#B90X - DAY 61 - Amateur Habits VS Pro Habits

Armature Habits are:
doing something leisurely with no intention of being the best
not fully understanding all there is with what they doing or trying to achieve
they don’t spend the time and effort in to get good at it
showing up unprepared
they have a “she’ll be right” attitude and count on luck

Professional Habits are:
they have intentions of being the best
they learn all there is to learn to be the best
they spend a lot of time crafting their techniques and discipline
they’re always prepared with the right equipment, being mentally fit and physically fit
they don’t count on luck they make the best judgement calls from their personal instincts
they don’t give up!

My habits:
At work i like to think i put in 95% every day i want to be the best amongst my peers
i wake up early when its time to work and finish late if its needed
i like to keep everything clean tidy and organised
i like to work alone
at home i tend to want to switch off cause its me time but i must drive myself harder to keep ahead of the crypto game and its an aspect of my life i really want to get good at
i always stay up too late


Am. -following a youtuber’s investing advice
Pro -does his own research

Am. -cloud mining
Pro -sets up their own mining rig

Am. -does the minimum necessary at work to keep their job
Pro -gives it their all

Am. -shows up on time
Pro -shows up early and is ready to go at start time

Am. doesn’t really care about the task at hand
Pro -does the task to the best of their ability

Am. -consumes knowledge
Pro -redistributes knowledge

Am. -follows the example
Pro -sets the example

I have amateur Crypto habits, but professional work habits. Part of the reason I’m in the pub is to develop my crypto habits. Thanks again Dogelord for all of this tremendous content. I’m eagerly looking forward to the rest of the B90X series. I’m also looking forward to going through it again after I complete it.


Stay the course. We have many going thru it a second and third time too on patreon.com/pub!


Professional habit vs. amateur habits
Written goals, review results/Undefined goals, dislikes feedback
Passionate focus/Jack of all trades, expert at none
Time blocks schedule/Daily distractions and ineffective time use
Proactive/Reactive or elusive
Attitude of gratitude/Critical of people and circumstances
Assumes responsibility/Finds excuses
Seizes the initiate/Results require constant supervision
Selfless service/Selfish
Tenacity/Gives up when facing obstacles
Regular exercise/indifferent to healthy habits
Self-awareness/Distorted self-image
Confident leader/Seeks approval and approbation
Makes logical decisions/Emotions supersede thought or reason

My amateur habits
Easily distracted, curiosity takes me down the rabbit holes (internet)
Reacting to the daily busy work and putting out fires.
Avoiding the action required to further my own success
Exercise sporadically

My profession habits to be achieved
Get back to time blocking and focus
Schedule my hours, days, weeks.
Exercise regularly scheduled
Keep regular daily hours, no late nights

DAY 61 – Must get back on that horse and ride…:racehorse::racehorse::racehorse:


Habits of the amateurs:
Meander through life (no personal goal)
unchecked emotions
impatient (must have satisfaction now)

Habits of the professional:
working in cycles of action, one thing at a time with full concentration
When something needs to be done, get it done now. Do not put it off. Life is full of crappy chores.
Goals/vision and mission defined and broken down into bite size actions.
Emotions in check
Willing to have delayed satisfaction.
Time boxing

Procrastination is still an issue. Much less then in the past, but it still comes about. Mostly after a 10-12 hour shift in the warehouse, which makes it very easy to push things off until tomorrow. This is changing drastically since starting B90X, but is still there. I truly expect to be exhausted for the next 2-5 years, but would not be shocked if it was 20.

Overall my emotions are in check, but FOMO still interacts, and then anger for giving in to FOMO


Amateurs waste time, do not start RIGHT NOW, have excuses, not 100% with their goals

Pros timebox, start right now, dont have excuses, have a goal and can explain why it’s set the way it is.

My amateur habits are time wasting as I’m terrible with time boxing. I am improving but not yet perfect.

My pro habits are I am still here grinding. I show up to work but i need to fix procrastination


I have fixed procrastination this year with time boxes. I generally do the things that I do not enjoy first. I have also been exercising and meal prepping this year. Meal prepping was a big game changer for me it frees up so much time and even wasting time thinking about it.


My procrastinating has definitely gone down thanks to time boxing, not completely gone but getting there. Another amateur habit of mine is that I very much struggle to establish a repeatable daily routine, I seem to oscillate back and forth from one to another, I feel like it would help greatly getting one down consistently.
Pro habits to execute on, more consistency with daily habits, better execution, and need to get neater/tidier just to name a few…


I’ve mentioned both habits in previous posts just need to hodl on for dear life to the professional habits. Future depends on it.


Amateur - No clear starting point: no self evaluation, doesn’t know where they are at; mentally, physically, financially,
Pro - Clear starting point: honest self evaluation, knows where they are at and does continue self evaluation to monitor progress

Amateur - Blames someone or something else for their situation and failures.
Pro - Takes responsibility and ownership of their situation and learns and improve from their failures.

Amateur - No routines
Pro - Clear defined routines

Amateur - Has no mentor/coache and only use their own knowledge or too many mentor/coaches but don’t follow their council
Pro - Finds mentor/coach with the expertise they desire and follows their council.

Amateur - The quick buck - jumps from one money making scheme to the next to find easy money
Pro - Makes a long term plan and works the plan with course corrections until they accomplish their desired goals.

Amateur - Pushes self till burnout
Pro - Knows their limits and plans their time accordingly and take breaks to “sharpen the ax”.

Amateur - No preplanning, Does everything on the fly and emotion.
Pro - Pre-plans and sets up a “launch pad” to the next day’s activities, knows what is on their calendar/agenda and prepares accordingly.

Amateur - Overloads themselves with multiple choices
Pro - Reduce choice burnout: set uniform clothing (Steve Jobs), set tools, set food

Amateur - Does everything themselves - the one man show
Pro - Builds teams and delegates to those with better/higher skill levels

I’m working on:

  • My amateur habit of pushing myself till burnout with better time/project management tools and implementation.

  • Minimizing my routine choices such as what I wear, eat and read so that I can think about other things that are more important.

  • Building and working with teams

  • Taking 10 minutes and setting up my launch pad for the next day. I’m working on doing a launch pad for my work on my desk as well as my nighttime launch pad to get ready for the start of the day.


Great job outlining this… the harder part is actually putting it into practice…

The pro habits… damn. Daily discipline.


If it was easy we would all be pros by now. :grin:

I’m doing baby steps and using Benjamin Franklins self-improvement chart which you start with one item (very small action like putting shoes in one spot) and do it for 7 days then add the next item (very small action) and do both for 7 days, then add the next item and do all 3 for the next 7 days and so on. On the 12th week (some do 8th week) you move the 1st item to the habit list so you will never have more than 12 (8) items a day. Then the following week roll the top item to the habit list and continue each week. I also batch similar habits together so it takes less time as well as triggers habits. This creates perpetual habit building and habit muscle memory. (hope this makes sense)

Granted I have one chart for personal and one for business. This keeps me moving forward as well as not getting overwhelmed. I also have a waiting list of habits that I want to add.

When I was dealing with my husband in the hospital and I was on total autopilot, I did things without even realizing that I was doing them and continued to accomplish things without even realizing that I was doing it. That is how powerful building habit muscle memory is. :sunglasses:


amateur: starting the first of the year I’m going too…
pro: Talk to you in a bit I’m building…


Discipline is freedom.


Amateur habits- time wasters like social media, YouTube and the like. Being lazy. Not following through. Not finishing projects. Procrastinating.

Pro habits-time discipline/management. Being prepared. Always learning. Always DOing.

I’m way closer to pro habits than I was a year ago for sure.


my amateur habits:

  • assuming that others understand how I feel and what I want
  • procrastinating
  • daydreaming
  • focusing on obstacles

professional habits I need:

  • introspect on the day behind
  • consistent physical exercise
  • consistent meals
  • patience with the end results
  • putting myself in the other person’s shoes when dealing with people

nice explanation of habits, in the video

“creatures of habits” -> this sounds cool


We are all creatures of habit!

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An amateur habit I have is procrastination but ever since I developed a vision which is to have a healthy, wealthy and well balanced life I have been doing this less and less. Any time my mind wonders off I think of this and get back into grind mode.

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