#B90X - DAY 61 - Amateur Habits VS Pro Habits



So many pro and amateur habits. Thank you Bitcoin Pub!
I’ve got another one
Pro habit:
Constant stepping forward. Even when a pro falls, she/he falls forward.


Pro Habits:
Waking up early
Not wasting time
Getting enough sleep
Constantly Learning

Amateur Habits:
Opposite of pro

I definitely lean more towards the professional, but that is not to say I don’t have any amateur habits.


The only pro habits I would add to everyone else’s is risk taking and learning from mistakes.

Pro habits that I had before b90x; Dedicated, self-reflection, gratefulness, self improvement and risk taking. Since I started the b90x program I now set daily, weekly and monthly goals, I time-box tasks and I’ve managed to eliminate waste (e.g. wasted time - checking prices/charts & I deleted Facebook from my phone and also wasted money - I’m saving more and drinking less alcohol).

Amateur habits that I have; I still don’t exercise enough and I don’t always eat healthy meals. I also need to read more books to sharpen my mind.


What are habits that amateurs have?
No plan, No or little execution, They are unstructured act emotionally and lack discipline.
They do not do their own research.

What are habits that professionals have?
They are self-aware, purposeful, they show up and they are disciplined.
They have a well-researched plan that they execute well.
They continue to learn and grow.

Now… after writing that down, which habits do you have that make you an amateur?
Getting off track and wasting time. Boredom.

Which professional habits must you begin to execute on now?
Continue to execute my plan that is based on the opportunities B90x has helped me to identify. If I continue to follow that plan day after day, I will grow into a professional. A disciplined life for me!


I smash my DCA every friday but don’t get as much education about crypto as I should. I’m constantly learning new stuff related to work but not much on the crypto side.
I guess I have the pro habits when it comes to being a therapist but the amateur habits when it comes to bicoin. Gotta step up my game…


Habits of amateurs:
Spending too much money
Not following through

Habits of professionals:
Making one’s bed
Waking up early
Being kind to oneself and others


Amateurs blame other people for their own failure, while professionals take responsibility and realize that it was their own shortcomings that made them fail, and then they work to improve themselves.
Amateurs are confident that they already know everything they need to know, professionals know that there is always something new to learn.
Amateurs think it is enough to just show up for work, professionals do their best at work, and then continue learning and improving when they get home.

I can still get better at minimizing the time I waste, and focus more on learning about crypto and self-improvement.


Amateur habits
-No chief aim
-No discipline in using time
-Spending more than income

Professional habits
-Definite chief aim
-Time box daily
-Take initiative
-Ferocious readers

My amateur habit is not time boxing my free time on social media or youtube ect when I use my phone.

My professional habit goal is to have an overwhelmingly positive mind. On average I listen to 45 hours a week of personal development books and at this rate will have 2,340 hours dedicated by the end of the year. I will still be very short of the 10,000 hours to master a skill.


Bad habits:
Sleeping in
Not trusting your instincts. (Self doubt)
Good Habits:
Challenging your limits
Rewarding yourself on jobs well done
Cruises :ship:


Well an amateur has visions of grandeur. good ideas but don’t know were to start. sometimes The idea is so big that one person alone couldn’t possibly do it because step one didn’t happen. this was me for the longest time. just need to slow down take your time. you’ll get there and be in a good spot. if your not there now Its just not your time!!

A professional reads, researches, and stays focused. Isn’t afraid to ask questions of why and why not. when a problem happens it’s a challenge that they are up for, and doesn’t quit of back away. I’m a hammer and my problems a nail lol. this is how just in the last 2 years started thinking like. more so since I’ve started the b90X So I do try to emulate the pro’s and learn from them. like Peter :rocket:


Couldn’t agree more… spot on.


As a professional project manager I time manage all aspects of a project. Planning . Materials, manpower all have to be in the right place at the right time for the job to flow.


Without patience, one will lose and lose hard.

I’ve made it a habit to tell myself, “Set it and forget it!”. Much like that one infomercial.

Amateurs coming into this space and thinking they will become insta-rich will be disappointed and may hurt themselves in many ways.

Having a good game plan, knowing and understanding patience as well as having knowledge in blockchain/cryptos will provide an edge to be a professional.

See you on the MOON!


Amateur habits

• living without any plan
• procrastination
• negative thinking

Professional habits

• living by Blockchain design, goals setter
• mastering overcome procrastination
• PMA positive mental attitude

I have problem with procrastination and negative thinking but only about myself.

Through B90X I’m working daily on my mind PMA about me and ride off bad habits and place good one, productive ones.



Amateur Habits:
-Sleeping in
-Wasted time
-Not going to sleep early enough
-Make excuses for poor diet
-Make excuses to not exercise
-Don’t make time to learn everyday
-Living paycheck to paycheck
-Wallowing in Comfort Zone
-Victim of circumstance

Pro Habits:
-Early to Rise
-Early to Sleep
-Learn every day
-Read every day
-Breaking comfort zone
-Optimal Budget practice
-Optimal time management
-Consistent exercise regimen
-Consistently optimal eating choices
-Self love. Massage, stretching, contrast showers, cryotherapy, sauna, steam rooms, hot tubs.
-Realize the potential growth and benefit from fighting through resistance. Resistance=Opportunity

I struggle with optimizing my sleep schedule. Hardest habit for me to achieve consistently is getting to sleep on time. If I don’t get to sleep on time, my next day suffers. And the routine starts 4-5 hours before work, and that 4-5 hours is the most productive and crucial time of the day for me.
I also have issue with being a little bitch in my comfort zone. So comfy


Amateur- poor time management, no desire to work hard, starts but stops after a week or two.

Pro: Kills it and all their families lol, eliminates distractions, starts the day with purpose and is intentional :wink:


Bad Habits

Eating out or eating unhealthy.
Bouts of complacency on things
Procrastination at times
Impulsive trading

Good Habits

Bitcoin Pub / B90X
Reading up on crypto
Nightly walks
Youtube / DCTV / Patreon / BSBTC

Time to bear down and focus on correcting these bad habits. All in.


Amateur habits:

  • Doesn’t plan to the last detail.
  • Gets distracted easily.
  • Not goal oriented.
  • Lack of thought.

Pro habits:

  • Great at eliminating waste from their lives.
  • Goal oriented.
  • Thoughtful.
  • Plans ahead.

My habits:

  • I gotta get better at managing my youtube time. I still watch unnecessary but entertaining videos here and there.
  • Very emotional, gotta get better at controlling my emotions in the different situations.
  • Be more intentional with people around me.
  • Improve at being comfortable in uncomfortable situations.
  • I do have a strong work ethic. Once I set work goals, I usually follow through pretty well but in my personal life though, I am still working on it everyday.


Amateur: Startiung my day without a clear plan of action and objectives
Pro: Review my Vision, current Mission and then lay out all of my objectives of the day.