#B90X - DAY 61 - Amateur Habits VS Pro Habits



The difference between an amateur and a professional is in their habits.
An amateur has amateur habits. A professional has professional habits.

We can never free ourselves from our habits. We are creatures of habit.

But! We can replace bad habits with good ones.

We can trade in the habits of the amateur and the addict for the practice of the professional and the committed artist or entrepreneuer.

We’ve spent a good amount of time talking around this topic in previous B90X videos. However, once again, we must be introspective to who we are and what makes us tick.

The problem with habits is that they they naturally put us in auto-pilot mode.
In many ways, people all over the world, right now, are going through the daily routines of life, the daily habits of life… and when the day winds down, they wonder why they haven’t improved anything in their life.

We’ve talked about kicking bad habits to the door before, but how many of you have gotten back into the rythm of life again? Did your bad habit come back?

Habits need to be constantly taken into account. Another problem with habits are they are so much a part of our auto-pilot system, we often never realize how much “control” they have over our lives.

Think on this: Amateur habits VS. Pro habits.
In today’s B90X, give us your feedback.
What are habits that amateurs have.
What are habits that professionals have?

Now… after writing that down, which habits do you have that make you an amateur?
Which professional habits must you begin to execute on now?

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I should quit youtube now except for a few cryptoinvesting channels and videos that will help me advance my situation.

Pros can’t tolerate anything that gets in the way of their results so I guess I can ignore 99.9% of my social network too.

In fact I might pull a crazy and get rid of my smartphone and go back to having just a nokia


That new goalsontrack app I just started using has daily habits you can enter to check off each day. I have 12 habits I want to establish or reinforce daily or weekly right now including read, meditate, 7+ hrs of sleep, pushups, squats, steps, stairs, healthy meals including juicing, journaling and self-improvement, budget review and progress, and my dollar cost averaging. All designed to improve myself physically, mentally, and financially and relate to my goals of becoming more financially and physically and academically fit. I’m sure I’ll add more in the future and haven’t even listed the ones that are well established in my daily routine already (my morning tea after my preferred coffee is fresh lemon and ginger slices with Himalayan pink salt, @peter :slight_smile: ).

Bad habits that I need to get rid of? Checking FB. I’ve been working on that, only hitting some highlights of those people I really care about and what they’re up to, versus feeling like I have to see it all. Honestly I’ve had a lot less time for it anyway since diving into crypto,

I will be on the lookout for more unproductive and useless habits to get rid of.


It’s fascinating that a disciplined life is a full life!


I think a big professional habit is time blocking/scheduling and NOT multi-tasking. A pro will schedule things around their already scheduled time blocking/schedule instead of reacting to things that come up and deal with them instead (within reason of course). This is something that I have started to work on but have abandoned. I think it’s my bad habits convincing my subconscious to give up, ha! One of my amateur habits is checking crypto prices multiple times per day when I’m already scheduled to, and am supposed to be, doing something else. I do this with social media, and if internet isn’t available, I’ll find somebody in person to talk to about nothing significant. I justify this as “prospecting” for real estate leads (because “you never know who has a house to sell”…). My girlfriend hates it because if we go to the store to grab one thing, I’ll find someone to BS with (BS are my initials btw…).

All in all, I’m learning that my procrastination runs DEEP and has many layers and levels to it. In the end, if I can start consistently time blocking/scheduling my day and then start following it and giving my schedule the respect it deserves, I will begin to win the battle with procrastination! Now that I think about, I need to give myself the respect I deserve and start focusing on where I’m headed, how I’m going to get there, and start protecting my schedule so that I’m consistently moving in that direction.


amateur habits

  • believe that life will just work out in ur will

pro habits

  • time block everything
  • never forget about mission and vision


It seems that it revolves around time management instead of working on something when, “I FEEL like it.”

But feelings and discipline seem to be two hateful enemies.


You will never feel like working.


Amateurs are beginners and they are learning their discipline. Amateurs do not have a lot of experience or know how. Amateurs don’t yet realize what it takes to be successful. Habits includes laziness, ungratefulness, aimlessness, and actions only for instant gratification without thinking long term.

Pros are experienced and they have consistently put in the work to become successful. Pros are disciplined, they know exactly what they want, and they know how to get it through setting goals and achieving them on timelines. Habits include setting goals, grind, embracing grit, acts of courage, acts of thankfulness, acts of charity, disciplining yourself and others, holding yourself and others accountable, setting boundaries, nurturing relationships, mindfulness, and living with passion. Pros love what they do despite negativity, challenges, or setbacks.

I quit drinking alcohol last November and went several months without drinking at a time. I have been having about two drinks each week for the last two weeks since I am in Belgium but I am not making it a habit, it is much more controlled, but I think I am resolving to give up alcohol again. Thanks for the question and motivation, good sir.

That is so true, man, well said.

I’ve been playing a lot less video games recently too while focusing on some of my others goals so that is good.

I am an amateur by not time blocking everything. I am happy that this week I planned out what I will do each day. I would like to do that for the whole year next year. I have kind of been on vacation for the last few months so I’ve been enjoying that but I’m also looking forward to getting back to work and making plans for next year. I must follow my dreams and be true to myself.

I like that, and I agree that developing and remembering vision and mission are also crucial habits of professionals.


There are days when I have to yell at myself to take control of my life. It’s not very becoming of me… but.

When you realize that nobody cares about you enough to improve your life, you realize YOU are the ONLY one who can and will.


Hi CryptoNation)

Amateur habits:

  • Waste time on TV
  • Sleeping too long
  • Eating too much
  • Leaving in there small comfort zone
  • Don’t value their time

Pro habits:

  • Learning all their life
  • Don’t watch TV and waste time
  • Value their time
  • Travel a lot
  • Are Disciplined
  • They are at peace with themselves


Aw, Peter! I guess I’m much nicer to myself when I do have those talks with myself on occasaion, hehehe. I think I have done that in some challenging times too though. You have a lot on your plate though, man and it seems like your standards are quite high so that is good. That is a good way to get pumped! lol AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Bro, being a grown man! I’VE GOT TO STEP MY GAME UP!!!

I know I am going to do it


PS. I hope to buy your Pocketbook on Agile and Scrum this winter from Amazon when I get home. Will that improve your life? hehehe.


It will improve your life. 100%


I’m looking forward to it :smiley: :closed_book: :open_book: :books:


Pro habits -

Rise early = starts the day with routine + accomplishment already ticked getting gym/exercise work done.

Know the day ahead before the day arrives = starts the day with a sense of direction.

Visualisation = Constantly visualise success.

Goal Setting = Either short or long term.

Amateur Habits

Half assed = Not committing 100% to the task. Can be gym/exercising or trading/work related.

Half preparing for a situation = Overlooking the whole situation.

No passion = If there is no enthusiasm & passion for the task/environment no reward will come.


Amateur Habits

  1. Floating down the river of complacency
  2. Living without a plan
  3. Angry at the world that their dreams don’t happen and why they have bad luck

Pro Habits

  1. Create a roadmap or plan or where you want to go.
  2. Have measurable progress steps along the way and see how you are doing as compared to the plan.
  3. Eliminate waste in your life and increase value
  4. Realize your dreams faster than if you did nothing!

I feel pretty good about my life today. I have a macro plan and now need to create the required micro plan so that I can begin measuring my progress towards my goal!

To da Moon :rocket::rocket:


I think the community covered what pro and amateur habits are very well. I am working toward being professional in the near future.


The only way to succeed is to go pro. But it means an all encompassing lifestyle!


Pro habit
*persevering when met with challenges

Amateur Habit
quitting or changing direction when things “appear” too difficult.