like starting conversations with Hei man as in Hey man!


It is just awesome reading everyone’s post about their heroes in life. I agree with all of them as they are truly heroes for the things they have done, and who could object. Everyone here in the Pub is my hero in that they you have the fire in their bellies to move forward and not whine about their hand dealt or accept the left overs in a mediocre life.

Naming my ultimate hero is an easy one for me, Jesus Christ. For if I got what I truly deserved I’d be a greasy spot in the road somewhere. Without His redemption I would have met an early grave and a wasted life.:fire: I’m getting through life now with a Helper. :dove:
DAY 60 – Moving on up… :sparkles::sparkles:


Don’t taise me bro
I always seem to gravitate toward the controversial

Zecharia Sitchin - no one does research with such depth. Even in a tidal wave of status quo.

Glenn Beck - It seems people don’t like to hear the truth. Another great researcher. Who also finds resistance at every turn, but prospers.

Dan Carlin - Its amazing the history that has been covered up. Not controversial, but if you want to hear history with gore, the real history, listen to Hardcore History podcast.

But for the number one controversial, but the most influential on my life, L Ron Hubbard. The list of why is way it too large to list. Do your own research if you are curious, and if you want to know why he is controversial, Google, It is truly amazing. But remember, only someone who has done great things gets attacked in such volume. Probably best to read one of his books.


I’ll come back and edit this sometime with previous heroes, but right now my biggest hero is Peter Saddington. His vision, drive, passion, entirety is life changing. When he speaks, you can’t help but to listen. The desire for everyone to crush it and showing us how rewarding life is (beyond materialistic) and living it up to the max. He’s brought together a general family, and within that, a tight knit group of us that have built real world relationships.


My all time favorite sports hero is Rodger Federer. I remember when he first went pro and was the guy who had no coach. Everyone thought it was impossible to win a major championship especially your first on with out a coach. I’ve also always admired the way he handled his emotional state during a match.

A guy I really admire as well is Eustace Conway . He is a hick that lives in the blue ridge mountians. But if you have neaver read up on him you cant appretiate how intelligent the guy really is. Check out the book " The Last American Man" . You can also find him on Tedx talks.


3 people that I look up to most are Jim Wendler, George Leeman and Dave Tate. All of them are in the strength training realm of work and their writings, programs and inspirational stories have provided guidance to me.


Hero’s will always be someone who has what I want just for the fact that they were able to stay consistent enough with their discipline and concentrate on what they want persistently no matter what negative things are said about them now.


At the time of writing this I can’t really pin down a hero. I initially ran to old anime characters like Spike (Cowboy Bebop), Vash (Trigun), Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin), Gon Freecs (Hunter x Hunter), Revy (Black Lagoon), & Yusuke Urameshi (Yu Yu Hakusho) to name a few. Not sure why my mind went to the anime space, haven’t watched in quite a while, it is probably Trila’s fault. Some great ones in here and quite a range of characters. Yes, most go through the typical character development, but it just show us as an example that we never start off as an unstoppable force, we must mold ourselves into one.


Arnold Schwarzenegger – his drive for greatness, attitude and belief in himself is second to none, no excuses where made if something seemed out of reach. He was driven and persistent and hard working. He had a mission and vision from a young age which came to light because he knew the direction that he wanted to head in, he purposely crafted his life and achieved more than anyone could have imaged. He became the greatest bodybuilder of all time, he purposely became a Hollywood star, and he purposely become Governor of California – not without hard work and his failures which led him to greatness.

He lived a life with purpose – this is someone that I want to emulate and to share his traits.


I really have never been a “hero” type person. The closest I would say that is my hero is my savior Jesus Christ. Everyone else I may admire, respect and learn from however I really don’t see them as my “hero” but teachers and mentors.

So many individuals that I admire and learned from have already been mentioned by others, however here are a few that come to mind:

  • My great great great grandmothers are big inspirations for me. One walked the Trail of Tears because of her race, the other walked the Pioneer exodus to the west because of her religious beliefs. Both lost their husband and children along the way but neither of them gave up no matter how hard it got. Their tenacity, determination and faith is a daily reminder to me that if they can make it through what they went through then I can make it too.

  • Sarah Breedlove aka Madam C. J. Walker went from slavery to building a million dollar business and became the first woman millionaire in 1900s.

  • Benjamin Franklin I learned so much by reading his actual journals and writings. I started implementing his one improvement a week when I was a teen which has helped me to develop skills and habits that have been a life saver time and time again for me.

  • Walt & Roy Disney Though many know Walt, it is the teamwork between Walt and Roy that made the dream work which I learned the most from.

  • W. Cleon Skousen Taking his classes I learned and understood true meaning of liberty and the price that is paid to keep it as well as to understand the heavy cost if liberty is lost.

  • Brigham Young Though he was a religious leader, he is one of the most undervalued and under acknowledged entrepreneurs in history. His entrepreneurial, leadership and organizational skills brought forth the expansion of the west during incredible hard times.


This one is kinda weird for me. I’ve never really had a ‘hero’ so I can’t think of anyone in particular. I always just do me. I don’t look to others and compare myself. Sure, when I played soccer I loved Mia Hamm. When I started market gardening I admire J.M. Fortier and Curtis Stone. Recently I found a girl on YouTube, Elsa Rhea, THAT girl is living the dream! Living in a scamp, traveling around, making YouTube videos, completely free. It has to be so fulfilling and invigorating. That’s all I can think of atm.


never had one

even as an adolescent I wasn’t much of a fan of a particular artist or band, although I had some I liked

so, I’ll give a list of characters that comes to my mind right now:

  • Alucard, the vampire (Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate animes)
  • Michael Corleone, the mafia boy (The Godfather book by Mario Puzo)
  • Nostradamus, the doctor prophet (the 3 Magus books by Valerio Evangelisti)
  • Neo, the one (the Matrix movie)
  • Paul Atreides, the aristocratic son of House Atreides (the Dune TV mini series 2000, Frank Herbert)
  • The Good, the gunman (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1966 western movie)
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so, Peter, you’re kind of an underground hero ?
or perhaps have the potential to become one

“Mark Zuckerberg of the crypto world”, according to the article
(now, I myself don’t consider Zuckerberg to be a hero character, just a famous character, someone important, a celebrity, but I just don’t see him as a hero)

how do you find this ?


My heros are Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. The hard work, discipline, and consistency they had was unbelievable and it showed. They were always at the gym grinding and putting shots perfecting their crafts. One thing I learned from Kobe is his mamba mentality. Once you do something you go tunnel vision on it until you achieve it and never settle. The grind never stops. Go hard or go home!

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